Crows Nest Pass Hike

November 22-23, 2002

Our trip to the Crows Nest was another exciting event. We had late night games in the dark, Cuisine to die for and even a couple coveted recipes that were shared and tried.  Great hike with a challenging rock scrambling, even a quick dip into the creek by our polar bear club member. Accommodations were superb with plenty of pillows to pummel each other. Life never got better than this. (Special tips inside on How to walk on water - Do we have faith or what.)


Complete Log of Events

123 Willow Park Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Ben Vance - Adult Leaders
Paul McBride - Project leader/Coordinator
Mitch Sherwood, Paul McBride, Jordan Crane, Logan McNaughton,  Jordan Johnson, Tyler Vance, Matt Vance, Matt Swerid, Darren Gardner, Benjamin Burndorfer, Jared (friend of Mitch) - Scouts

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Day One
The Hike

Recipes used on this Hike

Breakfast Burritos
Eat-More Granola bars

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