Crows Nest Pass - The Hike in the Mts of Gondor

Photo Library - November 23, 2002

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The fellowship assembles
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Stretching those in tune muscles before the adventure.
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Up this way fellows. 
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The road looks easier though.
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Some Road!
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There sure are a lot of ups and downs on this trail.
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This is a down part.
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There's a toll to pay to cross this bridge. By the way, can you swim?
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5 cents, 5 cents, 5 cents, thank you!
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My uphill bridge is 10 cents, and will get there much faster.
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Come on now, don't be scarred, Look even I can do it.  
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A sudden mist came up dissuading the men to use the uphill bridge.
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This is our Canadian elf member, the cute ears are hidden under the toque.
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The ground sure feels weird here, were all starting to sink. 
100-0074_IMG.JPG (826221 bytes)The little hobbit makes it up no problem though. Big feet, small body is just the thing here. 100-0075_IMG.JPG (1414771 bytes)
The fellowship finally make it through the dense woods and follow the river cut though the stone. Hay, watch out for that log, you could trip.
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You mean this log?
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Which log were you pointing to?
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Ben the Neon goes to investigate the strange moss on the rocks.
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The fellowship gets pressed into a narrow pathway with icy water rushing past them only a few feet away.
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Are you bowing down to some demon god?  Nope, just slipped on the ice. Unfortunately a domino effect begins.  Sucks to be at the end. Matt ends up filling his pants with the icy water from the river.
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Realizing he can't handle the treacherous trail ahead, Ben the neon offers to go back with him.  After all, what are friends for.
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The rest of the group waves them on and wishes  Matt a speedy journey before pants freeze up.
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The last member makes it up the icy rock face and continues onward.
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The men finally make it to the 2 towers that separate the gorge and passage to Star falls. We stayed on the east side.
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Star falls comes into open view. The frozen mists hit you in your face.
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The fellowship now starts the ascent up the east mountain of Gondor. 
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Quite beautiful from up here, isn't it.
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Most of the group make good speed up the mountain.
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After the last few members get a good start up, rocks start to fall from above them. Things were getting dangerous.
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The main group holds up in a rock perch by a lone tree.
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The concern for falling rocks is mounting.  Look Mom,  the rock took my tooth out. Tyler the Terrible gets the prompting to descend and meet up with the others another way. 
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The groups splits again and the brother of B joins Tyler.
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Using the rope, both lower themselves down a rock gorge.
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The fellowship join together again at the enchanted pond.
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Look my arm muscle is getting bigger. Feel the power rushing into my body!
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Let me try that. Gee that's dang cold! I think I'm getting a brain freeze. 
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Wow, what a rush, I think the enchanted cold water made my arm skinnier though...
Arm wrestle ya?
100-0100_IMG.JPG (941380 bytes)Hey, check this out, this enchanted piranha won't let go of my finger! 101-0102_IMG.JPG (1170249 bytes)
How to make a fire in the woods. Lesson One,
Phil the fire bug / grease foot tells you to get some dry leaves....
I believe class participation makes it less boring.
101-0103_IMG.JPG (770117 bytes)If I sing in a really high voice, would the glasses break??? 101-0104_IMG.JPG (761717 bytes)The chefs at the school cafeteria couldn't have put on a more organized or streamlined food line. 101-0105_IMG.JPG (718643 bytes)
Tell those 2 arm wrestlers it's time to eat or there won't be anything left.
101-0107_IMG.JPG (744413 bytes)
Want to see me disconnect my arm? Unhinge here, left twist and...    I thing I'm going to throw up.