Crows Nest Pass - Day 1

Photo Library - November 22-23, 2002

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The arrival!
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Group photo!
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Bro. B hides behind the plant
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The bedroom
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I see your house and raise you my dad's car!
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One bed for 11 boys, who will get it?
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I wonder if I could walk on this???
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Gazing off into the distance
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Mitch's "Act like me" game
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The  group doesn't look to enthusiastic 
100-0021_IMG.JPG (811677 bytes)
You are under my power, eat the lettuce!
100-0022_IMG.JPG (980440 bytes)
I thought I told you to eat the lettuce
100-0023_IMG.JPG (753527 bytes)
So how does my deodorant smell guys??
100-0024_IMG.JPG (640051 bytes)
What's for Supper?
100-0025_IMG.JPG (993332 bytes)
The lasagne line
100-0026_IMG.JPG (815001 bytes)
Come on guys you can look like Mitch!
100-0027_IMG.JPG (731552 bytes)
He'll never find me here!
100-0028_IMG.JPG (871025 bytes)
Not enough energy
100-0029_IMG.JPG (563412 bytes)
The fish in the moat
100-0030_IMG.JPG (934187 bytes)
Crow's Nest Garden
100-0031_IMG.JPG (791248 bytes)
See, there is no ice, just ask the fish!
100-0032_IMG.JPG (931166 bytes)
I'm glad to see the lettuce is gone
100-0033_IMG.JPG (872909 bytes)
Mitch can fit a whole lettuce in his mouth! WOW
100-0034_IMG.JPG (848995 bytes)
Our Japanese cheff prepares the knifes for the breakfast burritos demonstration  
100-0035_IMG.JPG (787409 bytes)
Once sliced and diced you simply pour it into a bag
100-0036_IMG.JPG (680869 bytes)
The anticipation of breakfast burritos makes ones hair stand on end
100-0037_IMG.JPG (794693 bytes)
Its like watching grass grow
100-0038_IMG.JPG (871842 bytes)
How to woof down a breakfast burrito
100-0039_IMG.JPG (947082 bytes)
He thinks I'm weird?
100-0040_IMG.JPG (718964 bytes)
Look, he's floating of the bed, oh wait, there's Tyler!
100-0041_IMG.JPG (1379773 bytes)
Becoming at peace with the environment. My ears intching.
100-0042_IMG.JPG (1266543 bytes)
Mitch's WWF moves
100-0043_IMG.JPG (723304 bytes) Conciseness is about to arrive  100-0044_IMG.JPG (923740 bytes)
Looks aren't everything
100-0045_IMG.JPG (905302 bytes)
The final product, Granola EatMore bars
100-0046_IMG.JPG (779972 bytes)
Mitch has four legs!
100-0047_IMG.JPG (543770 bytes)
Mitch's cousin (nice picture)
100-0048_IMG.JPG (864189 bytes)
The last fight till we leave, watch out for the glass boys.
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The chair (or pillow case?)
100-0050_IMG.JPG (995438 bytes)
The fight for survival
100-0051_IMG.JPG (1028338 bytes)
The enlightenment of scouts, the trials begin
100-0052_IMG.JPG (1263748 bytes)
The scouts are lacking faith
100-0053_IMG.JPG (1110345 bytes)
Paul (named after Paul the apostle) was the first to walk on water.
100-0054_IMG.JPG (833333 bytes)
Paul showed how it was done
100-0055_IMG.JPG (516997 bytes)
If you lack faith Matrix speed can help
100-0056_IMG.JPG (938179 bytes)
The leap of faith, followed by a wet shoe
100-0057_IMG.JPG (1099709 bytes)
Testing the strength of the "water" tension
100-0058_IMG.JPG (889013 bytes)
Lets see how many people it can hold!
100-0059_IMG.JPG (1054847 bytes)
The unsinkable Darren