Ribbon Creek - Hike / Camp

May 15/16, 2009

Chance to get out early and get some hiking in. Starting off easy with our younger group with a nice comfy stay at Ribbon Creek Hostel.  http://www.hihostels.ca/PM/en/ ab_index.aspx?sortcode=2.21

We've had a history of using this facility over the years and it's always been a great experience. Traded needed service projects for free sleeps. Troop left at 5:00 pm on Friday night to be able to squeeze in a daylight hike to Troll Falls. Still a lot of ice there, but fun to explore. Tied into some good food for dinner and hit the hey before midnight.  Hike to Ribbon falls started at about 10:00. Tristian was sporting a bit of a sprain on his ankle he got the night before. We build him a travois with good old duct tape. Came complete with a padded seat. Finally needed to add some horse power though, so we lashed a log across the front and then put 3 team members to work. The snow covered portions of the trail were noticeably easier to pull through. Stopped for lunch and the thought that this was as close as we would get to the falls. 

The more energetic members decided to head off the trail and go straight up to a rocky peak / ridge. Once we got up there the other guys were going to take our picture from the picnic tables we were at.  The steepness quickly got us huffing and puffing. Even Sam was panting with a fully drooped tongue. We cleared the dense forested area and came into a dwarfed tree area and then eventually a grassy meadow area, and then snow. Somehow we hikes clean past the spot we saw from the trail and ended up quite a bit higher, searching for this rocky peak / ridge. 

Boys at the bottom did see us go on and past the ridge and tried a couple pictures.  Dan had them carving sticks into a trap and playing around by the creek. Once we got down we headed back. It was a great day and still meeting lots of hikers along the trail.  

Team Members

Dan Merrel, Wayne Johnson, Karl Burndorfer - Scout / YM Leaders
Liam Davey, Daniel Urquijo , Kevin DeOliveira,  Tristen Bryenton, Connor Johnson, Kyle Johnson - Scouts
Sam - Dogs

Team Assignments

Menu / Groceries - Liam
Log and photos - Daniel
Games - Connor

Photo Library

Day One - Troll Falls
DSC02150.JPG (3009086 bytes) So are there Trolls at the falls? DSC02151.JPG (3189684 bytes) Field mice, anyone? DSC02152.JPG (2996592 bytes) Frozen water fall, we could do ice sculptures of trolls.  DSC02154.JPG (3245032 bytes) Let's squeeze behind the falls. I'm sure we won't get wet. 
DSC02153.JPG (3278908 bytes) Excuse me, coming though, I'm wet.  DSC02155.JPG (2728499 bytes) The ghost of Tristen DSC02156.JPG (2584160 bytes) Maybe it was the ghost of Daniel.  DSC02157.JPG (2841036 bytes) Nope, I'm taking the picture. 
DSC02158.JPG (3190205 bytes) The little boy stuck his finger into the leaking dike.  DSC02159.JPG (3088163 bytes) DSC02161.JPG (3379876 bytes) This is a Troll Skull, it's the large variety.
DSC02162.JPG (3366584 bytes) DSC02163.JPG (2900788 bytes) Kind of cool looking out from this side.  DSC02164.JPG (3111861 bytes) Quite a whole... DSC02165.JPG (3026201 bytes) Big Ice.
DSC02166.JPG (2995673 bytes) Lets go to the top of the falls... DSC02167.JPG (3285462 bytes) DSC02168.JPG (3167576 bytes) DSC02169.JPG (3194438 bytes) Almost made it across without getting a booter. 
DSC02170.JPG (3299676 bytes) So if this rock give, I'm toast.  DSC02171.JPG (3217878 bytes) DSC02172.JPG (3161253 bytes) It's scarier than it looks getting close to this edge.
DSC02173.JPG (3196564 bytes) One cold foots never going to stop me. DSC02174.JPG (3229549 bytes) DSC02175.JPG (3148388 bytes) Look, 3 fingers left Mom.  DSC02176.JPG (3264480 bytes) Another Sasquatch sighting. 
DSC02177.JPG (3167117 bytes) DSC02179.JPG (2887195 bytes) DSC02180.JPG (2913897 bytes) DSC02181.JPG (3213383 bytes) Suiting up in the rain gear to get right into the falls. 
DSC02183.JPG (3170363 bytes) DSC02184.JPG (3271031 bytes) Chef Liam, putting the finishing touches on his PinWheels, lets see, 450 for 10 minutes.  DSC02185.JPG (3266694 bytes) So this is how you squish the juice out of a lemon manually.  DSC02186.JPG (3272586 bytes) and here's how you can finish it off without wasting a drop, or a seed. Wait, I don't like seeds.
DSC02187.JPG (3066755 bytes) So how long is this axe? DSC02188.JPG (3132583 bytes) DSC02189.JPG (2649410 bytes) 24 hot dogs later... DSC02190.JPG (3005794 bytes) and still going strong.
DSC02191.JPG (3018361 bytes) You want pass the lap warmer Daniel? DSC02192.JPG (2774512 bytes) No way, it's too cold.  DSC02193.JPG (2931405 bytes) Nighty- Night

Day Two - Ribbon Falls

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