Lillian Lake Camp

Photo Library - Ribbon Falls

Robin Hood and his 'men in tights packs' head off on  the quest for enlightenment.

Our Theme Song


101-0108_IMG.JPG (170093 bytes) Just after their stirring song and dance the men quieted for this pose. Moral is high, the men are pumped.
101-0109_IMG.JPG (104389 bytes) The brain freeze champion wins at 5.3 seconds 101-0110_IMG.JPG (97196 bytes) Really, I'll alright now, you know, normal. 101-0111_IMG.JPG (96203 bytes) Dahhh, sometimes we just sits and thinks. 101-0112_IMG.JPG (111662 bytes)

and then some of us get it, that joke he told us 15 minutes ago.

101-0113_IMG.JPG (86605 bytes) Is that eh ah, a pepperoni sandwich????
101-0114_IMG.JPG (103901 bytes) Hey, these rocks are kind of soft you know. Question, how many 'are we there yet's are there on a 12 km hike? Answer total boys * total minutes.

We arrived only to get greeted by a friendly group of boisterous boys offering us a roaring warm fire.

101-0115_IMG.JPG (71606 bytes) Camp fire songs, belted out by our lead tenor, had the audience spell bound. While the boys entertained, the furious feat of turning the dehydrated ingredients into Trial Sheppard's Pie Supreme was under way... 101-0116_IMG.JPG (74166 bytes) You are under my control now,,,, Put all your granola mix into my pack.
101-0117_IMG.JPG (63445 bytes) Can you guys help me blow up my foamy? Clean up was left in charge of the Mouse brigade. Their captain's motto - many hands make light work. They soon finished and went straight over to our tents. After encouraging them to vacate the premises, we retired for night.   101-0118_IMG.JPG (128960 bytes)The clouds parted, a shaft of light came down and the tent was beamed up, or was it down?