Ribbon Creek - Hike / Camp

May 16, 2009

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Day Two - Ribbon Falls
DSC02194.JPG (3174923 bytes) DSC02195.JPG (3182264 bytes) DSC02196.JPG (3225718 bytes) DSC02197.JPG (3419645 bytes)
DSC02199.JPG (3127500 bytes) they say if your cloths get wet, they stretch. DSC02200.JPG (3273292 bytes) DSC02201.JPG (3377298 bytes) Tristen gets convinced he need to use a travour to help ease his sprain. DSC02204.JPG (3047730 bytes) A scout is wise in the use of his resources.
DSC02205.JPG (3303460 bytes) just get this duct tape wrapped around here.  DSC02206.JPG (3215933 bytes)  DSC02207.JPG (3099099 bytes) Upgraded model for a 3 horse man power motor, plus check out the padded seat. DSC02209.JPG (3094943 bytes)
DSC02210.JPG (3036651 bytes) I can see why the Indians used horses after a while DSC02212.JPG (3067076 bytes) DSC02216.JPG (3175328 bytes) DSC02217.JPG (3208061 bytes)
DSC02218.JPG (3146707 bytes) sure make tough picnic table out here! DSC02219.JPG (3239398 bytes) Look at this cool shirt I found in the creek.  DSC02220.JPG (3257759 bytes) DSC02222.JPG (3251160 bytes) now you see them...
DSC02221.JPG (3305577 bytes) now you don't, they know how to blend in.  DSC02223.JPG (3405494 bytes) It one thing to be tall walking through that stuff, but try it when you're under a foot.  DSC02224.JPG (3179377 bytes)  DSC02225.JPG (3172114 bytes) Sso what is the record for how many times you can breath in and out in a minute?
DSC02226.JPG (3170877 bytes) DSC02227.JPG (3285355 bytes) DSC02238.JPG (3232303 bytes) You can just make out the picnic table we came from, so where's the cliffs?  DSC02239.JPG (3142391 bytes) Maybe they are after this peak.
DSC02240.JPG (3263336 bytes) The end must be in site. DSC02241.JPG (3356196 bytes) Nope, so where is this peak? Definitely a bit windy up here...  
DSC02244.JPG (3363220 bytes) Sure can see a lot more peaks from up here.  DSC02245.JPG (3093532 bytes) So if I start to roll this snowball from up here... DSC02246.JPG (2902149 bytes) Liam, already blended in. DSC02247.JPG (3226020 bytes)
DSC02248.JPG (3369064 bytes) Look, there's the hostel. as the chameleon begins to blend in.... 
all of a sudden, it was a white out... He does have some Swiss St. Bernard ancestry in him, I'm sure. Just need to hook a barrel up somehow under his chin.  DSC02254.JPG (2688766 bytes) Where's my toboggan when I need one.  DSC02255.JPG (2962623 bytes) Quite the view up here...
  DSC02261.JPG (3132655 bytes) A break from the wind, with a bit of warm sun on you, wow, that's nice. 
Hike through 2ft thick moss. Soft on the joints for sure.  Finally out of the bush guys, you can put the machetes away now, or your pocket knives.  DSC02265.JPG (3104496 bytes) Dad, don't jump off that log just yet!
DSC02266.JPG (3402484 bytes) and the rabbit goes..., Dang. and the squirrel goes...  Dang  minor adjustment to the hair trigger... DSC02269.JPG (3111784 bytes)
and the mouse goes... Dang and the bug goes... Bang, rock kills him.
DSC02273.JPG (3224815 bytes) DSC02274.JPG (3210712 bytes) Did you see the squirrel go in there? The art of Bubble biting, by Sam Scree climbing, level 1
DSC02277.JPG (3130886 bytes) and here we have level 2. Sometime you have to scare the bubbles by barking at them. I got Shotgun!