Lineham Lakes - Summer Backpacking Camp

Aug 12-14  2010

After many months of planning between Ben Burndorfer and Kevin Aneca, the event came together. But Ben got a job a couple weeks before and ended up having to work near Pincher Creek, not far from where we were. He says Hi to ya! IMG_0187.JPG (3087726 bytes)

The event started at 6:00 am Thursday as we meet at Cranston Chapel and headed off the Waterton. We picked up the fishing licenses at Pat's Gas and Rentals and off to the trail head. Great day for hiking in, and the scenery was awesome. Started into berries: Strawberries, Blues berries and Saskatoons, and Gooseberries.  The bears were loving them too. The Seniors hiking team ahead of us ran into a couple and came to us looking for protection. No problems folks, the scouts are here.  Strength in numbers, and we all continued together.  We made it to the meadow by about 12:30. Hits the top of the ridge at about 5:00pm and then as we descended down the clouds got darker till it started to hail. we tried to hustle down ASAP to get shelters setup before any rain started but that didn't happen. 

Quite soaked when at reached a suitable emergency camp site. We strung a long rope and stretched at large tarp over it. Whipped out a propane 1 burner stove and took a bunch of wet twigs and finally got a fire going. We set it up just inside the edge of the tarp. Setup a couple cloths line under it while others collected as much wood as possible.  Got a nice roaring fire going and started drying cloths etc. Kent seems to be like a duck out in the rain. He was busy setting up tents while the rest of use found things to do under the tarps.  Got some food in us and then worker out the sleeping arrangements. Wasn't enough room to sleep all of us under the tarp. The tents didn't really have the 100% waterproof seal, for 5 of the team ventured into them. Two came back a short while later, with soaked sleeping bag. This was now an all-nighter, couple of us tending the fire  while some of us slept, then the shift change would come and they would take over. 

So the rain never let up. The hail mostly did though. The decision was made then to light out loads and back out as soon as stuff got dry enough. We took a coupe smaller tarps and made some  more effective rain ponchos and then headed up to the saddle. Unfortunately at that altitude it didn't rain. There was a huge cornice of snow all along the ridge we were to climb up over. Assessing the ridge there was a narrow strip that seemed barren of snow and that's where we took our heading.  Got a bit windy approach and with the temp felt pretty close to 0 there. Our home made tarp ponchos were really flapping in the wind. 

Once we got everyone up and over, the downhill slope was welcomed by everyone.  The snow quickly thinned by the slope. Still quite misty and foggy and could barely make out the group once they got a bit ahead. Got to the switch backs to the meadow and a few opted to slide straight down to the next zag. Too many rocks in your shoes for me though. After the meadow it seemed like a cake walk. Still raining though and we ended up quite waterlogged by time the group made it to the vehicles.  We took a side stop at Ming buffet in Cardston and that hit the spot: heat, warm soup and all you can eat for everything else. 


Link to the 2006 Lineham Camp

Team Members

Kevin Aneca, Kent Cranmer, Cam Henry, Karl Burndorfer - Adult Leaders
Daniel Urquijo, Kevin DeOliveira, Felipe (Florence)- Scouts - 123
Mitchel Henry, Connor Henry, Dakota Tymensen, Brailey Tymensen, Ben Willicome - Scouts - NewBrighton

Picture Gallery:

Thursday - Hike in

Friday - Hike out

Botanist Shots