Lineham Lakes - Day Two 

Aug 13  2010  - The hike out.

Picture Gallery:

IMG_1403.JPG (2542257 bytes) Breakfast at 6:30, gee, didn't need to wake anyone up. IMG_1404.JPG (3003037 bytes) Gee, thought that would have been dry by now IMG_1405.JPG (2900290 bytes) Oatmeal, Oh, this is so good, zzz... IMG_1406.JPG (2578079 bytes) Nice coals after a 12 hour fire. 
IMG_1407.JPG (2854620 bytes) 7:30, well lets just go right into Lunch.  IMG_1408.JPG (3510885 bytes) So this is the Teriyaki Chicken here.  IMG_1409.JPG (2661750 bytes) What about the 'Other' Chicken? IMG_1410.JPG (3488259 bytes) Oh, she's a simmering just fine. 
IMG_1413.JPG (3029594 bytes) Anyone seen my plate? IMG_1414.JPG (2886296 bytes) Sautéed to perfection IMG_1415.JPG (3144986 bytes) Any for us there Mr. Nice Kevin leader?  
IMG_1416.JPG (2791827 bytes) Early party ready's to break camp and head up.  IMG_1417.JPG (1836428 bytes) Coming down to get on the found path.  IMG_1418.JPG (2560372 bytes) Did it stop raining? Ah, No.  IMG_1419.JPG (2607718 bytes) See how the saddle we came over is all snowed in now.  Should we be concerned?
IMG_1421.JPG (3658121 bytes) Might as well fill the water bottles here before we hit the scree.  IMG_1422.JPG (2626526 bytes) Definitely better tasting than the pine smoke flavored one we collected off the tarps last night IMG_1423.JPG (1889293 bytes) Ok, I'm ready, I can do this! Right? IMG_1424.JPG (1590134 bytes) Heading out for the snow ridge.
IMG_1426.JPG (2706938 bytes) You might think I'm wet, but really, I'm wet.   IMG_1427.JPG (2273756 bytes) So that's not the way we're going to go.  IMG_1428.JPG (1867320 bytes) Our only hope, the far north end of the ridge.  IMG_1429.JPG (1432181 bytes) Winds look a bit extreme there. 
IMG_1430.JPG (2415042 bytes) One last stretch to the snow.  IMG_1431.JPG (2653947 bytes) Designer Tarp-Ware shown off in its best element.  IMG_1432.JPG (2373151 bytes) Check the puffy sleeves that fill up in the wind! IMG_1433.JPG (3455440 bytes) Boys start fore the one bare section. 
IMG_1434.JPG (2525977 bytes) It think I can, I think I can, I think  IMG_1435.JPG (3041617 bytes) Kevin waiting for the remaining crew.  IMG_1436.JPG (1653716 bytes) It's easy guy's really. Snows not that cold. IMG_1437.JPG (2738264 bytes) Good thing I got these long sleves.
IMG_1434.JPG (2525977 bytes) So just follow the footsteps into the mist.  IMG_1439.JPG (2112192 bytes) Where are Kevin?  Kevin! IMG_1440.JPG (1872946 bytes) Oh, there you are.  IMG_1443.JPG (1760936 bytes) Well folks, there a peek of where we came from. 
IMG_1444.JPG (1603641 bytes) And that's where we are going. IMG_1445.JPG (1651051 bytes) Getting a little fuzzy around here.  IMG_1446.JPG (1930246 bytes) I'm not trying to keep up with Kevin anymore.  IMG_1447.JPG (1710990 bytes) Maybe he got swallowed up the clouds. 
IMG_1448.JPG (2205019 bytes) Look, were getting to where we can see the other side  again. IMG_1450.JPG (2356234 bytes) Raincoats off, got a wee rest in, I'm bookin it now! IMG_1451.JPG (2231927 bytes) Well, maybe just rest a bit longer.   
IMG_1455.JPG (2135424 bytes) Round of Golf anyone? IMG_1456.JPG (3695389 bytes) Na, that wasn't tough at all.  IMG_1457.JPG (3419924 bytes) Tarp-Ware permanently angles due to high winds.  IMG_1458.JPG (2543917 bytes) Kevin take on the Climbing Gear from for poor old Scouter Karl.  He's my hero.
IMG_1459.JPG (3004883 bytes) Look, I don't lean to one side anymore! IMG_1461.JPG (3816893 bytes) Well, this certainly is easy and the other part. Can hardly feel my blisters.  IMG_1462.JPG (3701455 bytes) Nice waterfall behind me Eh! IMG_1464.JPG (3410394 bytes) Did you know that a cotton hoody will absorb 50 times it's weight in rain water? 
IMG_1465.JPG (3096341 bytes) The parking lot, finally. IMG_1466.JPG (2377643 bytes) I'm not sleeping, Really!