Lineham Lakes - Day One 

Aug 12  2010  - The hike in.

Picture Gallery:

IMG_1266.JPG (2579144 bytes) Real men get up to camp for 6:00 am.  IMG_1267.JPG (2624446 bytes) RIght! IMG_1268.JPG (2048237 bytes) Really, It wasn't up my sleve.   IMG_1269.JPG (2022868 bytes) So this is Waterton.
IMG_1271.JPG (2092362 bytes) and there's the Prince of Whales hotel, we'll probably eat there after. IMG_1272.JPG (3118605 bytes) So pat's rents these cool car bikes.  IMG_1273.JPG (2795548 bytes) You can even get someone to pull it for a fee.  IMG_1274.JPG (2795301 bytes) So how heavy is your pack?
IMG_1275.JPG (2474286 bytes) These are my Super Shorts.  IMG_1276.JPG (2787167 bytes) OK. Lets do this guys! IMG_1279.JPG (3322532 bytes) Hmm, seems a bit heavy already! IMG_1281.JPG (4143882 bytes) Look mini berries, blue berries I think.
IMG_1283.JPG (3664365 bytes) I found a strawberry here! IMG_1284.JPG (3608314 bytes) Yea but mine's bigger.  IMG_1285.JPG (4329413 bytes) No way, mine is!  
IMG_1286.JPG (4295346 bytes) What was that? IMG_1287.JPG (4635198 bytes) Looks like a Dodo Bird.  IMG_1288.JPG (2789695 bytes)Here birdy, birdy, nice birdy.  IMG_1289.JPG (2475076 bytes) So here we have a grose guys. 
IMG_1290.JPG (2846793 bytes) He looks to be Trail mix fed.  IMG_1291.JPG (2596807 bytes) Smile for the picture.  IMG_1293.JPG (3985801 bytes) So many interesting things on a trail.  IMG_1294.JPG (4395727 bytes) So basic line dancing on the trail.
IMG_1295.JPG (3631641 bytes) Careful with the dip in the trail there guy! IMG_1296.JPG (3866646 bytes) Some pack adjustments IMG_1297.JPG (3687140 bytes) Wait up guys.  IMG_1298.JPG (3878700 bytes) The fork in the road for Rowe Lakes
IMG_1299.JPG (4044755 bytes) Serene sound of hte babbling brook rushing by. IMG_1300.JPG (4116233 bytes) Fierce log balancing contest IMG_1301.JPG (3571749 bytes) The meadow comes in view IMG_1302.JPG (3241453 bytes)  This is good!
IMG_1304.JPG (3469950 bytes) We can eat now! IMG_1305.JPG (3512195 bytes) I did this before but I looked better. (2006) IMG_1306.JPG (4246532 bytes) Look a deer guys IMG_1307.JPG (2735698 bytes) more wild life, Bambi makes off with the salami. 
IMG_1308.JPG (3123910 bytes) This is way good. mmm. IMG_1309.JPG (3555405 bytes) Bagels with cream cheese, That's living. IMG_1312.JPG (3942137 bytes) Pumping it up.  IMG_1314.JPG (3486190 bytes) Refueled for the big ascent. 
IMG_1316.JPG (3374493 bytes) That's where Me and Ben went down to get his hat, and then tried to reach the meadow from there. Bad Idea.  IMG_1318.JPG (3872704 bytes) Look, 2 white butted sheep.  IMG_1319.JPG (2918641 bytes) Back at it guys IMG_1331.JPG (3924966 bytes) Can you find the Cubby Marmot?
IMG_1332.JPG (4252653 bytes) Last stop before clearing the tree line. IMG_1333.JPG (2604998 bytes) Preping for Rain IMG_1334.JPG (2483598 bytes) Nice to see he's prepared. IMG_1335.JPG (2922638 bytes) The fancy raincoats are on!
IMG_1336.JPG (2381341 bytes) Like our new color! IMG_1337.JPG (2471131 bytes) Spreading apart IMG_1338.JPG (3543277 bytes) 1st attempt at Mountain bowling. IMG_1340.JPG (4423781 bytes) Wild Sheep wool
IMG_1342.JPG (2701770 bytes) 1st Snow Cone stop IMG_1343.JPG (2508838 bytes) This snow isn't very clean you know. IMG_1344.JPG (2515949 bytes) Starting off with the Natural flavor. IMG_1345.JPG (2298320 bytes) Refreshing!
IMG_1346.JPG (2566065 bytes) Mountain bowling tournament. IMG_1347.JPG (3085693 bytes) Looking good, still rolling... IMG_1348.JPG (2411307 bytes) and she stops just short of the grass.  IMG_1349.JPG (2574918 bytes)
IMG_1350.JPG (3166241 bytes) Nice glimpse of the upper and lower Rowe lakes, he's impressed!  IMG_1351.JPG (2925357 bytes) IMG_1353.JPG (2424522 bytes) So how wind proof are these? IMG_1354.JPG (2434317 bytes) hmm, not so much.
IMG_1356.JPG (2060744 bytes) Approaching the Lineham Ridge IMG_1359.JPG (3220685 bytes) The New Jersey guy and mile 850. IMG_1360.JPG (2424737 bytes) IMG_1361.JPG (2128757 bytes) bit more scrambling here.
IMG_1362.JPG (1790733 bytes) I think this is the highest point. IMG_1363.JPG (2796137 bytes) OK, I;m bagged. IMG_1365.JPG (2077572 bytes) Here's the view into the 4 Lineham lakes IMG_1366.JPG (2317922 bytes) Just need to get down there now.
IMG_1367.JPG (2523035 bytes) This way guys... IMG_1368.JPG (2440157 bytes) no more up after this, right? IMG_1369.JPG (1726559 bytes) OK, It's getting cloudy IMG_1370.JPG (2304835 bytes) Might rain, eh!
IMG_1371.JPG (1722193 bytes) Markers, kind of handy now. IMG_1372.JPG (1996714 bytes) IMG_1373.JPG (1971191 bytes) IMG_1376.JPG (2738573 bytes) getting closer to the descent point.
IMG_1379.JPG (2035243 bytes) Hey, wait up guys... IMG_1380.JPG (2488549 bytes) What kept ya, we build this rock wind shelter here while we were waiting. IMG_1381.JPG (3324308 bytes) Wind shelters for pack rats maybe. Video of Wind Break
IMG_1384.JPG (3360691 bytes) The descent starts... IMG_1385.JPG (2560776 bytes) So this is where someone opted to let their back roll down on it's own. Live action Video, How long will a bag roll? IMG_1386.JPG (3334199 bytes)
IMG_1387.JPG (2155043 bytes) IMG_1388.JPG (3154747 bytes) IMG_1389.JPG (2244859 bytes) IMG_1390.JPG (3033356 bytes) Off the scree finally. I'm soooo tired.
IMG_1391.JPG (3132425 bytes) The rest catch up. IMG_1392.JPG (2221279 bytes) I think I'll lighten my load now. IMG_1393.JPG (3589194 bytes) Snow here, stream there, got to be fresh! IMG_1394.JPG (3491031 bytes) Look Mom, still standing
IMG_1395.JPG (2820422 bytes) Standing, I want to be laying down,  IMG_1396.JPG (2452052 bytes)  zzzzzzz... IMG_1397.JPG (2902777 bytes) OK, it's hailing and it's raining, a lot! IMG_1398.JPG (3031467 bytes) The white stuff, that's hail.
IMG_1401.JPG (2458878 bytes) Get the shelter up boys, ASAP! IMG_1402.JPG (2935628 bytes) Oh, that fire is so warm. Bit steamy and smokey, but nice and warm. Day two starts a Midnight, the action didn't stop...