Summer Camp, Crows Nest Pass

Day Three

For the early risers, it was a great time to take a morning walk around the lake, and they just so happened to have a nice trail around it. 

The main event is Star falls for today. Before we headed off there, we had to stop off at Sharie and Shallan Ashlie's shop to return the Propane tank and the regulator. They sure were nice to us, lending the equipment to be able to cook our food. Be sure to look them up.

Boys wanted to finish off the day at the town swimming pool.  

Photo Library 

IMG_3270.JPG (2329919 bytes) Lake trail just down from the beach area IMG_3271.JPG (3721616 bytes) Getting to the falls  where the lake drains IMG_3272.JPG (3962696 bytes) I'm not stepping on that.  IMG_3273.JPG (3775370 bytes) Hey, come check out the park bench. 
IMG_3276.JPG (3595189 bytes) Now this bridge I'm OK with.  IMG_3277.JPG (3723628 bytes) There's a squirrel down there.   IMG_3278.JPG (3737180 bytes) Oh, he's up here now. 
DSCN4121.JPG (1628301 bytes) Breakfast crew is on. Smell those sausages.  DSCN4122.JPG (1579892 bytes) Got a fire going... DSCN4123.JPG (1603926 bytes) Pancake Chef is on duty now.  DSCN4124.JPG (1772036 bytes) Rest of the troop done packing up their stuff inside the tents. 
DSCN4125.JPG (1794325 bytes) Sam & Jeff patiently waiting for breakfast.  DSCN4126.JPG (1606299 bytes) And scrambled eggs are coming.  DSCN4127.JPG (1602409 bytes) Maybe see if we can get a couple sunny side ups.
DSCN4128.JPG (1833077 bytes) Now that's an awesome breakfast.  DSCN4129.JPG (1814867 bytes) OK guys, Reached my limit on those sausages. Just going stash a few here for later.  DSCN4131.JPG (1620221 bytes) Hey, no peeking. This is my secret spot. 
DSCN4132.JPG (1754918 bytes) So I have to model hats now, do I? DSCN4133.JPG (1729027 bytes) It's a bit harder to see now.  DSCN4136.JPG (1793761 bytes) This one fits better. DSCN4137.JPG (2000751 bytes) OK, I gave then the slip. Won't find me here.
DSCN4138.JPG (1906241 bytes) Before we got to Star falls we dropped of the equipment Sharie & Shellan lent us.  DSCN4139.JPG (1795865 bytes) Then it was up the rough old road to Star Falls.  Nigel opted to walk up and save the wear and tear on his car.  DSCN4140.JPG (1780901 bytes) Shoes are still dry.  DSCN4141.JPG (1606761 bytes) Some of the boys got ahead and thought they should climb out of the canyon.   
DSCN4142.JPG (1616012 bytes) Had a bit of avalanche action on the way back. DSCN4143.JPG (1793158 bytes) Almost back on the right trail again.  DSCN4144.JPG (1801411 bytes) At the tricky spot with the rope now. No dry feet anymore.  DSCN4145.JPG (1799439 bytes) Boys are liking the challenge.
DSCN4146.JPG (1799783 bytes) RJ's almost made it.  DSCN4147.JPG (1607319 bytes) So who's going under the falls?  DSCN4148.JPG (1641859 bytes) Got a couple of takers.  DSCN4149.JPG (1641617 bytes) Got a couple of spectators.
DSCN4150.JPG (1617876 bytes) Get that leader support in place. DSCN4151.JPG (1982670 bytes) OK. We're ready.  DSCN4152.JPG (1832508 bytes) Really, it's not that cold.  DSCN4153.JPG (1836565 bytes) I'm freezing from just the mist over here. 
Video of Javon in the shower.  DSCN4157.JPG (1775129 bytes) You get cold just watching those guys. DSCN4158.JPG (1635084 bytes) Troop starting back. DSCN4159.JPG (1741991 bytes) Definitely a couple of tricky spots here if you're a dog. 
DSCN4160.JPG (1775913 bytes) But I'm no ordinary dog.  DSCN4161.JPG (1786654 bytes) Getting up to the rope part.  DSCN4162.JPG (1667957 bytes) Getting down seems to go faster. Wait up guys.  DSCN4164.JPG (1619274 bytes) RJ getting ready to repel down. 
Video of Jeff & RJ repelling down.
Lunch So the deal is we prep and eat lunch and get the tents down and our gear stowed into the vehicles by 1:00 and then we can go swimming in the pool till 3:00. 
DSCN4167.JPG (1791465 bytes) Opted for low impact cooking. Less time to clean up.  DSCN4168.JPG (1790737 bytes) Hey guys, got one on the Barbee for me. I like them medium well.  DSCN4169.JPG (1761588 bytes) Toasted buns, all the fixings. These are pretty good. So it took till after 2:00 to get everything loaded. Guess we could have been more focused.  We went to the Cole Miners Trail that had the water park at the start.
DSCN4170.JPG (1814175 bytes) They have one strong piggy bank here.  DSCN4171.JPG (1843187 bytes) You never know when the water starts again. Risky. DSCN4172.JPG (1798676 bytes) Whoa, water's back on. DSCN4173.JPG (1782377 bytes)
DSCN4174.JPG (1826391 bytes) DSCN4175.JPG (1822439 bytes) I'm so fast I hardly get wet. DSCN4176.JPG (1827084 bytes) Well, maybe just a bit wet. DSCN4177.JPG (1782554 bytes) Hey guys, foot message.
DSCN4178.JPG (1806756 bytes) DSCN4179.JPG (1764971 bytes) Ready, aim, fire. DSCN4180.JPG (1785651 bytes) And 10 minutes of soccer and we're done.
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