Summer Camp, Crows Nest Pass

Day Two

We had to deal with a faulty regulator on the stove. Only got enough flame to barely warm the pan. Drove to Coleman and just as we got close to town there was an RV service shop.  It was even open at 8:00 am. 

So tell me the folks in Coleman aren't the nicest. The owner suggested I take a working propane bottle with gas and a new regulator and then which ever fixes the problem to come back and they would take care of it then. Didn't ask for anything.  

Photo Library 

IMG_3267.JPG (3380913 bytes) Breakfast cooks are up early setting up for breakfast. Well 'up' should really be 'still up'. DSCN3990.JPG (1793648 bytes) Stove legs all on. Not a 1 man job. DSCN3991.JPG (1803289 bytes) Get the hanging dish rack on.  DSCN3992.JPG (1791610 bytes) Saw through 3 packs of stacked bacon into 4 slices. Then prepare to deep fry. 
DSCN3993.JPG (1761199 bytes) Crack open 2 dozen eggs.  Skim off some bacon drippings and dump in the eggs. DSCN3994.JPG (1782414 bytes) Look Mom. We're using hand sanitizer. Smells volatile, think it will burn?

Nice pink lips there Hale, Yea, I like your pink ear lobes too Jeff. 

Turtle Mountain Hike or Frank Slide from the top.
DSCN3995.JPG (1932566 bytes) Sam told us this was the last chance to get a drink.  DSCN3996.JPG (1575979 bytes) And the ascent begins... DSCN3997.JPG (1585288 bytes) I don't know about you, but my legs are kind of short for this.  DSCN3998.JPG (1589115 bytes) Hey, wait up guy, I can do this...
DSCN3999.JPG (1585782 bytes) See, told ya.  DSCN4000.JPG (1584989 bytes) Nice view from the 1st leg.  DSCN4001.JPG (1562026 bytes) Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up all night.  I could just sleep here and then when they come back, I'll wake up and fall in line again.  DSCN4002.JPG (1552756 bytes) But then, I could be cougar bait, hmmm.  Hey, wait up guys.
DSCN4003.JPG (1537882 bytes) Hey, Josh, are you as tired as I am?  Nope, no problems here. DSCN4005.JPG (1985300 bytes) Nice view from the 2nd leg. We are really getting high now.  DSCN4006.JPG (1810586 bytes) So we just follow the ridge up, right? DSCN4007.JPG (1646936 bytes) Hey guys, I'm all out of pee. I can't make any more territory. Spare any water?
DSCN4008.JPG (1585678 bytes) Says some fellow died here 3 years ago, exactly to the day.  DSCN4009.JPG (1797515 bytes) Nice view from the 3rd leg. Can't even see the bottom now.  DSCN4010.JPG (1803586 bytes) Almost there, but gee, the air is even getting thinner up here. Yea, my ears popped tree times.  DSCN4011.JPG (1808759 bytes) Look! even nice thing grow up high. 
DSCN4012.JPG (1839548 bytes) I can't believe I got this high.  DSCN4013.JPG (1842420 bytes) I'm not resting, just getting rocks out of my shoes.  DSCN4014.JPG (1818919 bytes) I am resting, and I wish my tongue was longer. 
DSCN4015.JPG (1795389 bytes) At the 1st view point over the edge. That's scary... DSCN4016.JPG (1771880 bytes) So I'm still waiting to here the rock I throw over.  DSCN4017.JPG (1785388 bytes) Still nothing... DSCN4018.JPG (1609909 bytes) So does this angle make it look scarier, cause it really is. 
DSCN4019.JPG (1808128 bytes) There's no slope under us, like there is over on that side.  IMG_3268.JPG (2967934 bytes) Whoa, that's a drop! DSCN4020.JPG (1843302 bytes) Right behind this rock, it's a sheer drop down.  DSCN4021.JPG (1869425 bytes) You're right, that's pretty freaky.
DSCN4022.JPG (1827070 bytes) Hurry, take his picture before a wind gust comes.  DSCN4023.JPG (1874531 bytes) Look mom, no hands. DSCN4025.JPG (1782928 bytes) Can you see Taysen over there?
DSCN4026.JPG (1795497 bytes) The toes of my foot are big enough to squish many semi trailers.  DSCN4027.JPG (1807890 bytes) OK big foot. Let's go. DSCN4028.JPG (1806330 bytes) Lets go this way. DSCN4029.JPG (1570559 bytes) With my sniffer, I just need to follow my nose back over to where Taysen is. 
DSCN4030.JPG (1793628 bytes) It's scarier than it looks mom. Really.  DSCN4031.JPG (1773114 bytes) Well, maybe not.  DSCN4033.JPG (1988251 bytes) A lot of toasted trees around here. DSCN4034.JPG (1991988 bytes) You guys are suppose to be going down right?
DSCN4035.JPG (1838666 bytes) Just 1 more rock over the edge. DSCN4036.JPG (1867704 bytes) I think I heard it hit the bottom. DSCN4037.JPG (1880361 bytes) Or maybe is just some gas.  DSCN4038.JPG (1854797 bytes) Just need to take one more shot. Hold onto my legs. 
DSCN4039.JPG (1689157 bytes) Oh, that's a great shot.  DSCN4041.JPG (1908578 bytes) Getting a bit crowed up here with these tourists.  DSCN4042.JPG (1867904 bytes) Would you jump over if you had one of those squirrel suits on? DSCN4043.JPG (1616239 bytes) Maybe I should leave my initials here. TS love KS
DSCN4045.JPG (1817971 bytes) So we really are going down now. DSCN4046.JPG (1843733 bytes) We can make up good time running all the way down. DSCN4047.JPG (1864800 bytes) If I don't see you at the bottom, it was good knowing you Sam. DSCN4048.JPG (1850438 bytes) Ditto to you on that Taysen.
DSCN4049.JPG (1840925 bytes) and if you do go before me, you might as well share that water of yours with me. DSCN4050.JPG (1627541 bytes) As long as I'm behind Sam, I know I'm on the right trail. DSCN4051.JPG (1641265 bytes) Do you see the hole behind me?  Video of the edge
DSCN4053.JPG (1546231 bytes) Leaving the last outcrop of the slide.  DSCN4055.JPG (1854637 bytes) HiHo, HiHo, it's down the hill we go... DSCN4058.JPG (1805183 bytes) Leader shot for Dave. Proof he was up high too.  DSCN4059.JPG (1775936 bytes) and I still have a few nuts left. 
DSCN4060.JPG (1777885 bytes) See how we photo-shopped Dave into this picture with Crows Nest Mtn. in the background.  DSCN4062.JPG (1855334 bytes) I'm a Cairn Terrier and I build cairns and then pee on them. It's kind of like signing your art.    DSCN4063.JPG (1831249 bytes) There's a nice profile shot for you.  DSCN4064.JPG (1567402 bytes) Back at leg 3. They have this cool teepee frame of wind blown dead fall. 
DSCN4065.JPG (1804244 bytes) Don't bring a match too close to this wood.  DSCN4066.JPG (1779906 bytes) OK, I'm almost hungry enough to try one of your nasty nuts again.  DSCN4067.JPG (1847729 bytes) Yuk. Still nasty.  DSCN4068.JPG (1795596 bytes) I notice how you color coordinate your cloths to match with my fur. 
DSCN4069.JPG (1791077 bytes) Made it back to the 2nd leg and I'm still up for it. DSCN4070.JPG (2017493 bytes) This is Javon zoomed in.  DSCN4071.JPG (1819724 bytes) This is Javon zoomed out.
DSCN4074.JPG (1995790 bytes) Now this is cool refreshing puddle water.  DSCN4075.JPG (2008017 bytes) I think I could keep drinking it till it's down to my ankles.   DSCN4076.JPG (1982751 bytes) Yea, the silt in the water helps rub the plaque off your teeth.  DSCN4078.JPG (1815044 bytes) Hey, Look guys! I'm an African Water Buffalo. 
DSCN4072.JPG (1967573 bytes) There was some confusion about the which was the right trail head.  DSCN4073.JPG (1791248 bytes) Turns out the one with the yellow rocks is the right one. DSCN4079.JPG (1695479 bytes) Probably a reason why our trail had log across it.  Video for which trailhead to choose. 
DSCN4081.JPG (1836760 bytes) Starting to rain guys.  DSCN4082.JPG (1893565 bytes) Hurry, unlock the door. DSCN4084.JPG (1817762 bytes) Nice rain hat Dave. 
Now for some Tennis and Basket Ball After all, Dave's with us. 
DSCN4085.JPG (1881243 bytes) Puddles are not too deep.  DSCN4086.JPG (1889881 bytes) The crowds intensely watch as Sam winds up for his Power serve DSCN4087.JPG (1867229 bytes) Javon rallies it back with a fore-arm smash. DSCN4088.JPG (1825699 bytes) Sam snaps the return volley, but I think it's now in the wrong court. 
DSCN4089.JPG (1805126 bytes) This time it looks like Sam's going to get it. 
Boys were preparing a nice Taco Salad supper and we headed off to check out where the lake was.
DSCN4090.JPG (1790348 bytes) Hey look, a beach with cute girls swimming in it.  DSCN4091.JPG (1833955 bytes) Dave really like to get these mountain shot. We're on the road to the beach now with a great view of Crows Nest Mtn.  DSCN4092.JPG (2013635 bytes) Despite the frigid temperatures everyone dips in.  DSCN4093.JPG (1999210 bytes) We come looking super buff and the girls are all gone.
DSCN4094.JPG (1807657 bytes) Sam advises us he only swims if the water is no deeper than his tummy.  DSCN4095.JPG (2000920 bytes) Hale it trying to see what make the water green.  DSCN4096.JPG (1721867 bytes)  Josh letting the fish tickle his toes. 
DSCN4100.JPG (1848002 bytes) Anyone up for the challenge to swim to the other side? DSCN4101.JPG (1722922 bytes) No Takers.  DSCN4097.JPG (1598799 bytes) Got about another minute and hypothermia is going to set in.  DSCN4102.JPG (2022817 bytes) Yup. we're too cold now. 
DSCN4103.JPG (1980541 bytes) Dukes cramping up. Oh no. DSCN4105.JPG (2046670 bytes) Water dripping off my head tastes salty. All that sweating on the hike.  DSCN4106.JPG (2006019 bytes) Got to wash up the equipment DSCN4107.JPG (1743368 bytes) Don't I just look invigorated and refreshed?
DSCN4109.JPG (1564593 bytes) Dave wants more Mountain and Lake shots. DSCN4110.JPG (1564153 bytes) OK, No hands. DSCN4111.JPG (1559206 bytes) That's better, smile for the camera. DSCN4112.JPG (1617190 bytes) Here we have the mountain hat Dave wants to wear.
DSCN4114.JPG (1867114 bytes) Here's Dave wearing it.
DSCN4115.JPG (1748762 bytes) Wrapping up the night with a game of "Kick the Can" DSCN4116.JPG (1767053 bytes) The 20 count is on and it's the mad dash to hide.  Notice Sam with his night vision on. DSCN4117.JPG (1849343 bytes) The light sabers come out over the camp fire. DSCN4119.JPG (1820750 bytes) And then we spent an hour discussing Taysen's question: "What happens after we get to Heaven?"
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