Typical assignments for a camp/hike

Menu/Grocery list / Duty Roster
Maps, Forms, Lists, Agenda
Group Gear
Activities & Games
Journalist: Log, Pictures

All boys should work with leaders to achieve their assignments.

Assignment Job Descriptions:


  1. Plan out all activities needed in preparation for camp. 
  2. Ensures all boys follow through on their assignments. 
  3. Make sure you or the assigned boys pass their info onto boys requiring it for their assignment. 
  4. Keeps leaders informed on progress to ensure everything is address on time. 
  5. Agree on a Priesthood purpose for the camp and define approach to accomplish it.
  6. Assign scripture study scripture and ensure study happens each day of camp.

Menu/Groceries/Duty Roster:   Sample

  1. Determine who will be attending to get a head count for quantities. 
  2. Determine if any had food allergies or strong dislikes. 
  3. Plan a menu to include each meal needed until we are back home. Include to/from travel snacks. 
  4. Ensure meals follow the Canada food guide, are appropriate for where they will be eaten.
  5. Consider shelf life and refrigeration requirements. 
  6. Determine quantities and develop a grocery list. 
  7. Pick up foods and pack them for trip. 
  8. Work out the duty Roster to rotate chores evenly through all boys. Make grid with boys on rows and chores along top. (Typical chores include: Make meal, cleanup group gear after meal, get water...)
  9. Recipes from past camps:
    Breakfast Burrito
    Eatmore Ganola Bars

Maps, Lists, Agenda:

  1. Determine location information and get map (map should cover all places boys will be during camp. 
  2. Determine closest hospital and get Ph# and address. 
  3. Get Alberta Health Care numbers for boy attending (Group Committee should have them) 
  4. Prepare camp authorization form for Group committee (early as possible). Available on Scouts Canada Web site. As well send parents link to parent consent forms if needed (same site) 
  5. Get the prepared agenda that covers all activities (Activity description, Start & End times, location) 
  6. Prepare the boys personal items list required for camp. (clothes, mess kits, sleeping bag...) 
  7. Prepare parent handout providing agenda, personal item list, cell/phone numbers for emergency contact and a map. 
  8. Get the prepared duty roster with fair turns preparing meals, cleaning up, any other required tasks. 
  9. Prepare a Map for each boy/leader to cover hikes and local point of interest that will be visited. 
  10. Get group gear list for boy in charge.

Group Gear list:

  1. Based on each planned activity prepare a list of required equipment. 
  2. Based on type of camp prepare a list of gear for meal preparation for group. (stoves, coolers, sinks, towel...) 
  3. Based on type of camp prepare a list of shelter/camp site related equipment. (tents, tarps, axe, ropes...) 
  4. Determine what equipment is available from group committee. 
  5. For equipment not available from group committee, inquire amongst parents etc if they can be borrowed and who. 
  6. For equipment that is rented, get costs, reservation requirements, and book needed equipment. 
  7. Ensure all rented and borrowed equipment is returned to owners.

Activities & Games:

  1. Based on planned game activities acquire the needed games / equipment. 
  2. Provide instructions where needed. 
  3. Ensure all borrowed games / equipment is returned to owners. 
  4. Plan for ride to and from, as well as at the camp.

Journalist: Log of events & Pictures:

  1. Keep copy of all handouts as part of log. 
  2. Acquire a camera, borrow from leader or parent and ensure batteries charged, sufficient memory etc. 
  3. At camp take pictures and notes of interesting experiences. 
  4. At home edit pictures and assist on putting log info together. 
    (must put info on scout website http://scouts.msystems.net for computer badge skills)