Historical Events

By Nathan Johnson

June 19, 2007

The Yellow Fish Project is a way to let people know that the drains on the side of the road is for rain water only! No other chemicals or other stuff is allowed. As the water here drains directly into the river with no treatment in between. That mean fish in the river will be effected by what ever come in from these drains. Many towns and cities further down the river are also effected as they too  get their drinking water from this river. We should all take care to keep our rivers clean. 

They have a website you should visit: The City of Calgary Yellow Fish Road Program


I did this because it sounded neat and I needed to do it for my World Conservation badge.

To set this up I phoned the City of Calgary people and told them a day. I then went and got the stuff and brought it back for our group to use. 

Maple Ridge / Willow Park Team Members

Nathan Johnson - Project leader/coordinator
Tom Elford, Garett Herget, Darren Stone, Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Ben Burndorfer, Jordan Johnson, Nathan Johnson,  Matt Vance,  Darren Gardner, Kiano Zaugg, Lucas Pereira, Mateus Pereira  - Scouts & Venturers

Photo Library

DSC00679.JPG (2990794 bytes) Ben shows up. DSC00678.JPG (3054111 bytes) Very official DSC00677.JPG (3075712 bytes) Can you read it? DSC00676.JPG (2990665 bytes) The first drain.
DSC00675.JPG (2924064 bytes) Typical working situation DSC00674.JPG (3107432 bytes) Roll it on... DSC00673.JPG (3334149 bytes) Wow! cool. DSC00672.JPG (2941776 bytes) Drain #2
DSC00671.JPG (3404408 bytes) More painting, lots of people watching. DSC00670.JPG (3200664 bytes) What ever happened to spray paint? DSC00669.JPG (3036482 bytes) Break TIme. DSC00668.JPG (3329769 bytes) #13... Ugh
DSC00667.JPG (3338718 bytes) It's getting kind of boring. Lets see how many fish we can put on  the road! DSC00666.JPG (3220689 bytes) Almost done. DSC00665.JPG (3422401 bytes) Yey! The last drain.