River Cover - Winter Camp

February 17-19, 2011

This was a Stake camp enjoyed by all the other scout groups in the Calgary South Stake. Dan Merrel's mobile cookhouse services were used to benefit  the whole group again. Had around thirty attending. Weather was sunny but cold. Biggest challenge was cooking. Seems propane isn't much of a gas at -30C, and you know its cold when you finally get a large pot of water boiling but there are growing icicles on the handles.  

Our Team Members

Dan Merrel, Jay Burnham, Michael Swann, Karl Burndorfer - Scout / YM Leaders
Connor Johnson, Kevin DeOliveira, Daniel Urquijo - Scouts

Photo Library

Sledding Hill Hike   Catapult Event

IMG_2541.JPG (2362151 bytes) BBQ hamburgers with seasoned fries! IMG_2542.JPG (2249149 bytes) Now this is how you take care of a mans appetite! IMG_2543.JPG (2048631 bytes) More fries coming... IMG_2544.JPG (1888536 bytes) Oh, it's worth the wait!
IMG_2545.JPG (2194818 bytes) Can I have 2 patties? IMG_2546.JPG (2241649 bytes) Ooow, this is going to be gooood. IMG_2547.JPG (2216915 bytes) This is what you look like after the 3rd plate of fries.
IMG_2563.JPG (1822915 bytes) Our high end neighborhoods IMG_2564.JPG (2058373 bytes) Not quite slums... IMG_2565.JPG (2967538 bytes) Checking out the freezing creek waterfall.  IMG_2566.JPG (1862554 bytes) Slums. OK, maybe not slums, but would you sleep in there ate -30C
IMG_2567.JPG (2067185 bytes) This is a slightly better model with the door adjacent to the prevailing winds. IMG_2568.JPG (1915941 bytes) Few more started homes.  IMG_2569.JPG (2386770 bytes) Those catapults make great firewood.  IMG_2570.JPG (2586067 bytes) I think I need a bigger axe. 
IMG_2571.JPG (2491177 bytes) Cuts twine really good though! IMG_2572.JPG (2416769 bytes) As a real-estate salesman I can really recommend these 2 beauties here. Nicely nestled in these trees here.  A much superior model than those crudely built quinces.  IMG_2573.JPG (2682831 bytes) Now were talking, come here stick, see if you don't bust in half this time. 
IMG_2574.JPG (1995620 bytes) Really mom, we ate our greens.  IMG_2575.JPG (2295744 bytes) The super KD chef hard at work.  IMG_2576.JPG (2314507 bytes) Look mom, He ate beans, corn, KD, stew and a toasted buns with parmesan and butter.  IMG_2577.JPG (1522086 bytes) Watch me flip this into my mouth all in one gulp!
IMG_2578.JPG (2027535 bytes) This is a cool Coleman lamp in action, just needs a bit more pumping here.  IMG_2585.JPG (1961656 bytes) Some serious chowing down happening.  IMG_2590.JPG (1757043 bytes) Everyone who want to go outside and cleanup the kitchen, line up here! IMG_2591.JPG (1560230 bytes) I'll help by putting some light on it for you.  Pretty warm in here eh!
IMG_2592.JPG (2654644 bytes) Late night snack, pie filling folded in a tortilla, deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, an Arizona treat! IMG_2593.JPG (2470785 bytes) When they're light brown there done. 
But I can't see though?
IMG_2594.JPG (1615138 bytes) These are our warming trays, water in between and then covered with foil. See if the IRON chef looks as good at -30C! IMG_2595.JPG (2116845 bytes) I've switched to the cinnamon sugar dipping station now. You need to flexible as a sub zero chef. 
IMG_2596.JPG (1955695 bytes) Cherry on the left, Blueberry in the middle and then Apple. Don't mix them up!  IMG_2597.JPG (2219295 bytes) 1 Can, 6 tortillas right? IMG_2598.JPG (2568651 bytes) Folded over nicely and drop into the fryer.
IMG_2599.JPG (2435542 bytes) Time to get the thermostat set to 75F. IMG_2600.JPG (2185375 bytes) Whoa, is it cold in here! IMG_2601.JPG (2178243 bytes)Getting a bit of smoke in the air, that good.  IMG_2602.JPG (2335492 bytes) Fire looks good from here, Daniel, but isn't that the oven part?
Saturday Morning -30
IMG_2603.JPG (2461567 bytes) Look we still had firewood left over from last night! IMG_2604.JPG (2806233 bytes) Guess  that glove is nice and dry now! IMG_2605.JPG (2004847 bytes) So, Egg McMuffins are the order of the day.  Buns seems to freeze together even when you buy then sliced.  IMG_2606.JPG (2152071 bytes) Propane's a bit slow this morning. Tops are frozen, bottoms are only warm. 
IMG_2607.JPG (2210941 bytes) Just need to cook my hands for a bit here.  IMG_2608.JPG (2277291 bytes) Oh, these are sooo good. and even warm.  IMG_2609.JPG (1938500 bytes) I'm staying in the sun, I need all the heat I can get.  IMG_2610.JPG (2066025 bytes) Hash browns and egg muffins. That hits the spot!
IMG_2611.JPG (2178637 bytes) Hard to believe the funs all over and I won't be sleeping here another night! IMG_2612.JPG (2582966 bytes) I'll definitely miss the cooking! IMG_2613.JPG (2748611 bytes) Stuff a few of these in your pockets guys and we can eat them on the ride home!