River Cover - Winter Camp

February 17-19, 2011

Our Acquiring of the tubes.

Arny VanWierren was approached by our leader and he went out of his way to connect with folks in the know about tubes. He managed to get us Tubaloth and another regular sized tube free of charge.  There is a "Tiger Pirates" tire shop behind his work and they helped him out by saving and fixing up these tubes. Thanks a lot guys, these really made the event great and memorable one. 

Sledding Hill Hike

Almost directly across from our camp is a cut line that goes from the top of a hill down to the river bed. We showed the boys and it seemed a fairly easy hike to get there. So we got our tubes inflated and dragged along our collection of crazy carpets and snow boards.   We made sure to bring along Tubaloth.  He presented a significant challenge when it came time to bushwhacking though the denser parts of the hike.  The "easy" hike ended up a bit more challenging, but we all eventually got there.  The snow was still soft, fluffy and deep. We took the trouble to groom the trail with a few runs with Tubaloth and he did a fine job of getting a wide even path down the hill.  After each run our speed and distance increased.  Having the soft snow was a real blessing as bodies were flung off Tubaloth and some were even run over by him. Everyone came out reasonably unscathed. 

Photo Library

IMG_2498.JPG (2320100 bytes) Grouping at the cut line.  IMG_2499.JPG (2006901 bytes) Looks like a big enough hill from up here.  IMG_2500.JPG (2245575 bytes) Snow seems a bit soft for these smaller crafts.  IMG_2501.JPG (2653647 bytes) That's better, one swath with Tubaloth and were pretty much there. 
IMG_2502.JPG (2579664 bytes) Got it. Walk up right side, avoid traffic. IMG_2503.JPG (2217293 bytes) Tubes rule man. IMG_2504.JPG (2392109 bytes) There goes the saucer... IMG_2505.JPG (2503832 bytes) Hey , watch me snowboard now...
IMG_2506.JPG (2830495 bytes) Still vertical! IMG_2507.JPG (2517824 bytes) Comfort rules... IMG_2508.JPG (2195568 bytes) Well, these saucers may seem a bit fasted, but my buts killing me.  IMG_2509.JPG (2490643 bytes) Better hurry, there's a snowboard heading for your head. 
IMG_2510.JPG (1763958 bytes) The slalom team hits the bottom IMG_2511.JPG (2163162 bytes) Tubaloth clearing the run...  IMG_2512.JPG (2821445 bytes) taking anyone out along its path. IMG_2513.JPG (1905319 bytes) Only a couple ended up eating snow. 
IMG_2514.JPG (2361738 bytes) I didn't know you could breath snow in? IMG_2515.JPG (2313488 bytes) Look, tire tracks over my legs... IMG_2516.JPG (3276578 bytes) So I'm real glad the snow is soft here, cause that was a major face plant.  IMG_2517.JPG (2454562 bytes) Can you dig some of the snow out of my ear, back  and neck please.
Video going down on Tubaloth. IMG_2519.JPG (1688670 bytes) The view from under Tubaloth. IMG_2520.JPG (1862153 bytes) Can you get off me please, I'm here under the tube.  IMG_2521.JPG (1613332 bytes) That's better, I can breath now. 
IMG_2522.JPG (2824793 bytes) Working the slalom, little left, little right. Video of a Tubaloth run with minor casualties.  IMG_2525.JPG (2821103 bytes) Nicely groomed trail boy, that Tubaloth is a regular Zamboni IMG_2526.JPG (2683493 bytes) You want to carry him up, How about you,  Come on someone needs to bring him back up.
IMG_2527.JPG (2560215 bytes) Another run with lots of carnage. IMG_2528.JPG (2467547 bytes) A few more bodies left along the run. IMG_2529.JPG (2559719 bytes) If I can go sideways I can knock all these guys down.  IMG_2530.JPG (2502030 bytes) That its boys, lets hit the trail back home through the bush. 
IMG_2531.JPG (2754682 bytes) Are you going to take Tubaloth through the bush this time? IMG_2532.JPG (2527875 bytes) There's the hwy guys, last one there gets to deflate Tubaloth.  IMG_2533.JPG (2475249 bytes) There's some prickle bushes back there.  IMG_2534.JPG (2493631 bytes) but I'm ok, had my super tough ear flap hat on. 
IMG_2535.JPG (2672219 bytes) Look mom, I missed every tree and bush.  IMG_2536.JPG (2529277 bytes) Watch out for that prickle bush... IMG_2537.JPG (2565665 bytes) Could have sworn that tree just came out of nowhere. IMG_2538.JPG (2305106 bytes) That's the last of them.
IMG_2539.JPG (2079203 bytes)Hey let's have a snow brick fight. IMG_2540.JPG (2232151 bytes) Oh, and watch out for the electric fence!