Ribbon Creek - R&R Camp

Feb 15-16, 2018

The boys all thought it would be great if they could help out their parents and other family adults, by providing a opportunity for them to have a nice date night or a shopping night and we would take care of the kids.

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20180215_121913.jpg (5747172 bytes) The adventure begins... 20180215_121931.jpg (6195063 bytes) New Jersey boy checks out tubing 20180215_122002.jpg (5879205 bytes) RJ feels that tingling, something must be coming up???  
Check-in time 5:00pm. Current time 11:50am. Work out sweat equity deal with Anita to get early check-in.
20180215_123752.jpg (5097990 bytes) Just chop 1/2 cords of wood and you're in.  20180215_123757.jpg (4720360 bytes) One chop logs, pretty good. 20180215_123952.jpg (5375297 bytes) Sweet, this is easy. 20180215_124011.jpg (5508959 bytes) No challenge.
20180215_124055.jpg (5176747 bytes) Try this octopus stump. 20180215_124842.jpg (4955250 bytes) Woody where are ya? 20180215_124849.jpg (5982799 bytes) Master Chopper  
20180215_124851.jpg (5866391 bytes) 3....2....1 Success 20180215_125342.jpg (4727222 bytes) Getting ready for lunch 20180215_130617.jpg (5215270 bytes) hard work pays off  
20180215_130101.jpg (4796171 bytes)"Am I being paid?" 20180215_130229.jpg (4308259 bytes)"yeaaaahoooo 5 dollars for me!" 20180215_130412.jpg (4539990 bytes)"Another round..more money" 20180215_130413.jpg (4491174 bytes)"Watch me dodge these trees"
Mom's Navajo Taco's https://www.cookingclassy.com/moms-navajo-tacos-and-indian-fry-bread/
20180215_133214.jpg (3560422 bytes)Time to chop up the dough 20180215_134353.jpg (3013091 bytes)mhmmm deep fry 20180215_134415.jpg (3786809 bytes) squishy squishy  
20180215_134445.jpg (2891712 bytes)The eagle gang 20180215_134448.jpg (2952694 bytes)recruiting more members 20180215_135011.jpg (3355832 bytes)time to cook 20180215_135030.jpg (3201296 bytes)The cutting edge of cooking
20180215_135040.jpg (3429065 bytes)Wizards time 20180215_142916.jpg (3084486 bytes) Michael is twinning as the Star Trek Cook. 20180215_142923.jpg (2798168 bytes)These New Jersians still need to stay warm 20180215_142936.jpg (3312581 bytes)I thought you said only the game winners got to eat?
20180215_143937.jpg (3475509 bytes) Cool kids table 20180215_143941.jpg (3309989 bytes) How many chili-peppers does it take... 20180215_143943.jpg (3259546 bytes) to make Uwanna notice? 20180215_144041.jpg (3461096 bytes) The intense look of Goooood!!!
Cool Runnin Man. Thrills without hills...
20180215_153304.jpg (5462017 bytes) 20180215_153312.jpg (5466319 bytes) 20180215_153313.jpg (5401121 bytes) 20180215_154346.jpg (5446694 bytes)
20180215_154950.jpg (5457600 bytes) 20180215_154954.jpg (5765210 bytes) 20180215_154958.jpg (6161556 bytes) 20180215_155732.jpg (4671050 bytes)
20180215_155752.jpg (5072044 bytes) 20180215_160123.jpg (4497813 bytes) 20180215_160151.jpg (5380502 bytes) 20180215_160712.jpg (4312013 bytes)
20180215_160734.jpg (2396390 bytes) 20180215_162453.jpg (3202796 bytes) 20180215_162511.jpg (2052174 bytes) 20180215_162533.jpg (2459399 bytes)
Relaxation and Lunch      
20180216_133002.jpg (3590123 bytes) 20180216_142201.jpg (2873052 bytes) 20180216_142218.jpg (3575460 bytes)  
20180216_123846.jpg (4489998 bytes) 20180216_123851.jpg (4253844 bytes) 20180216_123856.jpg (4207333 bytes) 20180216_124439.jpg (4241869 bytes)
20180216_124633.jpg (4056741 bytes) Bail before you hit the trees...   Slow-motion action video Low risk, Hi Thrills... Full Speed action video  
Some Canadiana      
20180216_142150.jpg (3238204 bytes) Dump in the Maple syrup, cook to soft-ball. 20180216_144037.jpg (5156463 bytes) Pour out onto the snow... 20180216_144436.jpg (3356063 bytes) 20180216_144802.jpg (3778609 bytes)