Ribbon Creek - R&R Camp

Michael's Portfolio of candid shots 

IMG_0596.JPG (6468453 bytes) Entering the serine beauty of the Kananskis mountain ranges IMG_0603.JPG (3849367 bytes) Expressions like this left us thinking he needed more persuasion to come. IMG_0607.JPG (6436179 bytes) IMG_0614.JPG (4135093 bytes)
IMG_0622.JPG (5165033 bytes) IMG_0625.JPG (4705220 bytes) IMG_0629.JPG (4667134 bytes) IMG_0630.JPG (4008800 bytes)
IMG_0634.JPG (4982730 bytes) IMG_0635.JPG (4556580 bytes) IMG_0640.JPG (6569867 bytes)
IMG_0641.JPG (7145286 bytes) Stepping into the winter wonderland - without mitts. IMG_0645.JPG (7814531 bytes) One with the trees IMG_0657.JPG (4045849 bytes) as the mind taking in nature IMG_0664.JPG (6949006 bytes) Sun behind the blowing snow over the peeks.
IMG_0675.JPG (4170292 bytes) Poor Connor, almost out for the count. IMG_0676.JPG (5146689 bytes) 2 amigos IMG_0678.JPG (7806758 bytes) I'm as cool as I can be now. 
IMG_0688.JPG (3678557 bytes) IMG_0697.JPG (5567945 bytes) IMG_0698.JPG (4872267 bytes)  The Olympic spirit running strong in the 7 man power trak.
IMG_0721.JPG (3226174 bytes) IMG_0729.JPG (5589931 bytes) IMG_0736.JPG (5697011 bytes) Stepping inside to warm up a bit.
IMG_0747.JPG (4935005 bytes) IMG_0753.JPG (6004940 bytes) IMG_0760.JPG (3941062 bytes) Judges came down a bit hard on the 1600m Tube run. The Lord puts down His score in the sky.
IMG_0769.JPG (5676676 bytes) The Grey Nun's morn the team's loss and pray for them. IMG_0770.JPG (4879459 bytes) Wise council is received by their elders, and their humility save them.
IMG_0776.JPG (4523460 bytes) Naps are done. Indoor games begin IMG_0777.JPG (4917623 bytes) Wizard's always win... IMG_0782.JPG (4147353 bytes) You're not always dealt an easy hand in life. 5 Clubs and 2 wizards?
IMG_0791.JPG (5228128 bytes) IMG_0792.JPG (3008148 bytes) IMG_0801.JPG (4472634 bytes) IMG_0802.JPG (4516329 bytes) That RJ guy, he's deep.
IMG_0804.JPG (4122324 bytes) That's why he's my role model.  IMG_0814.JPG (8123339 bytes) If you want deep, meditate outside on the deep (snow).  IMG_0815.JPG (7283509 bytes) I'm at one with myself now. 
Day 2 of the Mountain Olympics 2k Downhill challenge will be featuring Gold medallist Evan, competing with his arch rival Josh, and the upcoming star Connor. IMG_0844.JPG (5979794 bytes) Josh, packing his equipment, telling reporters, he's confident he can take him.
IMG_0829.JPG (5791531 bytes) Players are checking out the snow pack and speed of the track. IMG_0841.JPG (5660185 bytes) Did you see that practice run, that course is way fast. IMG_0849.JPG (4895740 bytes) That's my bother. he's going to take the gold.
IMG_0856.JPG (10644343 bytes)