Great Escape

October 01, 2008

This was an attempt to do the old Great Escape we use to do that was an all night event. Scoped out a place with the right physical boundaries needed for an even in the dark. We invited the Willow Park Venturers to play the part of the German's. The scouts were of course the escaping allied prisoners. 

The routes were laid out with about 10 check points. We definitely needed more adult support but for the trial it was OK. After the event we found that having many more light sources was a necessity. The use of Cell phones certainly was ingenious by the older boys.  Definitely will work this into the full event for next year.  


Team Members

Brandon Shipley, Karl Burndorfer, Al Adams, Darren Stone, Garett Herget - Scout Leaders / Parents
Ben Burndorfer, Matt Vance, Jordan Johnson, Zack Peterson - Venturers (Germans)
Reed Wood, Layton Byam, Joseph Wilsher, Taylor Ouwerkerk, Ben Willicome, Connor Johnson, Liam Adams, Daniel Urquijo - Scouts (Allies)

Photo Library

DSC01574.JPG (3366068 bytes) Look, dog poop! DSC01569.JPG (3182250 bytes) OK, 3 dog biscuits if you can find my lost runner, but that's my final offer. DSC01568.JPG (3042022 bytes) How was I to know he was going to run right out of his shoes? DSC01567.JPG (3228481 bytes) So have those scouts past this checkpoint area yet?
DSC01570.JPG (2958965 bytes) Code red here boy, they're running over the bridge. Over and out.  DSC01575.JPG (3290900 bytes) Should we send in the dogs to pick up the stragglers? DSC01573.JPG (2700980 bytes) Only 1 leader missing, Ok we'll wait. DSC01572.JPG (3341342 bytes) Game over already. Definitely need all night for this.

Check Points and Maps