Summer Camp - Crowsnest Pass

August 18-20, 2016

The boys planned a super camp this year. We had Educational events, skills events in mountain biking, endurance events in cliff jumping into +1c streams. We maintained ultimate hygiene by showing under a 40 foot waterfall. 

Meals were those that the food channels would only hope to come close to. Of course the scenery was breath taking, but not some much for the outdoor latrines.  And just to show off some of our super hero powers, we were all impervious to mosquitoes the whole camp, as our mere presence seems to make them flee in fear.  

Maps and Links

Lat: 49.667842 Long: -114.600853
Alberta Parks link to Chinook Lake
Area Activities

Planning / Instruction

Food, Menu and Duty Rosters - Abraham & RJ
Journal / Photography - Michael
Activities & Games ? 
Group Gear - Karl Burndorfer 
Maps, Forms, Lists, Agenda - used material from last camp there 

Team Members

James Fraser, Jason Smith, Greg Cahoon, Karl Burndorfer, and Zack Funk - Leaders
RJ, Michael, Nat, Seth, Aaron, Johann, Austin, and Uwanna  - Scouts

Photo Library

Education on the historical significance of the area      
IMG_0088.JPG (120781 bytes) Our first event. IMG_0101.JPG (157178 bytes) My puppet Michael. IMG_0102.JPG (156768 bytes) Want to see me flip him? IMG_0096[1].JPG (1733813 bytes) What we learnt and watched.
Setting up camp      
IMG_0106.JPG (197141 bytes) IMG_0113.JPG (197010 bytes) DSCN7816.JPG (1767840 bytes) I'm not busy right know, would you like to see my dance moves? DSCN7817.JPG (1782682 bytes) Move the hips and hands...
DSCN7818.JPG (1788894 bytes) When vertically challenged, consider teamwork. DSCN7819.JPG (1806002 bytes) Look mom's. We're eating carrots. All part of our healthy diet out here. DSCN7820.JPG (1741294 bytes) Chili on a bun. Made by loving scouts. DSCN7821.JPG (1754098 bytes) Can we get a bit more between the bun please?
Boys cooking a version of Sunterra's Perogy Madness      
IMG_0118[1].JPG (1166515 bytes) Hunger sets in. A frantic search for the cooking gear and food. IMG_0122[1].JPG (2423813 bytes) Get it onto the grill... IMG_0121[1].JPG (1373913 bytes) There, better now, all cut up and simmering. IMG_0124[1].JPG (1385889 bytes) Checkout that sausage to veggie ratio!
DSCN7829.JPG (1788222 bytes) Spelling Aaron off.  DSCN7830.JPG (1774235 bytes) Almost forgot to add some bacon. DSCN7832.JPG (1813411 bytes) Smell the aroma! IMG_0123[1].JPG (1202169 bytes) Just putting a bit of a fry on the perogies.
IMG_0131[1].JPG (3936572 bytes) Breakfast starts by deep frying the bacon.  IMG_4378.JPG (2644567 bytes) Moving onto biscuits... IMG_4379.JPG (2476299 bytes) Get those eggs going... IMG_0142[1].JPG (3100803 bytes) Couple more experiments on these biscuits.
IMG_0143[1].JPG (3079180 bytes) OK, this looks like it could work. IMG_4381.JPG (3137784 bytes) Maybe not. Too thick. This is better.  IMG_0149[1].JPG (4659944 bytes) Every food group was fried. Way to get stuffed now.  IMG_0159[1].JPG (4199538 bytes) Just need to re-heat the pan, pick out the left over bacon bits, drain the grease, and it should be easy to wash.
Star Fall - Ultimate shower facility      
DSCN7833.JPG (1759337 bytes) Nice pine needle carpeting on this path. IMG_0164[1].JPG (4496958 bytes) This is the slimy rock part.  IMG_0166[1].JPG (4050149 bytes) You mean I might get my shoes wet here? DSCN7834.JPG (1755923 bytes) That was easy, still got dry feet.
IMG_0171[1].JPG (3993769 bytes) So the part up there is the scary part. DSCN7835.JPG (1805122 bytes) Aaron is up already. DSCN7836.JPG (1808365 bytes) 2 more make it. Uwanna takes hold of the rope. DSCN7837.JPG (1830794 bytes) If I cover my eye's, maybe it won't be that scary.
DSCN7838.JPG (1835579 bytes) That wasn't that bad. DSCN7839.JPG (1796907 bytes) Come around the corner, guys. DSCN7840.JPG (1743751 bytes) Last leg to the falls. DSCN7841.JPG (1769763 bytes) Nice view of the falls from here.
IMG_0177[1].JPG (4522147 bytes) Those with their shampoo and cream rinse are dying  to get in.  DSCN7842.JPG (2032906 bytes) Maybe if I back in, it would be as cold. DSCN7844.JPG (2046108 bytes) I can feel my scalp tingling already. IMG_0178[1].JPG (4034660 bytes) Shee, that was a significant pounding.
DSCN7848.JPG (1933046 bytes) Seth, trying to recover from the biggest brain freeze ever. DSCN7849.JPG (1824899 bytes) He gets better, and tells Nat is was totally invigorating.   DSCN7850.JPG (1831931 bytes) Bit of trepidation setting in on Nat. DSCN7851.JPG (1827113 bytes) It has been almost 2 days since my last shower. Go for it!
DSCN7852.JPG (1830090 bytes) Nat and Seth look at each other with a shared understanding now.  DSCN7855.JPG (1794534 bytes) With a full surge of courage, Aaron walks right in, takes his pounding, and joins the group. DSCN7856.JPG (1798682 bytes) Encouraging words are shared to invite the others. DSCN7857.JPG (1915888 bytes) He's almost convincing RJ.
DSCN7858.JPG (1879846 bytes) Now acclimatized, Seth and Nat go in to invite the others DSCN7859.JPG (1860344 bytes) All 3 now go together. DSCN7860.JPG (1877168 bytes) Start a little dance number... DSCN7861.JPG (1868683 bytes) Bring in an opera climax
DSCN7862.JPG (1869982 bytes) Little more dancing IMG_0195[1].JPG (3849822 bytes) Take their applause...  DSCN7863.JPG (1883071 bytes) and get out as fast as they can. DSCN7864.JPG (1878527 bytes) Nat tries one last triple pirouette.
DSCN7865.JPG (1834557 bytes) OK, RJ is now pumped, and goes for it. DSCN7866.JPG (1825836 bytes) Seth provides that brotherhood to bring him along DSCN7867.JPG (1807848 bytes) See, it's fine, right! DSCN7868.JPG (1802409 bytes) That's quite the massage on the back. 
DSCN7869.JPG (1814137 bytes) Ah, I got some water in my eye.       
DSCN7872.JPG (1712315 bytes) Uwanna, now wishing he brought his bathing suit. Next time for sure. DSCN7873.JPG (1819831 bytes) Back down the tricky part on the rope.  IMG_0220[1].JPG (4274584 bytes) Uwanna's got this now.  IMG_0228[1].JPG (3384286 bytes) and we still got dry feet.
DSCN7875.JPG (1749527 bytes) Want to try some bouldering? DSCN7876.JPG (1783994 bytes) Seth's on it right away. DSCN7878.JPG (1794358 bytes) This is getting a bit technical. DSCN7879.JPG (1790702 bytes) Just pretend there are crocodiles under you, so you'll try harder to hold on. 
DSCN7880.JPG (1764940 bytes) They're going to get me, Aarrg! DSCN7881.JPG (1754192 bytes) I'm safe, up to you now, Aaron    
DSCN7882.JPG (1772748 bytes) From the patient wise sage: Short machete, good tool, make walking stick. DSCN7884.JPG (1968917 bytes) Checking out the local mountain biking opportunities. DSCN7885.JPG (1686956 bytes) OK 4x4 verses bike down this hill.  DSCN7886.JPG (1826993 bytes) Bike has a slight lead, just need to get those pedestrians out of the way.
Mountain Biking      
IMG_0248[1].JPG (3981544 bytes) Be warned...      
DSCN7887.JPG (2015339 bytes) DSCN7888.JPG (1783758 bytes) DSCN7889.JPG (1994815 bytes) DSCN7890.JPG (1938078 bytes)
DSCN7892.JPG (1954430 bytes) DSCN7893.JPG (1728651 bytes) DSCN7894.JPG (1791887 bytes) DSCN7895.JPG (1726781 bytes)
DSCN7897.JPG (1779917 bytes) DSCN7898.JPG (1737718 bytes) DSCN7899.JPG (1766764 bytes) DSCN7900.JPG (1783209 bytes)
DSCN7901.JPG (1736022 bytes) DSCN7904.JPG (1807791 bytes) DSCN7905.JPG (1852987 bytes) DSCN7906.JPG (1832118 bytes)
DSCN7907.JPG (1773459 bytes) DSCN7908.JPG (1817327 bytes) DSCN7909.JPG (1748571 bytes) DSCN7911.JPG (1712286 bytes)
IMG_4382.JPG (4190812 bytes) IMG_4383.JPG (3685184 bytes) IMG_4384.JPG (4072234 bytes) IMG_4385.JPG (3899613 bytes)
IMG_4386.JPG (3923763 bytes) IMG_4387.JPG (3470001 bytes) IMG_4388.JPG (4106603 bytes) IMG_4389.JPG (3803305 bytes)
IMG_4390.JPG (3763424 bytes) IMG_4391.JPG (4280642 bytes) IMG_4392.JPG (3844998 bytes) IMG_4393.JPG (3737975 bytes)
IMG_4394.JPG (3718500 bytes)      
IMG_0250[1].JPG (2725339 bytes) Getting the kitchen ready for: IMG_0253[1].JPG (3000282 bytes) Shish-kabobs! IMG_0258[1].JPG (2953668 bytes) and Tacos! IMG_0260[1].JPG (2699614 bytes) If you eat them sideways the filling doesn't fall out. 
We then had evening games Slingshots and paintballs and a short visit to the Blairmore Emergency But we were OK.   
Peaceful mornings      
DSCN7912.JPG (1733138 bytes) Green lake peering through IMG_0264[1].JPG (2974273 bytes) Chinook lake with Crownest mountain  IMG_4375.JPG (1906059 bytes) Same with morning mist IMG_4374.JPG (2178548 bytes) Portrait version.
 DSCN7913.JPG (1802741 bytes) Lake loop trail IMG_4376.JPG (2909206 bytes) Snuggled like bugs in a rug IMG_4377.JPG (2132177 bytes) the other half of the rug.   
DSCN7914.JPG (1785203 bytes) More Please! DSCN7915.JPG (1769982 bytes) Nice to know we're not short on bacon.  DSCN7916.JPG (1789809 bytes) Hi Five on the cheesy eggs! DSCN7917.JPG (1761478 bytes) You never had muffins topped with bacon before?
Cliff Jumping      
DSCN7918.JPG (1990682 bytes) DSCN7919.JPG (1972707 bytes) DSCN7920.JPG (1987685 bytes) DSCN7921.JPG (1989996 bytes)
DSCN7922.JPG (1986539 bytes) DSCN7923.JPG (1986959 bytes) DSCN7925.JPG (1973538 bytes) DSCN7926.JPG (1981599 bytes)
DSCN7927.JPG (1990718 bytes) DSCN7928.JPG (2005873 bytes) DSCN7929.JPG (1977609 bytes) DSCN7930.JPG (1814419 bytes)
DSCN7935.JPG (1791803 bytes) DSCN7937.JPG (1693596 bytes) DSCN7938.JPG (1815779 bytes) DSCN7939.JPG (1791173 bytes)
DSCN7940.JPG (1804837 bytes) DSCN7941.JPG (1851379 bytes) DSCN7942.JPG (1846126 bytes) DSCN7943.JPG (1797763 bytes)
DSCN7944.JPG (1746402 bytes) DSCN7946.JPG (1773226 bytes) DSCN7947.JPG (1740202 bytes) DSCN7948.JPG (1944367 bytes)
DSCN7949.JPG (1972127 bytes) DSCN7950.JPG (1961585 bytes) DSCN7951.JPG (1964850 bytes) DSCN7952.JPG (2012212 bytes)
DSCN7953.JPG (1813299 bytes) DSCN7954.JPG (1739306 bytes) DSCN7955.JPG (1739397 bytes)  
Last of the leftovers      
DSCN7956.JPG (1834038 bytes) DSCN7957.JPG (1788068 bytes) DSCN7958.JPG (1775838 bytes) DSCN7959.JPG (1731939 bytes)
DSCN7960.JPG (1738892 bytes) DSCN7961.JPG (1737539 bytes) DSCN7962.JPG (1696175 bytes) DSCN7963.JPG (1834779 bytes)
DSCN7964.JPG (1699699 bytes) DSCN7965.JPG (1724666 bytes) DSCN7967.JPG (1749050 bytes) DSCN7968.JPG (1674158 bytes)
DSCN7969.JPG (1718824 bytes) DSCN7970.JPG (1736498 bytes)