Banff & Lake Louis - Adventures with Skylar and Tyler - Oct 2020 

Oct 5-6, 2020 (COVID days)

Merging Manitoba and Alberta into new memories and a meaningful experience.

Every adventure requires a sequel. These are dark COVID days, and there's nothing like leaving the comforts of the Shire and heading off to the mountains of Middle-earth just before the frigid winter set in.

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Team Members

Skylar, Tyler  - Scouts
Karl - Leaders

Photo Library

Day one - Mount Norquay - North Face
Day two - Mount Victoria - Glacier Wall


20201003_151839.jpg (4480299 bytes) Just some advice from Sage Sam on your adventure boys... You're a brave lad Skylar, taking on these mountainous challenges with that one lame arm in a sling. Tyler, you watch out for him. There's plenty of spots where you need both hands to steady yourself on a treacherous path. 
For day one, on Norquay, this is what you will experience once you arrive at the base...
Once the gondola has brought you to the last station, you are ready to embark on the scramble to the summit. This was last achieved by a rugged and determined girl from Winnipeg named Ivy of Pink. Stay together and watch out for each out. Being observant is better than being intelligent. 
On your second day,  once you arrive at the face of Mount Victoria's shoulder, be weary of the scree edge, lest you plunge into a glacier crevasse. Your depth perception will be deceived.  
Remember, adventures with friends make for fond memories. They'll last your whole lifetime and beyond.