Zoo Shooters - World Conservation badge work

April, 2013

This series of event was setup to support the boys in their work on the World Conservation badge. 

Team Members

Kendall Cahoon, Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Jakob Kellestine, Ethan Conrad, Hale Aquino, RJ Laigos, Nat Wilshire, Seth Ek, Tayson ?, Kelly ? - Scouts

Team Projects

Hale & RJ - Chimpanzies
Jakob, Nat, Seth - ?
Ethan & Kelly - Wolf
Taysen -

Photo Library 

DSCN1735.JPG (1383457 bytes) DSCN1736.JPG (1273910 bytes) DSCN1737.JPG (1253470 bytes) DSCN1738.JPG (1149646 bytes)
DSCN1739.JPG (1000991 bytes) DSCN1740.JPG (1348072 bytes) DSCN1741.JPG (1162692 bytes)  
DSCN1734.JPG (1168330 bytes) I'm a Joey, see...      
DSCN1753.JPG (1839909 bytes) Just try catch that butterfly... DSCN1755.JPG (1814975 bytes) Really, I never touched it, it just fell on the ground!    

Botanist Corner