Winter Fun - X-Country Skiing & Tobogganing

December 11, 2010

Our group heard about public X-Country skiing at the Maple Ridge Golf Course and  thought this was too good to be true. We can ski and then walk over the the "Bowl" and toboggan.  So we dug up all those skis we got donated from all those seniors who just aren't that gun-ho on perusing these sports anymore. 

Sam came along for the exercise as well. Afterwards we came indoors for soup and sandwiches and something warm to drink. 

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer - Scout / YM Leaders
Connor Johnson, Kevin DeOliveira  - Scouts
Felipe Cupido, Daniel Urquijo - Venturers
Sam the Dog - Super Scout

Photo Library

 IMG_2001.JPG (2167862 bytes) If I use these skis as stilts I'll be over 9 ft.  IMG_2002.JPG (2079526 bytes) Oh, the groves are over there and I'm going here! IMG_2003.JPG (2062788 bytes) That was expected, dang groves. IMG_2004.JPG (2067338 bytes) Excuse me, coming through, OH...
IMG_2005.JPG (2068431 bytes) maybe not. IMG_2006.JPG (1989592 bytes) Out of my way guys! IMG_2007.JPG (2051510 bytes) Doesn't take much of a slope... IMG_2008.JPG (2049194 bytes) Looking good now!
IMG_2009.JPG (2209796 bytes) I know, got too hot and needed to cool off, right? IMG_2010.JPG (2118585 bytes) I heard about the old sit on your skis approach IMG_2011.JPG (2070459 bytes) Definitely get a cold but! IMG_2012.JPG (2122270 bytes) OK, how do I get the snow out of my ear?
IMG_2013.JPG (2161757 bytes) Working out the rhythm IMG_2014.JPG (2125995 bytes) you think you got rhythm, try straddling the ski tracks with short legs! IMG_2015.JPG (2445646 bytes) Finally, I caught up! IMG_2016.JPG (2430292 bytes) How to ascend a hill...
or not.
IMG_2017.JPG (2374651 bytes) You're pointing the wrong way IMG_2018.JPG (1815011 bytes) Lets just lower the center of gravity here... IMG_2019.JPG (2451165 bytes) Stable, but still cold on the but.  IMG_2020.JPG (2152585 bytes) I didn't think I could get my feel to point in that direction
IMG_2021.JPG (2331202 bytes) Human speed bump IMG_2022.JPG (2307886 bytes) OK, it's moving now.  IMG_2023.JPG (2273913 bytes) Barely. IMG_2024.JPG (2346789 bytes) Now that's a hill!
IMG_2025.JPG (1725886 bytes) Nice, just like sledding in you sofa. IMG_2029.JPG (1734939 bytes) Should we see if we feel that bump up there? IMG_2030.JPG (1751295 bytes) I think that was 3 bumps. IMG_2031.JPG (1746863 bytes) Sam's in on the fun too
IMG_2032.JPG (1970650 bytes) Lets try out the foamy. IMG_2033.JPG (2402674 bytes) Hey, this GT-Snow racer is awesome. It steers! IMG_2034.JPG (2010870 bytes)Take em out before he gets up! IMG_2035.JPG (1909693 bytes) Do I smell Chicken Nuggets!
IMG_2036.JPG (2261403 bytes) That kid just went down with Chicken Nuggets IMG_2037.JPG (1723692 bytes) So Ski shows suck at traction up a hill. IMG_2038.JPG (1859330 bytes) OK, ready for some real speed! IMG_2039.JPG (1749272 bytes) and he's still standing, whoa!
IMG_2040.JPG (1864160 bytes) hauling it back up IMG_2041.JPG (1913078 bytes) Am I sledding uphill of going backwards? IMG_2042.JPG (1826240 bytes) Wearing down IMG_2043.JPG (1826175 bytes) 0 friction, full but impact. 
IMG_2044.JPG (1729076 bytes) Jump off the wall onto you carpet and ,,, IMG_2045.JPG (2059868 bytes) wipe out. IMG_2046.JPG (2074517 bytes) I though going down as a human torpedo, I wouldn't be going sideways. IMG_2047.JPG (1714238 bytes) I'm starting to feel I look like Santa. 
IMG_2048.JPG (1726149 bytes) Maybe I can rub off this beard in the snow? IMG_2049.JPG (1735429 bytes) Try this side now IMG_2050.JPG (1763829 bytes) Under the chin... IMG_2051.JPG (1738356 bytes) The sideways sweep!
IMG_2052.JPG (1700279 bytes) Almost held it together. IMG_2053.JPG (1870028 bytes) bit of carnage there. IMG_2054.JPG (1980441 bytes) Almost ready to get back up. IMG_2055.JPG (2071124 bytes) everyone still alive. 
IMG_2056.JPG (2185820 bytes)Now for the length wise sweep! IMG_2057.JPG (1810950 bytes) bit of a challenge to get some forward motion here.  IMG_2058.JPG (1894594 bytes) We did it! IMG_2059.JPG (2069367 bytes) Successful event!