X-Country Skiing - Canmore Nordic Centre

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Originally had this planned for Jan 4th but Calgary got such a dump of snow it was just too hard to get around. So we got a real warm spell for this event. +6 for the high in Canmore.

Boys were able to get outfitted with custom fit gear and we were off on the wide groomed track in no time. Spend about an hour on our first outing. Ended up back at the lodge and decided to have lunch and checkout the trail map and pick a nice easy trail. So we stayed on the greens for a while. Switched it up to the yellows. Then finally we tried out a brown. This one had a real drop to the bottom of a gorge followed by a steep ramp up the other side. We didn't do too, bad but then Michael twisted his ankle.  We were up on out first aid and applied RICE, well, most of it. We had him resting, iced the ankle with snow. (no shortage here). After filling the boot we zipped it up to provide the compression. The Elevate option was a bit hard, but we rigged up a makeshift toboggan out of 4 skis and provided some heave mitts for rudders. We were able to slide him out at full speed. Mostly downhill all the way back.

Boys have some interesting activities on  the ride home. Even had some harmonization challenges going on to help coerce Isaac into singing along.  

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Peter Erasmus  - Scout Leaders
RJ Laigo, Michael Laigo, Issac Gagnon, Hale Aquino, Sam Erasmus   - Scouts

Photo Library 

DSCN3026.JPG (3819370 bytes) They make you feel like real Olympians here eh! DSCN3027.JPG (4217123 bytes) So I slip my skis into these tracks right! DSCN3028.JPG (3662156 bytes) This is uphill folks, we only make it look easy.  DSCN3029.JPG (3873350 bytes) No snow on me yet. 
DSCN3030.JPG (3856067 bytes) I'm getting there. Left then right, with a little kick. DSCN3031.JPG (4351308 bytes) It's better to fall on the trails no one else uses.  DSCN3032.JPG (4271444 bytes) Yea, and the snow is softer too. DSCN3033.JPG (4226132 bytes) OK, this really is hard to get up once your down. 
DSCN3034.JPG (4354669 bytes) Out of my ways guys, I can't stop! DSCN3035.JPG (4223441 bytes) Don't see what their problems was? DSCN3038.JPG (4452830 bytes) Well, maybe a little bit.   
DSCN3039.JPG (4281086 bytes) I know, it's early, but we were gettign really hungry. DSCN3040.JPG (4243887 bytes) Check for any texts from girl friends... DSCN3041.JPG (4008238 bytes) Cool up here eh!. Hey, we could spy out what the girls is reading on her laptop. Zoom in! DSCN3042.JPG (4376873 bytes) Check out Peter's stew. Pretty chunky from up here. 
DSCN3043.JPG (4952632 bytes) Inside shot through the window of the more professional skiers. DSCN3044.JPG (4867469 bytes) There's a speedy guy. DSCN3045.JPG (4737753 bytes) Nice cozy furniture up here.    DSCN3046.JPG (4954805 bytes) Pink Sisters doing some snow dance moves.
DSCN3047.JPG (4962156 bytes) Another one of those speeders DSCN3048.JPG (5030086 bytes) Got to look good for those Pink Sisters. DSCN3050.JPG (3795674 bytes) Alright boys, chug her back and lets hit the tracks.  
Isaac with the Camera. He's into close-ups.      
DSCN3051.JPG (3542014 bytes) Wait, I need to take some close-ups. Smile! DSCN3052.JPG (4666979 bytes) He's not looking, click DSCN3053.JPG (4636382 bytes) I see you DSCN3054.JPG (4419513 bytes) I'm pretending to be a lizard.
DSCN3055.JPG (4737514 bytes) I really see you now! DSCN3056.JPG (4155486 bytes) I can play tunes by blowing into my pop DSCN3057.JPG (4440896 bytes) Or I just drink it. DSCN3058.JPG (4149660 bytes) Does it look like I'm thinking?
DSCN3059.JPG (4343520 bytes) Still not looking... DSCN3060.JPG (4192045 bytes) I'm waving now, do you see me? DSCN3061.JPG (3606819 bytes) It's my last almond DSCN3062.JPG (3717170 bytes) OK, I'm looking.
DSCN3063.JPG (3629536 bytes) DSCN3064.JPG (4200734 bytes) DSCN3065.JPG (3601939 bytes) DSCN3066.JPG (4273226 bytes) For the coordinated ski program, we got matching boots. 
Back on the skiis      
DSCN3068.JPG (3615396 bytes) See that puff of snow from my powerful side breaking DSCN3069.JPG (4262445 bytes) They say for really high speeds you should stay low... DSCN3070.JPG (4383419 bytes) I need speed.  DSCN3071.JPG (4282009 bytes) Hey, wait up guys. 
DSCN3072.JPG (4267242 bytes) Why does it always happen when your in a hurry. DSCN3073.JPG (3577546 bytes) We're all up. this is progress. DSCN3075.JPG (4205642 bytes) Some high speed kneel skiing  coming up.  DSCN3076.JPG (4311849 bytes) Michael is really gaining.
DSCN3077.JPG (4455487 bytes) Check this freeze action shot. If my camera wasn't so good, he would be blurry.  DSCN3078.JPG (4387781 bytes) The boys on the Yellow trail. DSCN3079.JPG (4235559 bytes) OK, we're switching it up to Brown now.  DSCN3080.JPG (4510681 bytes) There he goes...
DSCN3081.JPG (4308643 bytes) Ohhh, its a bit of a wipe out.  DSCN3082.JPG (4489223 bytes) This one is looking good. DSCN3083.JPG (4608936 bytes) Yes, he's all the way up the other side. Amazing. DSCN3084.JPG (4464440 bytes) Here comes Michael
DSCN3085.JPG (4411225 bytes) And that's the ankle bender. DSCN3086.JPG (4320547 bytes) Hale's screaming down trying to keep out of his way DSCN3087.JPG (4306901 bytes) RJ's attempt to rescue his brother was pretty good but fell a bit short. DSCN3088.JPG (4386816 bytes) Sam getting a extra run in while we apple RICE to Michael ankle.
DSCN3089.JPG (4500347 bytes) Peter hasn't tried this yet. Here it goes... DSCN3090.JPG (4265861 bytes) He's still up... DSCN3091.JPG (4346453 bytes) Success, all the way over to the other side.