Wood Working Project - Mom's Christmas Gift

November - December,  A couple of our scouts were keen on getting some wood working experience and to put their creative abilities on a nice gift for their Moms.

Greg Dahl had a small shop setup in his garage and we got to get some hands on training with tools like laths and disc sander and scroll saws. 

Tem Members

Karl Burndorfer  - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. RJ Laigo - Scouts
Greg Dahl - Wood Working hobbyist

Photo Library 

IMG_1695.JPG (1922598 bytes) So this is the shop... IMG_1696.JPG (1970096 bytes) The lathe... IMG_1697.JPG (2092428 bytes) How you used it. IMG_1699.JPG (2429640 bytes) Slowly carve out the inside
IMG_1700.JPG (2341386 bytes) IMG_1701.JPG (2640147 bytes) IMG_1702.JPG (2362475 bytes) IMG_1703.JPG (2584743 bytes)
IMG_1704.JPG (2402047 bytes) IMG_1705.JPG (2353676 bytes) IMG_1706.JPG (2161300 bytes) IMG_1707.JPG (1711713 bytes)
IMG_1708.JPG (2143446 bytes) IMG_1709.JPG (2660860 bytes) Need to be done real gradually for the smooth surface. IMG_1710.JPG (2534769 bytes)  IMG_1711.JPG (2082244 bytes)
IMG_1712.JPG (2769606 bytes) Sanding is important to a quality job. IMG_1713.JPG (2517196 bytes) IMG_1714.JPG (2389638 bytes) IMG_1715.JPG (2393457 bytes)
IMG_1716.JPG (2083840 bytes) Get the right color stain. IMG_1717.JPG (2317179 bytes) The finished product.  IMG_1718.JPG (2317923 bytes) Some of the steps that happened ahead of our project. Cut the tree stump into a rough bowl shape.. IMG_1719.JPG (2175769 bytes) Need a flat base.
IMG_1720.JPG (2252404 bytes) IMG_1721.JPG (2112732 bytes) IMG_1722.JPG (2020104 bytes) IMG_1723.JPG (2041590 bytes)
IMG_1774.JPG (2613650 bytes) Happy Tradesmen! Merry Christmas Mom.