Stake Scout Winter Camp - Peter Loughheed Lower Kananaskis Lake

February 13-14, 2015

Team Members

Dan Merrel, Steve Boyd - Camp Cooks!!!
Jeremy Olsen, Travis Gallup, Brandon Johnson, Brad Gough, Nigel Kennet ,Dave Proctor, Matt Gardner, Steven Gardner, Giancarlo De Silva, Jason Smith, Bruce Humphreys, Nolan Carins, Jarom Macdonald, Michael Parker, Andy Koller,  - Calgary South Scout Leaders
Pres. Yee, Blair Layton, Karl Burndorfer, Sam D. Burndorfer - Stake & Ward Support Team
All the boys

Maps and stuff

Materials prepared and handed out

Photo Library

DSCN4620.JPG (2006814 bytes) What a beautiful ride in... DSCN4619.JPG (1817270 bytes) We just passed 3 big horn sheep, but you have to be safe driving so I missed the picture.
DSCN4622.JPG (1743665 bytes) After a slight glitch in getting the group site open, the park staff arrived, unlocked all the gates, doors and wood bins, and we were off.   DSCN4623.JPG (1749518 bytes) Kitchen setup, our highest priority. DSCN4624.JPG (1985753 bytes) Next to biting bubbles in puddles of course.  DSCN4625.JPG (2007485 bytes) It's a chilling job, but someone has to do it.
DSCN4627.JPG (1590810 bytes) As he slowly nudges his friend under the dripping roof edge for the shot.   DSCN4628.JPG (1766941 bytes) Excavating the foundation for the heated accommodations. DSCN4629.JPG (1790931 bytes) These guys are relying on a soft pine needle base. Great pine scent here to.   DSCN4630.JPG (1789326 bytes) Here we have the early Mexican Architecture. Want to bring in the feeling of desert warmth. 
DSCN4631.JPG (1799212 bytes) The beginnings of the traditional quinzhee, with a lower walkout. DSCN4632.JPG (1817500 bytes) A lot more construction needed, but we're still smiling...  DSCN4633.JPG (1827703 bytes) Now to workout that door design... 
Heat rises right?
20150214_120225.jpg (4959745 bytes) So a snow shelter is not a tent right? We should be OK then, otherwise we need to bury that sign. 
DSCN4634.JPG (1805613 bytes) Steerable craft are definitely recommended on this slope.  DSCN4635.JPG (1627570 bytes) That's quite the drop off the edge there. DSCN4636.JPG (1886776 bytes) Everyone waits with anticipation for that first meal. At this point they are ready to eat anything and everything. DSCN4637.JPG (1869734 bytes) Sous chef Steve taking his time though, working on the dipping sticks: buttered, seasoned and lightly toasted right? 
DSCN4638.JPG (1830171 bytes) Head chef Dan give the nod. DSCN4639.JPG (1788858 bytes) That went too fast. Need more! DSCN4640.JPG (1859737 bytes) More satisfied customers DSCN4641.JPG (1801531 bytes) Leaders unanimously appreciated not having to cook while dealing with setup of shelters with the boys. 
DSCN4642.JPG (1816789 bytes) Rice crispies and chili, good combination! DSCN4643.JPG (1785698 bytes) Round 2 is as good as round 1. 
DSCN4644.JPG (1786069 bytes) First group at their training activity. Avalanche Search & Rescue by Travis. DSCN4645.JPG (1838439 bytes) So which one of you boys wants to volunteer to be buried under the snow with an avalanche beacon? DSCN4646.JPG (1778723 bytes) Fire make skills going on here. Sam offers match sticks for kindling.  DSCN4648.JPG (1762834 bytes) That worked. Too much smoke though.
DSCN4649.JPG (1762462 bytes) Axe skills 101. Choose logs without branches growing out. DSCN4650.JPG (1775291 bytes) Then you can split logs this big. Putting egos aside, safety is always first. Axe heads against soft body parts in never a good combination. DSCN4653.JPG (1797509 bytes) Some continued effort still needed to complete the shelters.  DSCN4652.JPG (1803012 bytes) Sam's moved on from bubble biting to searching for squirrels. This quadrant is good. 
DSCN4654.JPG (1568610 bytes) You need to be very stealth to catch a squirrel.  DSCN4655.JPG (1602367 bytes) Notice my stance, you got to be ready to pounce. DSCN4658.JPG (1793988 bytes) Meanwhile the cooks have some leftovers and some spare time before the next meal... DSCN4657.JPG (1785259 bytes) So it's not that hard to catch a hungry bird with the right bate.  A scout is wise in the use of all resources. We did give the bird his food before sending him off.
DSCN4659.JPG (1771956 bytes) So for those in the Dutch oven cooking contest, preparation starts early.  DSCN4660.JPG (1766105 bytes) Now I have to keep the dough warm so it can rise... DSCN4661.JPG (1772989 bytes) Fire making skills always come in handy. Watch me make a 6 ft. high chimney fire.  DSCN4662.JPG (1841464 bytes) I'll make a nice stove fire to keep this tent at a nice +30c all night. 
DSCN4664.JPG (1858868 bytes) Skillful use of snow mortar is needed to seal off the roof.  DSCN4665.JPG (1844067 bytes) Again, a scout is wise and resourceful, Oh look, an electric Sawzall.  DSCN4666.JPG (1771704 bytes) There's a lot to this home construction stuff...
The main entrance will come up from the slope, and this is the main sleeping area.
DSCN4668.JPG (1761222 bytes) More challenging option. Chop it while its falling over. 
DSCN4669.JPG (1825418 bytes) It's a good old Hockey game.  DSCN4670.JPG (1815626 bytes) We almost could have used skates.  DSCN4671.JPG (1751186 bytes) Was it rule number 2 or 3 where you're not suppose to be in front of the guy chopping? DSCN4672.JPG (1838001 bytes) Any boy not at his activity was put to work.
20150213_141838.jpg (5529081 bytes) Just look at that camaraderie...  20150214_102622.jpg (7097614 bytes) Add a little snow flurry to the next round and their still good. Except for maybe Seth, who's almost ready to keel over. 
DSCN4673.JPG (1780897 bytes) Even outdoors, a guys got to close his eyes while cutting onions.  DSCN4674.JPG (1506502 bytes) Squirrels didn't work out, so now it's all about positioning yourself to take advantage of any mishaps.  DSCN4673.JPG (1780897 bytes) Maybe if I bite his foot just as he's moving the hotdog.... DSCN4676.JPG (1912281 bytes) Hamburger paddies in BBQ sauce, hotdogs with fired onions and sauerkraut are ready, and now we're going to start cooking the fries...
DSCN4677.JPG (1797895 bytes) Some of the other competition starting on their dutch oven recipe. Peach Comber. 
DSCN4680.JPG (1821577 bytes) Sam joins in playing right wing.  DSCN4681.JPG (1782740 bytes) He's open, but no one is passing.  DSCN4683.JPG (1800904 bytes) Gets it, fires it in, but the defense is there to block it. DSCN4684.JPG (1852762 bytes) There's a scuffle and the goalie goes down...
DSCN4685.JPG (1786541 bytes) It's deflected DSCN4686.JPG (1809157 bytes) Sent down the ice and I think it's an icing call...
DSCN4687.JPG (1845138 bytes) Spherical sub-zero & compacted H2O lobbing  DSCN4688.JPG (1891823 bytes) Whoa, put a bit of pepper into that one. DSCN4690.JPG (1766902 bytes) Regrouping to fabricate more Spherical sub-zero & compacted H2O  DSCN4691.JPG (1809080 bytes) Unaware of the impending contact
DSCN4692.JPG (1768765 bytes) RJ (Real Ninja) taunts his opponents to try match his ninja reflexes DSCN4693.JPG (1772374 bytes) Again, unaware of 2 more Spherical sub-zero & compacted H2O objects coming in from behind.   DSCN4695.JPG (1845530 bytes) The sleeve canon fires one off. DSCN4696.JPG (1821475 bytes) only to provoke a return volley
DSCN4697.JPG (1828089 bytes) Oh, the opponents could be on the run... DSCN4698.JPG (1838524 bytes) Shucks, it was only the dinner call...
DSCN4699.JPG (1756369 bytes) Few basic camp meal etiquette tips. Only 1 hamburger, 1 hot dog, 2 helping of fries each on the first pass. Fixings aren't included though, sauerkraut, fried onion, lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions, condiments... DSCN4700.JPG (1907330 bytes)  Oh, that looks sooo good! DSCN4701.JPG (1878591 bytes) Dessert was based on the dutch oven contest. Karl - Orange Monkey bread, Jeremy - Peach Cobbler, Travis - Pear Cobbler.  Still waiting to get the votes in.  Note: Even though I burnt the scrud out of my 1st batch, the 2nd was good. So don't vote on the burnt batch.
DSCN4702.JPG (1871217 bytes) Great escape activity starts... DSCN4703.JPG (1862094 bytes) Each scout gets a nice shiny new flashlight complements of Steve Boyd and the Queensland troop.  DSCN4705.JPG (1494230 bytes) Each group gets a different colored glow-in-the-dark ring. Then all's we heard were scary wolf sounds and screaming boys. 
DSCN4706.JPG (1867177 bytes) Conscripted kitchen help gets instruction on the deep fried fruit tortillas DSCN4707.JPG (1839513 bytes) 1st you get them soft and warm.  DSCN4708.JPG (1832054 bytes) Then drop of filling in the middle, folded into an envelope, Seal with a toothpick, then you deep fry then, then you roll them in the cinnamon sugar.  DSCN4709.JPG (1603314 bytes) Gee, I was hoping for something with a bit more protein for dessert.
DSCN4710.JPG (1840935 bytes) The whipping cream is definitely a nice touch, goes great with the hot chocolate.  DSCN4711.JPG (1855690 bytes) Boy this really is finger licking good. DSCN4712.JPG (1828708 bytes) Riley wasn't even going to waste time using utensils. 
After an nice indoor campfire (got to dry up all those wet cloths),  some great songs by Jeremy's and his group #3 boys, a spiritual thought on Helaman 11:22-23, the boys headed off to the sites. DSCN4713.JPG (1531935 bytes) What an inviting home for a winter's sleep.  DSCN4714.JPG (1463016 bytes) That bottom walkout is all sealed off now.  DSCN4715.JPG (1781946 bytes) Not forgetting our night caps. Fur lined.
The new day and breakfast...
DSCN4716.JPG (1825565 bytes) Morning time already? DSCN4718.JPG (1797190 bytes) Who set the thermostat to 30c? DSCN4720.JPG (1762698 bytes) Still all quite over here.  DSCN4721.JPG (1804029 bytes) These guys could hardly wait to start the day. Nothing like shivering till 5:00am to help you pop out of bed. 
DSCN4722.JPG (1878086 bytes) Don't get brighter eyed and bushier tailed than these guys. Gee Arwen, I can tell the class that this trait is genetic as well as contagious. DSCN4724.JPG (1835421 bytes) I hear hard working cooks stay warmer... DSCN4727.JPG (2009666 bytes) You would think people would know what to do with leftovers, and the merits of food storage. It's an important principle.  DSCN4728.JPG (2019392 bytes) I know these things last forever, but you got to at least bury them from the other animals.
DSCN4729.JPG (2001749 bytes) Snows pretty crunchy here, but you still need to claw through a couple inches at least.  DSCN4733.JPG (1987956 bytes) Then push back the snow with your nose, and perfect, nobody but me know where my food storage is. 
DSCN4734.JPG (1763693 bytes) We got the tools to high volume food production. Sausages, Eggs, Hash browns, with Pancakes. Nothing fancy, just your every day scout camp food. DSCN4735.JPG (1489613 bytes) Nothing like a hot meal to put on those smile after a cold night. DSCN4736.JPG (1528774 bytes) Breakfast is so good, I'm not even bothered by being under this dipping sleeping bag. DSCN4737.JPG (1580822 bytes) Some agree breakfast is better with toques on. Guess it depends on how cold the sleeping event was. 
DSCN4738.JPG (1584274 bytes) A table full of serious power eaters.  DSCN4739.JPG (1510124 bytes) Javon and Isaac, pushing back the carbs, preparing for some serious hockey action later.  DSCN4740.JPG (1858954 bytes) Made to order pancakes were available... DSCN4742.JPG (1823397 bytes) Isaac moves in to help out a fellow scout. We don't waste food around here.  
Outdoor Skills - Animal Identification - Matt and his brother DSCN4743.JPG (1822720 bytes) After an initial struggle to herd all the cats, no, scouts, together, the group is off to the lake area. DSCN4745.JPG (1860612 bytes) OK, 1st test,  find wildlife Waldo DSCN4748.JPG (1825081 bytes) Should I tell them, those are my footprints?
DSCN4749.JPG (1767239 bytes) From this footprint you can tell:

Direction of travel, type of animal, weight, how long ago the print was made, and measuring the distance to the next print, how large it was.  And that only at the novice level. Watch man tracker for higher level skills. 

DSCN4750.JPG (2002741 bytes) On the trail of something new. DSCN4751.JPG (1781789 bytes) Wait, I see something... DSCN4752.JPG (1789490 bytes) Kind of like a crocodile sticking his head out of the water.
DSCN4753.JPG (1832848 bytes) Nope, just a log.  DSCN4755.JPG (2013016 bytes) So what's with the picnic table out here in the lake? No leftover food... DSCN4758.JPG (1826873 bytes) Look, modern art guys... DSCN4759.JPG (1818647 bytes) Did you know that sometimes I can transform into a Polar Bear...
DSCN4761.JPG (1925198 bytes) Time to catch up with the group. DSCN4764.JPG (1819473 bytes) Hey guys, "Ninja Vanish" DSCN4765.JPG (1760485 bytes) You almost pulled it off.  DSCN4769.JPG (1612014 bytes) OK, these guys are good, where did they go. Snows coming down and the tracks are getting covered. 
DSCN4771.JPG (1782630 bytes) Did not know someone was sleeping down here.  DSCN4772.JPG (1812506 bytes) Some of the groups are starting to pack up their camp site already. Folding up was ice covered tents is not that easy. DSCN4773.JPG (1849790 bytes) Sandwiches, chips and cookies were set out by the cooks for lunch.  DSCN4775.JPG (1864195 bytes) No trace camping. Got to take down our beautiful shelters. 
Awww, do we really have to go? Our last hike...
DSCN4777.JPG (1845887 bytes) Off to the lake, this time we got the other way.  DSCN4778.JPG (1904448 bytes) Cool, look at the ice out there. DSCN4779.JPG (1886193 bytes) This feels weird. Do you think there's water under us? DSCN4782.JPG (1747286 bytes) Made it. But worse case is the water is what, 1 foot deep here? 
DSCN4784.JPG (1776346 bytes) Isaac figures if bushes are coming through, it can't be that deep. DSCN4785.JPG (1834791 bytes) Austin's not so sure, as he gets some sinking action. DSCN4786.JPG (1877622 bytes) Hmmm, slushy on top, harder in the middle.
DSCN4787.JPG (1867050 bytes) Fear me, I'm now a polar bear! DSCN4789.JPG (1808143 bytes) Check out my awesome size next to your puny bodies in the background.  DSCN4790.JPG (1678207 bytes) I'm on the hunt with my paws build up in size... Watch my paws grow...
The treacherous walk back... DSCN4795.JPG (1817909 bytes) Getting that panoramic shot. Synchronized jumping... DSCN4799.JPG (1859421 bytes) So hard to head back after so much fun.
DSCN4800.JPG (1826201 bytes) You get a powerful thirst after one of those hikes... DSCN4801.JPG (1488000 bytes) Bit of a Brain-Freeze there... DSCN4802.JPG (1488509 bytes) OK, we're good again. DSCN4805.JPG (1790942 bytes) Aw, gee, you left some for me...
DSCN4806.JPG (1869762 bytes) All packed up and heading for you. What a view... DSCN4807.JPG (1757049 bytes) Hey, focus on the driving, not the view.  DSCN4811.JPG (1833978 bytes) But just look at that blue sky coming out, the hoarfrost on the power lines and trees... DSCN4808.JPG (1824061 bytes) Just focus on the road, I don't need an airbag pressing me into the back of this seat.