Wings Night - Outdoor cooking with propane

April 19, 2012

Boys were asked to bring a pack of chicken wings and their favorite spices and sauces.  We got one of those large propane turkey fryers. Remember to follow those safety instruction! Appetites were high as the oil was heating. Plan was to fry first spice up after. 

After a couple great batches, one of the leaders pulled out a lapin. Boys got a quick lesson on skinning a pelt, where lucky rabbits feet come from, and how to cook "Lapin a La Cocotte". We didn't have time for the stew part. 

Not everyone was up for chewing down some lapin, as we did just finish a huge mess of wings. 

Team Members

Kevin Aneca, Kent Cranmer, Karl Burndorfer - Scout & YM Leaders
Jack Dabels, Aaron Castillo, Jacob ?   - Scouts
Daniel Urquijo, Sam Lloyd, William Lloyd, Felipe Cupido  - Venturers

Photo Library

IMG_0945.JPG (2922024 bytes) Once skinned and quartered... IMG_0946.JPG (2731307 bytes) drop it into the fryer, 450F I think. Get the quick seer.  IMG_0947.JPG (2117542 bytes) So after a few minutes ready to get spiced up.  IMG_0948.JPG (2274330 bytes) Drain off the oil.
IMG_0950.JPG (674381 bytes) First, some of this rub.  IMG_0951.JPG (723128 bytes) a bit of hot sauce now.  IMG_0952.JPG (668753 bytes) Ready for the taste test.  IMG_0953.JPG (753593 bytes) Oh, you got to try this...
IMG_0954.JPG (777549 bytes) Whoa, a bit hot still... IMG_0955.JPG (752738 bytes) Just blow on it a bit.. IMG_0956.JPG (778656 bytes) OK, going down. IMG_0957.JPG (780747 bytes) Oh yah, this is good
IMG_0958.JPG (2356050 bytes) Bit crispy in spots. IMG_0959.JPG (660154 bytes) Feel the heat!! IMG_0960.JPG (2587849 bytes) Gee thanks guys IMG_0963.JPG (2857548 bytes) Hmm, should I bury this for later? Might not be so spicy after a couple of days.