Karl's House - Water Fight, Baptism by firing. 

July 21, 2021 

Summer's actually getting warm enough for those cooling water activities. We had planned for this one, but after arriving at the church the required special Faucet key could not be found to turn on the outdoor taps. With that dilemma we decided to go to Karl's house. Also had two taps with back and front yard team. We get to introduce Daniel, our new Teacher's Adviser, to the group.

Team Members

Bowen, Chris, Ephraim, Michael, Philip,  - Young men
Karl, Daniel, Jason, Brian, Bishop - Leaders
20210721_194902.jpg (5482564 bytes) Atwood's provided those water balloons to start things off.  20210721_194926.jpg (5892763 bytes) Balloons didn't last long and the water artillery started to come out.  20210721_195039.jpg (5269506 bytes) Big of a bottleneck at the front fueling station. 20210721_195123.jpg (5024139 bytes) Leader team is almost fueled up. 
20210721_195143.jpg (4630804 bytes) After taking some decent hits the team came back to re-group. 20210721_195237.jpg (5172315 bytes) Need to fill our supply tanks faster somehow. 20210721_195330.jpg (4625981 bytes) Direct frontal hit. 20210721_195438.jpg (6680270 bytes) Backyard team extends their reach. 
20210721_195446.jpg (7325305 bytes) But is met with immediate resistance.  20210721_195451.jpg (2871840 bytes) Bowen taking it for the team.  20210721_195459.jpg (7104225 bytes) Ephraim locking on his target. 20210721_195517.jpg (2752310 bytes) Who's not wet now? 
20210721_195545.jpg (7355961 bytes) What do you thing, sneak over and use the neighbour's hose? 20210721_195647.jpg (4305402 bytes) Attack well executed, feeling pretty good.  20210721_195713.jpg (3591066 bytes) Seizing another opportunity 20210721_195850.jpg (4524745 bytes) New tactic, crimp off their hose.
20210721_195851.jpg (4352064 bytes) now corner them, seal off all back yard escapes. 20210721_195959.jpg (4139516 bytes) The enemy targets our supply station 20210721_200033.jpg (4984168 bytes) and plugs it off.  20210721_200133.jpg (5055099 bytes) Hey guys, there's kind of a physical principle of suction I'd dealing with here, could use some help. 
20210721_200332.jpg (3400188 bytes) doused, but not defeated.  20210721_200359.jpg (3465218 bytes) Backyard team controls the front hose. Nice flowers, but the way,  20210721_200420.jpg (3431747 bytes) Some strategizing... 20210721_200511.jpg (4070223 bytes) Sneak attack from the rear. 
20210721_200512.jpg (3919212 bytes) and some hose crimping 20210721_200612.jpg (4219789 bytes) May as well keep the feet cool while refilling the tank.  20210721_200621.jpg (4095121 bytes) on the final assault. 20210721_200705.jpg (3768966 bytes) Need more water...
20210721_200708.jpg (4276633 bytes)  and they call it quits. Back Yard team wins.