Knife Making - Venturers

Jan - Jun, 2002

This was the first big project the new venturers embarked on. It took 3 months of hard work under the skilful hands of committed leaders. Reed Weight provided the facilities in his garage. He had plenty of experience making these knives. The garage was chalked full of the the required tools of the trade. The boys quickly found out that there was quite a long list of tasks that was completed before the finished product came out. 


Complete Log of Events

Team Members

 Reed Weight, Erik Gregson, Parry Ellingson - Adult Leaders
Greg Vance, Darren Stone, Ezra Lau, Brett Payne, Shane Gregson, Daniel Burndorfer - Venturers

Photo Library

DansKnife.JPG (89300 bytes)

Daniel Burndorfer's - Close up of a quality knife and sheath!



Showing off the goods:
Reed Weight, Erik Gregson, Parry Ellingson, Greg Vance
Darren Stone, Ezra Lau, Brett Payne, Shane Gregson



All the variations, what creativity, artistry and skill.

Thanks Leaders and especially Reed Weight.