Valentine for the Girls

February 15, 2017

The boys wanted to put together a nice event for the girls, and share with them some of their talents.


Girls will pick up their kisses at the kissing booth.

Seating to alternated Girl/Boy around round tables – you must end up with 1 less YM to YW. (Not all boys will be at a table, kitchen crew)

A couple minute-2-win-it games for girls to earn more kisses. (Entertainment offered by YM)

Guess that Bachelor – One YM will be nominated for each ward ahead of time. Aim to have one bachelor per table. He will have a paper bag with a minimum of 5 clues about himself.  Any YW can purchase a clue (1 Kiss) and try to discover who the bachelor is. The girl that guesses wins a kiss for each girl at her table.  Even if the girls don’t guess, each table will end up with one bachelor, making the table an even number of yw and ym now.  This bachelor will take the girls orders, retrieve the appetizers, pay the boys for them. 

Any additional entertainment will commence, the karaoke serenading would be a nice touch if any ym would like to take this on.

Surprise special musical number provided

Toast to the YW – Spruce beer – the champagne of the Boys Scout. The Willow Park MC will provide small samples of Spruce Beer for everyone and he will have the ym toast the yw.  

YW provide their tribute to the YM that they have prepared.

Closing prayer - MC

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, James Fraser - Leaders
Paul, Hale, Ethan, RJ, Michael - Boys.
Guys from the other wards. 

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