Valentines - With no girls

February 19, 2020 (COVID days)

Can't pass up an opportunity to make sweet valentine treats and then eat them all

Team Members

Josh, Jack, Hudson, Bowen, RJ, Michael, Ashton - Young men
Jade, Karl, Brian, Bishop - Leaders

Picture Gallery

20200219_191008.jpg (3324719 bytes) Making the cookie icing. 20200219_191039.jpg (3212830 bytes) Maybe microwave the butter to soften. 20200219_191046.jpg (3255286 bytes) Bishop brings all the toppings 20200219_191248.jpg (3359778 bytes) Ashton shows how to cream together the icing.
20200219_191442.jpg (3344442 bytes) Hudson wonders if he should just use his hands. 20200219_191843.jpg (3283071 bytes) Icing  with sprinkles needs to be better, right? 20200219_192356.jpg (3101405 bytes) If oreo's can have double stuff, this guys going triple.  Sweet event without sweeties.