The Dig Experience - Tyrrell Museum

Saturday, 29 June 2013. 

The actual Museum

DSCN1962.JPG (1848822 bytes) Stopped in the kids prehistoric bug room where you could shoot balls etc.  DSCN1964.JPG (1846755 bytes) Taking cover in the corners DSCN1966.JPG (1875767 bytes) Loading the gun DSCN1968.JPG (1542053 bytes) Prehistoric Whack-A-Mole
DSCN1969.JPG (1583042 bytes) The team effort DSCN1970.JPG (1546624 bytes) Turns out the team effort wasn't as effective as the solo game.  DSCN1973.JPG (1789745 bytes) Scrap the fish tank, I want one of these in my bedroom mom.  DSCN1974.JPG (1824927 bytes) So cockroaches stopped evolving 25 million years ago. guess you don't mess with perfection.
DSCN1975.JPG (1575730 bytes) Getting squished like a bug brings on a whole new meaning here.  DSCN1976.JPG (1590845 bytes) Just us and the Triceratops here. DSCN1977.JPG (1628456 bytes) Don't lean back dad, it's pointy. DSCN1978.JPG (1842269 bytes) So would I look like a vegetable to him?

Then we wrapped it up the a movie and Seth bought us candy in the store on our way out.