The Dig Experience - Tyrrell Museum

Saturday, 29 June 2013. 

Horseshoe Canyon Hike

DSCN1979.JPG (1823241 bytes) Isaac, Summit climber extraordinaire, bottom of the canyon to the top of first mountain, 3 minutes.   DSCN1980.JPG (1818918 bytes) But Seth was already there and half way down again. DSCN1981.JPG (1865635 bytes) 1 sec Seth, let us catch our breaths.  DSCN1982.JPG (1835160 bytes) OK, were good to go again.
DSCN1983.JPG (1728554 bytes) Getting a bit technical on this descent.  DSCN1984.JPG (1777047 bytes) Do those bushes have prickles or needles?  DSCN1985.JPG (1789551 bytes) Ouch, a bit I guess DSCN1986.JPG (1574696 bytes) Energizer bunny has nothing on these guys.
DSCN1987.JPG (1619055 bytes) Almost at the top of another one. DSCN1992.JPG (1638856 bytes) The other boys catch up and join in the exploring. Nice whole eh! DSCN1993.JPG (1767311 bytes) Here's one we can all fit in I think. DSCN1994.JPG (1569807 bytes) There's no bugs in here, right?
DSCN1995.JPG (1765875 bytes) You guys keep going, Kind of like the cool in here. DSCN1996.JPG (1802515 bytes) We feel just like spider man. DSCN1997.JPG (1599195 bytes) and we're over the top of another one. DSCN1998.JPG (1620239 bytes) Look here Mike, this is that interesting Bentonite clay. When it gets wet it's the slipperiest substance around.
DSCN2002.JPG (1836042 bytes) Finishing off all the rest of the food. DSCN2003.JPG (1811269 bytes) It was too hot honey, I had to spend the $25 on a can of cold pop.