Turtle Mountain- Fall Hike

October 24-25, 2008

Our 1st hike as a  group and a formidable challenge. This historic mountain is the one that caused the famous Frank Slide back in 1904. The slide buried the town of Frank. We were able to check out the rocks and rubble below and then hike to the summit to get a view from the top. 

The winds were a fair bit stronger than normal. You could see from how the trees were growing along the ridge that they were use to strong west winds. and we certainly held the same profiles as we hiked up some of the more exposed sections of the ridge.  

The climb was very challenging being our first one. We were not all quite in shape, but we'll be getting better now. For some the challenge was almost too great. but with plenty of stops to bolster our morale and our  stomachs we persevered and made the summit. The views were spectacular from the top. You could see mountain range after mountain range. The view down the slide was scary to say the least. 

Hiking down went a lot fasted. Having a powerful back wind and mother nature's gravity, we made it down in half the time. 

Finished off the event by having a wiener roast at Ed Norton's camp in Blairmore. Ed is Karl's father-in-law. He's a great scouter too. Provided a few tips on getting our fire started. 

Trip home was uneventful as we slept the whole thing. Oh, we each brought home a souvenir (a lump of coal) So now we will have re-gift opportunities for Christmas. 

Willow Park Team Members

Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Connor Johnson, Daniel Urquijo, Liam Davy, Joseph Wilsher  - Scouts
Sam - Dogs

Photo Library

DSC01663.JPG (2877686 bytes) No problem setting up this tent. DSC01664.JPG (3352128 bytes) Playing Pac-Man with Sam DSC01665.JPG (3336104 bytes) Sam almost catches the Laser light spot.  DSC01667.JPG (3272996 bytes) and  for my next trick I'll start my hair on fire
DSC01668.JPG (2629472 bytes) Nothing like a well filled Therma-rest. DSC01669.JPG (3315919 bytes) Still hot on the trail of the light spot. If I could just get my teeth on him. DSC01670.JPG (3288690 bytes) The snug bugs in the rug.  DSC01671.JPG (3017945 bytes) are you on my rug?
DSC01672.JPG (2906318 bytes) Wake up call... DSC01673.JPG (2928718 bytes) and on the road in a jif. DSC01674.JPG (3208265 bytes) Lets have breakfast. DSC01675.JPG (2824357 bytes) hey, count me in.
DSC01676.JPG (2625322 bytes) a deer in the headlights?      
DSC01677.JPG (2588880 bytes) First light and we hit the base of Turtle Mountain DSC01678.JPG (2925705 bytes) That's a big rock! DSC01679.JPG (3186728 bytes) a little practice climbing summits.  DSC01680.JPG (2899374 bytes) Look guys I made it.
DSC01681.JPG (3318864 bytes) I can do this, I hope, ahhh      
DSC01682.JPG (3029212 bytes) At the trial head DSC01683.JPG (3236349 bytes) and we're ready. DSC01684.JPG (3217953 bytes) Whoa, this is getting steep in a hurry. DSC01685.JPG (3330027 bytes) If Sam can make then we can make too.
DSC01686.JPG (3419035 bytes) First break. Really need to catch your breath. DSC01687.JPG (3218845 bytes) Need a snack after this major accomplishment.  DSC01688.JPG (3166598 bytes) Is it all back in my pack? DSC01689.JPG (3111256 bytes) They got some major Woodpeckers around here?
DSC01690.JPG (2937118 bytes) 2nd Plateau, and boy, the buildings are getting small. DSC01691.JPG (3152481 bytes) A summit in view behind us. DSC01692.JPG (2838970 bytes) Entering the wind zone. Trees only have branches on one side.  DSC01693.JPG (3012332 bytes) Sam made it up without getting blown off.
DSC01694.JPG (3113460 bytes) 3rd Plateau, and the endurance is building up. DSC01695.JPG (3124513 bytes) Look there's the avalanche down there.  DSC01696.JPG (3204751 bytes) Getting a reprieve from the wind in a small grove on the leeward side. DSC01697.JPG (3104244 bytes) No ones sharing their buns, ooh!
DSC01698.JPG (3301249 bytes) Just need to side track Daniel here, oh look his bun. DSC01699.JPG (3286388 bytes) Beginning of the hike along the ridge. DSC01700.JPG (3070092 bytes) This is the windy side. DSC01701.JPG (2552163 bytes) What we have here is the gray breasted swallow. Not to be confused with the African swallow. 
DSC01702.JPG (2728088 bytes) That's no swallow, that's a finch.  DSC01703.JPG (3140615 bytes) Taking cover on the leeward side again. DSC01704.JPG (3324447 bytes) I can make my rock roll down farther that yours. DSC01705.JPG (3152281 bytes) It's too bad I carried this all the way up here for nothing.
DSC01706.JPG (3164850 bytes) I agree...      
DSC01707.JPG (3357003 bytes) The winds too strong to get my hood back on... DSC01708.JPG (2871319 bytes) Ready for the final leg. DSC01709.JPG (2861652 bytes) Man, is this high up. DSC01710.JPG (2827376 bytes) Just getting in a little scramble here for the picture, hold onto me in case I blow off. 
DSC01711.JPG (2896301 bytes) On our right we have a sheer drop of about 2000 feet.      
DSC01714.JPG (2839740 bytes) Daniel leads the way. DSC01716.JPG (3366417 bytes) Connor on the Lower Summit with the slide on his right.. DSC01717.JPG (3123070 bytes) Liam with a view from the back of Turtle Mountain. DSC01718.JPG (2822141 bytes) Boys on the peak.
DSC01719.JPG (2679328 bytes) The cheers of success.  DSC01720.JPG (3243873 bytes) Look Mom, that's the slide from the top. DSC01721.JPG (2850782 bytes) Smile of satisfaction in a challenge accomplished. DSC01722.JPG (2858671 bytes) Here we have a slightly  different angle
DSC01723.JPG (2829583 bytes) Forgot, got the hand up now... DSC01724.JPG (2464925 bytes) This was so cool, I stayed up here till it gets dark... 
Can I put my hand down yet?
DSC01725.JPG (2786099 bytes) Upper Summit in view. DSC01727.JPG (2984135 bytes) You know, at the very top, it's not that windy. 
DSC01728.JPG (3071355 bytes) But as we descend it's just blasting us.  DSC01729.JPG (2841874 bytes) So if you apply the force of gravity on the scarf against the  horizontal angle of the scarf, we estimate the wind speed to be about 100kph DSC01730.JPG (3120242 bytes) I'm getting rocks blown in my face, ouch! DSC01734.JPG (3217884 bytes) Back into a nice grove on the leeward side. 
No flees left on me, man.
DSC01735.JPG (3224405 bytes) A nice reprieve. DSC01736.JPG (3276888 bytes) Peace baby. DSC01737.JPG (3380517 bytes) Here we have a Spruce Grouse, indigenous to the area, definitely good eating if you like that pine flavor to your meat.   
DSC01738.JPG (3324237 bytes) He definitely has his best outfit on for camouflage   DSC01740.JPG (3229829 bytes)Finally out of the wind. Good for the last leg. DSC01739.JPG (3170452 bytes) Please share what remaining food you have with me, as you won't be needing it any more.  DSC01741.JPG (3235015 bytes) Chin-up bar, wait, boost me up...
DSC01742.JPG (3119405 bytes) Just climb the tree... DSC01743.JPG (3243027 bytes) or start at the lower end... DSC01744.JPG (3212658 bytes) Beginning of tree climbing lessons here. DSC01745.JPG (3252538 bytes) Do avoid getting your backpack caught on the broken branches. 
DSC01746.JPG (3100940 bytes) No problem, eh guys.  DSC01747.JPG (3383407 bytes) Conquerors  of the challenge.    
DSC01748.JPG (3144091 bytes) Now for some R&R with wieners on the barbee. DSC01749.JPG (3060767 bytes) Excuse me! Woof, I'd like mine well done please.     
Dominoes Almost the top Drop the rock down The peaks
Lunch 2 at summit Movie with lens cap on Sam on descent on windy side Group descent on windy side