Trunk or Treat - Individual Sports

October 30, 2017

Nothing like having more than one night to get trick or treating in. The creative outlet, the candy, the scary costumes. 

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Decking out the van, Ghost Buster Style.      
20171028_183235.jpg (4565599 bytes) Nice set of jail bars...

I think the we can the the leg grabbing thing from under here.

20171028_183238.jpg (3947072 bytes) Just right for passing 20171028_185648.jpg (3635681 bytes) Nice bling 20171028_185655.jpg (3406625 bytes) Proud of their work.
The actual Night      
20171030_184334.jpg (3735752 bytes) The 1st customers 20171030_184335.jpg (3875273 bytes) still pretty light out. 20171030_184343.jpg (4792991 bytes) Going through a lot of candy guys. 20171030_184348.jpg (4587633 bytes) I think she sees me under the van.
20171030_184440.jpg (3860282 bytes) I like you van guys. 20171030_184536.jpg (2599519 bytes) If I could just squeeze my hand out. 20171030_184555.jpg (4141791 bytes) Alright, I think I can do this guy. 20171030_190608.jpg (3091541 bytes) Pretty spooky inside eh!
20171030_190610.jpg (4138957 bytes) Some trapped Trick or treaters.