Tocher Ridge Lookout

July 18-22 2000

This was a World Conservation project taken on by Ezra Lau and Daniel Burndorfer. They were supported by their Leaders and their fellow scouts in completing this project. Parks Canada Volunteer Coordinator for Yoho, Joe Jazvac, was contacted and he offered the challenge to our boys to help restore this once impressive Fire Lookout.

This facility is open to hikers, but overnight camping in the lookout area is not permitted without a restricted activity permit.  Due to the zoning of this area with the highest wilderness designation, illegal overnight users have been fined there in the past.

This facility provides excellent accommodations for groups of up to 8. Wall to wall windows provide a breath taking view of the over 60 peaks around you. It has kitchen facilities and limited bedding, a coleman stove and lantern, plus a wood stove to heat the facility. Later in summer your ready supply of melted snow water will be gone requiring a hike to a stream 3km down the trail.


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Special Thanks to...

Joe Jazvac, Jenny Kingsley & Adam Mills of Parks Canada
Mark Vennari & Travis Haliday from Young Canada Works program

123 Willow Park Team Members

Ezra Lau & Daniel Burndorfer - Project Leaders
Karl Burndorfer, Richard McCue, Dale Nelson - Adult Leaders
Darren Stone, Jesse Nelson, Brian Olsen - Scouts

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