Tied up for dinner - with the girls

April 2, 2014

The boys had a surprise invite to a dinner event with the girls. They had put a slight twist into the event by requiring the dinner guests to have their hands tied together around the tables.

So the whole table had to rise together to go and get their meals. Quite tricky when you have to walk as a large loop with tied hands holding dinner plates full of food.  You had to apply real strategy on how to get everyone seated again.  Eating was a coordinated effort.  For deserts it got switched up a bit. everyone had their hands tied behind their backs. 

There were also prizes to be had: Neatest table, messiest table, table with dinner all done first, and table providing the most innovative ways of  complete diner.

Team Members

Dave Proctor, Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad, RJ Laigo, Michael laigo, Isaac Gagnoon, Joshua Thompson, Jeff Thompson, Seth Ek, Andrew Lund, Javon Falconer, Tayson Saravia, Nat Wilshire, Riley Aneca - Scouts

Photo Library

IMG_2537.JPG (2424184 bytes) So happy to have spaghetti! IMG_2538.JPG (1802704 bytes) IMG_2539.JPG (1456724 bytes) Watch me balance a noodle on my nose IMG_2541.JPG (2091064 bytes) Getting that glass of water...
IMG_2542.JPG (2122411 bytes) Careful. steady the jug.  IMG_2544.JPG (1816963 bytes) I'm ready for 2nds. IMG_2545.JPG (2657241 bytes) Our after dinner slap happy song. Extreme coordination required. IMG_2546.JPG (1656534 bytes) Roll and shake
IMG_2547.JPG (2839282 bytes) Some high speed noodle sucking. IMG_2548.JPG (2102200 bytes) Oh, caught in the act.  IMG_2549.JPG (2178412 bytes) So these plastic knives suck IMG_2550.JPG (2525139 bytes) If the noodles are cooked they stick to your shirt right. 
IMG_2551.JPG (1703279 bytes) A real contender to the messyest! IMG_2553.JPG (2715583 bytes) What a Gentleman, collecting the plate. Trouble is, they all have to follow him to the trash can. IMG_2554.JPG (2708895 bytes) Got to get all that sauce. IMG_2555.JPG (2263969 bytes) and noodles.
IMG_2556.JPG (2383175 bytes) So now everyone has their hands tied behind their back. They're waiting with great anxiety for the start signal IMG_2557.JPG (1904292 bytes) Seth's ready to inhale it all. IMG_2559.JPG (1888126 bytes) I can do this.  Just push it onto the spoon IMG_2561.JPG (2162111 bytes) Then I lift it up with my mouth
IMG_2562.JPG (2283712 bytes) and I feed you. IMG_2563.JPG (2441981 bytes) Would you like me to feed you? IMG_2564.JPG (1889558 bytes) IMG_2565.JPG (2203613 bytes) Double jointed or what?
IMG_2566.JPG (2238022 bytes) Let me try that. IMG_2569.JPG (2274117 bytes) This is hard IMG_2570.JPG (2316557 bytes) I can't event get it on the spoon IMG_2571.JPG (2393118 bytes) 
IMG_2572.JPG (1840340 bytes) I give up. IMG_2573.JPG (2734751 bytes) Carefully sucking up the Jell-O is the easiest way IMG_2574.JPG (1676906 bytes) We'll try that.  IMG_2575.JPG (2498316 bytes) Trying to feed her over her shoulder?
IMG_2576.JPG (1739551 bytes) The green Jell-O was the best. IMG_2577.JPG (1385358 bytes) to the last lick. IMG_2578.JPG (1685661 bytes) So are we contenders for any prizes? IMG_2579.JPG (2829952 bytes) Grab that drink
IMG_2580.JPG (1729425 bytes) Messiest Eater