Teen Burger Night

September 1,  2013

Our boys were privileged to be in the presents of the man who came to name the A&W's famous Teen Burger. When Syd was a boys working at A&W back in the 60's they had a content to name a new burger for their burger family. He ended up winning the contest and got a great prize for it. So now that Syd's working with our boys he thought it would be great to show off his skills as one of the first A&W cooks to make a Teen burger.  There's a lot to it and a real science on how to bring all the ingredients together. Boys all took notes and watched the process. Then they got to test the finished product.  All the burgers went and I think Syd have assembled enough for around 140 burgers. 

Tem Members

Karl Burndorfer, Jonnathan Lang, Syd Banks - YM Leaders
David Apigo, Aaron Castillo, Sam Lloyd, Felipe Cupido, Daniel Urquijo, William Lloyd - Venturers
Hale Aqino, RJ Laigos, Michael Laigos, Isaac Gagnon, Ethan Conrad - Scouts

Photo Library

IMG_2292.JPG (2402191 bytes) Importance of sealing the bun layers...  IMG_2293.JPG (2337798 bytes) Then you put on the tomatoes... IMG_2294.JPG (2534798 bytes) and definitely, you need to put on the bacon! IMG_2295.JPG (2394323 bytes) and then once it's all on, the top half of the bug and you're ready to bit in.
IMG_2296.JPG (1995882 bytes) Bishops get to do the honours of taste testing the first burger. IMG_2297.JPG (2313659 bytes) He provides the thumbs up! IMG_2298.JPG (2286275 bytes) Yup, the flavors are all there, great job Syd! IMG_2299.JPG (2476230 bytes) After this, I think we should all go an apply for jobs at A&W, right boys!