Tanner Summer Camp - Lake Fun

August 21-24, 2019

Another amazing tri-ward camp at the Tanner Camp facility. This year they were sporting a new Zip Line, and there was the beginnings of a new obstacle course. As always, the water facilities were awesome. We had some interesting Service work putting up Bat Houses, a small pest control issue, and some weeding of non-indigenous plant species. The culinary teams pulled off the most scrumptious meals, all with the challenging constraints of Costco sourced ingredients. Could you pass me that 2nd gallon jug of Catsup please? Lots of great adventures had by all.

Team Members

Josh, Jack, Hudson, Ephraim, RJ, Michael, Uwana, Ashton, Bowen, - Scouts
Mason,  Logan, Evan, Evan's bother, Jeff, David, John, Caysen, Caysen's brother... - Scouts
Karl, Jade, Will, Bishop Shaw, David, Ryan - Leaders

Photo Library

Packing up and heading out We devised this ingenious plan that would save vehicles space, and maximize occupancy. Don't get the groceries until you hit Edmonton. Costco was recommended as cheap for large group quantities, and of course free samples. Just what we needed, we thought. Then complete the remaining 30 minutes with boxes of groceries piled on our laps. 
20190821_132322.jpg (4852332 bytes) If only your wife keeps the Costco card, challenges start right up front. 20190821_132342.jpg (3723901 bytes) After significant substitutions and best alternative like spaghetti noodles for lasagna, we got what we needed. 20190821_132407.jpg (3444945 bytes) Now for the optimum packing strategy. Can't waste an inch of space here. 20190821_132503.jpg (2763068 bytes) Just because you're in the front seat, doesn't get you any more room.
20190821_132543.jpg (3027552 bytes) Oh, we've got a lot more stuff to go here!!! 20190821_132640.jpg (2919689 bytes) I think I can get my legs around this. 20190821_132736.jpg (3066305 bytes) Middle section good. Bit more for the back... 20190821_132801.jpg (3226447 bytes) We did it. It's all in. Don't crush the baguettes closing the door.
20190821_142604.jpg (7649025 bytes) Slight detour getting back on the hi-way,  but we eventually made it.  There's the kitchen guys, lets unload... 20190821_164807.jpg (3394083 bytes) Whoa, looks like they wax the floors around here. 20190821_164804.jpg (3737195 bytes) Always a helping hand for a man down. 20190821_145731.jpg (3618429 bytes) Just like we remembered it. But look, new bigger freezers and fridges. And the running water now comes with Hot, and it doesn't drain into a bucket. Now this is a modern kitchen. Look out Chef Ramsey! 
20190821_145735.jpg (4211140 bytes) Chefs kick into Lasagna prep mode. 20190821_145825.jpg (3802163 bytes) Some dividing up of the tasks.  20190821_150254.jpg (3412360 bytes) Meat sauce crew ready for the onions. 20190821_150316.jpg (3212771 bytes) Add some of the Costco large format secret spice. 
20190821_150350.jpg (3657886 bytes) Pasta crew getting ready in the background. 20190821_160642.jpg (3237059 bytes) Review of the rules for some of the younger cooks 20190821_160645.jpg (3838193 bytes)  And No frozen desserts until after the main courses. 20190821_162514.jpg (3499891 bytes) Lasagna is done. Get your tables setup.
20190821_162516.jpg (3627350 bytes) Costco inspired Spaghetti Lasagna. Individually woven spaghetti mats that resemble lasagna noodles. What's that motto "A boy-scout is wise in the use of his resources" 20190821_162530.jpg (3410381 bytes) Dish up! 20190821_163412.jpg (3402788 bytes) Not bad.  20190821_163413.jpg (3403821 bytes) Hey, Lasagna with slurpable noodles.
Now to burn off some energy while we wait for the others.    
20190821_191907.jpg (6077373 bytes) Bit of Catch the Football 20190821_191912.jpg (6751271 bytes) With some long stretches. 20190821_195509.jpg (6774087 bytes) Switch to soccer and boost participation. 20190821_195519.jpg (5162758 bytes) Player down, opposing teams takes the advantage..
Other arrive and we check out the water front.    
20190821_201631.jpg (1794628 bytes) Swim out to the Royal Rumble stage 20190821_201822.jpg (2011707 bytes) With that last round on the Rockit, it seems to have unanchored itself.  20190821_201830.jpg (2772244 bytes) Test out a kayak.  20190821_201845.jpg (3204910 bytes) More kayaks...
20190821_201859.jpg (1789963 bytes) Scuba Will's got the wrench and carabineer to re-anchor the Rockit  Attempt 1 Attempt 2 Attempt 3
20190821_202013.jpg (3114052 bytes) Slide challenges Race all the way to the dock.    
Just so many opportunities to get a great workout. You don't even need a gym membership... Will tries to send the others flying by doing leg squats... 2nd Attempt... 3rd Attempt...
20190821_203340.jpg (3567664 bytes) Kind old Will helps the little guy feel stable and not worry about getting wet. 20190821_203336.jpg (3572223 bytes) Just need to check out the port and starboard stability. May get a bit wet here... 20190821_203338.jpg (3652253 bytes) Yup, ya lean too far here this is what could happen. So careful! 20190821_203348.jpg (3778756 bytes) Now if you lean back too far you could begin to sink like this...
First dinner together with the whole crew...      
20190821_213919.jpg (3240824 bytes) Hamburgers hit the spot. Especially when dinner is at 9:00pm 20190821_221112.jpg (3632357 bytes) Getting into some evening games now.  20190822_091107.jpg (4044180 bytes) Boy, show up late for dinner and all's you get is an orange.   
Beginning Day 2      
20190822_091124.jpg (3127387 bytes) Early risers from Lion's Den. Who's on for making breakfast this morning?  20190822_091306.jpg (2903977 bytes) Fox den boys are up. They have red curtains, so they see everything through rose colored glasses. 20190822_091313.jpg (3453729 bytes) Same upgrades to this kitchen as well. Bonus. 20190822_091503.jpg (4703285 bytes) The Sous- chef works his eggs magic.
20190822_091551.jpg (2818662 bytes) Sipping OJ while basking in the streams of pink sunlight. Hard to get better than this. 20190822_092230.jpg (2923281 bytes) Of course the scent of bacon somehow makes that even better. 20190822_092605.jpg (2795779 bytes) No rush around here.  20190822_095812.jpg (3086205 bytes) Fox Den pounds back a serious breakfast. 
Service opportunities abound Pulling Tansy. An invasive non-indigenous weed  
20190822_102217.jpg (5123060 bytes) Getting our introduction to the weed Tansy. 20190822_102221.jpg (5441343 bytes) Gettin gloves on now, say goodbye to those weeds... 20190822_102238.jpg (10427360 bytes) After we finish here there's a bunch more over by the ranger's lodge.  
Swimming  and other things they have rules for.    
20190822_121820.jpg (5567407 bytes) Bishop holding the post as Super Life Guard.  Oh, and don't read that 2nd last rule.  20190822_121943.jpg (4087655 bytes) This is how you look when you're really cold. 20190822_122028.jpg (4152491 bytes) or you could wimp out with wearing a wetsuit. Cold, that's not cold.  20190822_123315.jpg (4704580 bytes) Then there's other guys that must be part fish. 
20190822_130002.jpg (5004215 bytes) John and Josh tackle the slide. Summersaults?  Stairmaster... The Springboard...
Upper body workout... Look mom, no hands 20190822_131243.jpg (1200260 bytes) Tag match.  Wrestle match roll...
20190822_131931.jpg (4594082 bytes) Kayaker's bringing it home 20190822_132122.jpg (4344286 bytes) Ram that shoreline! 20190822_132125.jpg (5242676 bytes) Guess it could have used a bit more speed. 20190822_132251.jpg (5125149 bytes) Last man in yet? You made it how far off the shore?  The other side!
20190822_140510.jpg (4737968 bytes) Still in pajamas and loving it 20190822_140616.jpg (5401089 bytes) Locust and Honey anyone?     
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?    
20190822_142623.jpg (8176914 bytes) I always keep a razor sharp axe.  20190822_142630.jpg (7904845 bytes) Splits it like paper. 20190822_142640.jpg (7280974 bytes) Whole stump now... 20190822_143438.jpg (6023463 bytes) Ready for the power splitter?
20190822_143444.jpg (7037236 bytes) You got your Axe permit? Yea, want your power splitter permit? 20190822_143457.jpg (7383539 bytes) Hydraulics sure make things easy... 20190822_143508.jpg (6890139 bytes) Yup, just like going through butter. 20190822_144202.jpg (5296553 bytes) No more logs left? That's disappointing.
Water balloon activity - Compliments of Dave    
20190822_154128(0).jpg (8492069 bytes) Hey, where did you get those?  20190822_154128.jpg (8606601 bytes) Ambush... 20190822_154136.jpg (7486676 bytes) I'm out of here. 20190822_154153.jpg (5496155 bytes) The big cannon is loading up. 
20190822_154204.jpg (5359298 bytes) Not that easy to aim and launch at the same time here. 20190822_154223.jpg (6372371 bytes) Big cannon guys are an easy target... 20190822_154253.jpg (4561081 bytes) OK, scrap the cannon.  20190822_155530.jpg (6704973 bytes) We could pelt a few of these into the Fox Den and rattle up their card game.
20190822_182802.jpg (4243753 bytes) You guys hear a splat on the window?       
Burgers & Corn for Dinner with Turnovers for dessert Now Costco did not have cherry pie filling, or any kind of pie filling for that matter. Then we thought maybe frozen cherries would work. Only found one type of frozen berry, Strawberries.  
20190822_192455.jpg (5378719 bytes) Hits the spot after a full day of activities.  20190822_192448.jpg (3501174 bytes) Some guys slow down after 3 burgers... 20190822_193452.jpg (4760773 bytes) Buttery corn, mmm.  
20190822_191546.jpg (3903137 bytes) Burgers served up fast. Dessert crew is ramping up. 20190822_191551.jpg (3726822 bytes) Any chef worth his salt, taste tests the dish as it progresses. Yea, that's good.  20190822_191559.jpg (4055695 bytes) Fold into triangles, sprinkle on some course sugar, and voila! The perfect Strawberry turnover is ready to bake.   
Dinner at Fox den      
20190822_200704.jpg (3711089 bytes) Hey guys we still got the mess from breakfast... 20190822_200711.jpg (3413465 bytes) Making the case for a pre-dinner nap at 8:00 pm. 20190822_202518.jpg (4118838 bytes) OK, boys have moved to the group kitchen. Baked potatoes with all the trimmings tonight. 20190822_202603.jpg (3634826 bytes) Gold platted potatoes. nice touch. 
20190822_202609.jpg (3717894 bytes) Some boys are ready for games, with a choice of bacon and turnovers to nibble on. 20190822_202652.jpg (3583145 bytes) Rest of the guys come over and dabble with the Baked Potatoes and fixins.  20190822_203521.jpg (3407402 bytes) Nothing like a smoking hot potato. 20190822_203558.jpg (2951744 bytes) This is the potato with major extra cheese and then heated again in the microwave.
20190822_204008.jpg (3250674 bytes) Scamming a couple more paddies.  20190822_204026.jpg (4044179 bytes) Discussing the days hilights 20190822_204035.jpg (3854249 bytes) New game rules discussion, you lose, I win.  20190822_210626.jpg (3252684 bytes) 9:00pm. The meal that keeps on giving and giving and ...
Evening Campfire and time for Bishops discussion.    
20190822_211024.jpg (2636882 bytes) Oooo, was that log soaked in gas?   20190822_224119.jpg (2996515 bytes) Sometimes when it's dark and you bite into something that kind of throws you... 20190822_224103.jpg (2751974 bytes) You could try figure out if you could see what it was... 20190822_224044.jpg (2388083 bytes) But it's probably better to shrug it off..
20190822_224033.jpg (3442641 bytes) and just say how good it is.  20190822_224140.jpg (3089491 bytes) Should we tell them what we did with those grass hoppers we found earlier? Na, it would spoil the moment.      
The 2nd Annual "Signs" Playoff game      
20190822_235857.jpg (3195092 bytes) Boys start to gather for the evening competition. 20190822_235920.jpg (3324894 bytes) Almost midnight and still holding strong. Snack bowls have diminished substantially though.   I think it ended around 3:00 am...  
Friday AM challenge - Bats in the Belfry The request was to put up alternate housing for bats in an effort to get them to relocate out of the attic. Inject some pepper spray into the attic, and detect if any bats exit to determine holes that need to be boarded up.  
20190823_121800.jpg (5175783 bytes) Setting up the tools of the trade 20190823_121815.jpg (4247912 bytes) 1st bat house offers a seaside view. 20190823_122503.jpg (4397807 bytes) Ex-Painter takes the ladder challenge. 20190823_122520.jpg (5836645 bytes) A little lesson on bats and their habits...
20190823_122549.jpg (6551031 bytes) The official bat guano 20190823_122731.jpg (4534948 bytes) Here it's applied at the entrance of the bat house. 20190823_122734.jpg (3845872 bytes) There, the 1st house is up, complete with the welcome mat. 20190823_123612.jpg (3235875 bytes) Hmmm, this stuff is a bit slimy, and not coming off very easily.
20190823_123750.jpg (5994022 bytes) 2nd house is close enough for the bats to flee from the attic to the new digs. 20190823_123952.jpg (7054304 bytes) OK, well, maybe just a bit more to the left, and then maybe a bit higher, no lower, now if you tilt it a bit counter clockwise, there! Oh no, maybe a bit clockwise... 20190823_125918.jpg (6091968 bytes) Lots of Formans on the job site today. 20190823_130814.jpg (3445071 bytes) Get some police experience for rapid facility evacuation. In case people or bats or both need to flee.
20190823_130923.jpg (4631332 bytes) Anyone want to experience what pepper spray smells like?  20190823_130954.jpg (4240420 bytes) Hey, it seems to do what we'd expect... 20190823_130957.jpg (3485994 bytes) Ahhh, I can't breath... 20190823_131009.jpg (3904283 bytes) Do you think locking them in there is a good idea?
20190823_131016.jpg (3268371 bytes) OK, Now it a challenge... 20190823_132448.jpg (5253717 bytes) Enlisting more bat house installers. Got the gloves on for his part. 20190823_132451.jpg (5359310 bytes) Seems its best to do it as a tactile experience. Just lather it on.  20190823_132746.jpg (5066651 bytes) Tripping way out to the last location.
20190823_133625.jpg (5902762 bytes) There, now when you come out of the teepee for that middle of the night pee, you can get dive bombed by bats.       
The new ZZZZip Line      
20190823_135349.jpg (6306994 bytes) Requires some assembly... 20190823_135359.jpg (4995446 bytes) and height matters. The initial weight test. Will his butt be skidding along the ground when only exceeding the weight limit by 75 kg? 20190823_141914.jpg (5623743 bytes) Discussion relating to the proportion of pain relative to how well you following safety instructions.
20190823_141940.jpg (6100827 bytes) It's going to hurt this much! Michael zips down 20190823_142552.jpg (6855945 bytes) Hudson races down to meet the welcoming party. 20190823_142610.jpg (5283797 bytes) Nervous chatter amongst the guys. How hard could it be? What's the worst that could happen? Strike that thought. 
RJ suits up...      
Lunch and maybe a swim...      
20190823_155403.jpg (2698298 bytes) Some have a healthy meal, some have a tasty sugary soda... 20190823_171404.jpg (3434480 bytes) and then crash.  20190823_171408.jpg (3859283 bytes) Amazing how comfort expectations are relative.   
20190823_172811.jpg (2720160 bytes) One crew scrambles to get on top of the Rockit, another contemplates the 100 meters from shore rule.  20190823_172835.jpg (1354202 bytes) The slow dip off the dock... 20190823_172848.jpg (1167256 bytes) Things are heating up... How you fall off...
20190823_172900.jpg (1133272 bytes) A few victors emerge 20190823_181718.jpg (3396423 bytes) Getting ready to dredge the bottom of the lake for a dead body. Oh, no body, it's Uwana's glasses. 20190823_181729.jpg (1717411 bytes) After an hour of hypothermia, with  the group applying the grid pattern, the rake pattern wins the day.    
1st Dinner and the bottle flip       
20190823_184928.jpg (3999856 bytes) Nice healthy looking taco. Oh wait, that's not ground beef, its chocolate chips and marshmallows. The bottle flip challenge... 20190823_185844.jpg (3830390 bytes) Reigning champion RJ gets in  to the game. 20190823_190041.jpg (4509744 bytes) Laigo boys are feeling confident one of them will land it.
Oh, what an upset,  a Crammer take it.       
Evening service project Building an obstacle course    
20190823_192543.jpg (6823306 bytes) Auguring down for anchors  20190823_192626.jpg (6934419 bytes) Might still need some more weight... 20190823_192630.jpg (6758501 bytes) Grounds a bit dry, but it's working. 20190823_192637.jpg (6392500 bytes) So how come we have to do our's in the middle of this big puddle?
20190823_193222.jpg (5029163 bytes) Heave guy, heave! Should we be able to hit oil? 20190823_193321.jpg (3618616 bytes) Yea, it's pretty muddy here guys... 20190823_194956.jpg (5174269 bytes) Job done!
Hoodoo Scramble      
20190823_194908.jpg (2775513 bytes) Hey guys, look, there's a rope. Wonder where it goes?  20190823_194912.jpg (5444630 bytes) Wait for me. Cool guys don't need a rope... 20190823_195355.jpg (5175124 bytes) The actual Hoodoo climb.
20190823_195407.jpg (3539637 bytes) Gets a bit tougher here.. 20190823_195639.jpg (5001204 bytes) Need more arm strength. 20190823_195643.jpg (5586327 bytes) This is getting so high. 20190823_195649.jpg (4129028 bytes) Simba looks out over Pride rock. Sees the majestic lake in the distance.
20190823_200004.jpg (4367874 bytes) Inadvertently drops one of his favorite gloves, plunges down to rescue it...  Safely grasping the plummeting glove, he arduously clings to the "rope for wimps" and makes it back on top. 20190823_200157.jpg (3610008 bytes) OK, now back to the Simba on pride rock theme. Wow, what a view. 20190823_200154.jpg (5011223 bytes) How did I get here? Am I on a different path? 
20190823_200404.jpg (4450375 bytes) So now you want me to go down? 20190823_200517.jpg (6744188 bytes) I'm definitely a fan of this rope.     
2nd Dinner      
20190823_202336.jpg (2876224 bytes) Watch my vice-grip hands pop open this super sealed jar... 20190823_202343.jpg (2743372 bytes) The excitement of getting water to boil. 20190823_202410.jpg (3414028 bytes) Look, tiny bubbles are starting. 20190823_202419.jpg (4057990 bytes) Think we should stir it? 
20190823_205826.jpg (2804149 bytes) OK, this time if I win, I get your hamburger. 20190823_205905.jpg (3092750 bytes) That wasn't a big flake of pepper I just ate? 20190823_205916.jpg (2831183 bytes) Ahhh, Nope.  20190823_205930.jpg (2759093 bytes) My plate of spaghetti looks better than yours.
20190823_205935.jpg (2203083 bytes) These guys just don't use enough spice.      
Bishop's Campfire Some of the boys when out to play "Get Scared" where leaders and total strangers would pop out of bushes in the total dark and then vanish.   Some of the strangers were actually good looking girls. Too dark to take pictures, sorry. 
20190823_222732.jpg (2646609 bytes) A round of kumbaya while holding hands around the fire. 20190823_235715.jpg (3364008 bytes) Hey guys, flatulence burns 20190823_222932.jpg (3451936 bytes) Back at the lodge to a round of new games 20190823_222950.jpg (3504411 bytes) Really got this one figured out.
Last day...      
20190824_093908.jpg (3732298 bytes) Another morning after another late night 20190824_093914.jpg (5271936 bytes) Almost 10:00 and someone's starting to rise. 20190824_095337.jpg (2123575 bytes) Breakfast of Champions... 20190824_105230.jpg (7325220 bytes) Last stroll by the residence.
20190824_120916.jpg (4026198 bytes) All tidied and packed up. Ready to go. 20190824_120947.jpg (6634560 bytes) WP boys cooking up the leftovers. 20190824_124639.jpg (4260510 bytes) The 3 paddy hamburger... 20190824_124644.jpg (4439324 bytes) hits the spot.
20190824_124649.jpg (2619415 bytes) Deep in though, contemplating the awesome camp. 20190824_124708.jpg (3731051 bytes) and then there's the awesome food experience that it was. The final happy dance. 20190824_125804.jpg (3150267 bytes) Till next year everyone...