Summer Camp at Sara and Eldon Tanner Youth Camp 20180831_084655.jpg (568934 bytes)

August 29-Sept 1, 2018

The boys were  really looking forward to a change to get together with everyone and enjoy the last part of summer outdoors. Original plan was to find a camp near Edmonton and Catch a day at West Ed Mall wave pool and hit the Temple. After finding steep prices for the wave pool we started second guessing out choice. James made some inquiries of old friends in the area and we camp up with Tanner Camp. It's the old Ernest Poole scout camp James attended as a youth. Checking out all the amenities, we no longer needed a day at the mall. 

Here's the link to the camp info:

Team Members

WP - Ethan, Ashton, RJ, Michael, Josh, Bowen, Hale, Conner, Jaxson, Ephraim, Joey, Uwanna - Scouts

MID - Marco, Brody, Ethan, Mark, Rett, Jhon, Jacob, Paulo, Isaac - Scouts

SHEP - Evan, Jeff, Josh, David, John, Caysen - Scouts

INV - Landon, Matt - Scouts

Pat, Karl H, James, Karl E, Shaun, Peter, Will, Ryan, David, Nick, Bishop Shaw - Leaders

Photo Library

20180716_134825.jpg (3335063 bytes) Scouter Sam here. This would have been the greatest camp yet, if only I could have been there. We really need to talk to the committee that set the rule for "No dogs allowed" to exclude LDS Missionary Dogs.  For my part, I helped run a late night garden raiding expedition to the Community Garden to get the super healthy Spinach for the Lasagna dinner.   20180827_214131.jpg (4150779 bytes) View from flashlight. 
Some various food donations to support our low budget theme
20180828_073938.jpg (3116409 bytes) Nancy provided items not used from her work Garden Party.  20180828_215131.jpg (2697737 bytes) Some leftovers from the Scout's River camp dropped off by Dan, along with a big bag of frozen game meat. Compliments of Steve. Image result for chef hats The menus included mostly dishes made with only the base ingredients (cheaper). It was combined with the vast culinary skill of the boys to produce impressive dishes of all sorts. 
Preparing ahead the Lasagna for dinner
20180829_100524.jpg (2927985 bytes) 1st, Cook and rinse the noodles 20180829_100633.jpg (2938033 bytes) put down the 1st layer 20180829_100927.jpg (2939168 bytes) and some sauce 20180829_101212.jpg (3321299 bytes) two big tubs should be enough, eh?
20180829_101955.jpg (2695203 bytes) Cottage cheese and spinach later 20180829_102001.jpg (3211676 bytes) More mozzarella 20180829_103446.jpg (2908333 bytes) And their ready to pop into the ovens when we get to camp. 
Checking out the facilities
20180829_170431.jpg (2629626 bytes) Nice kitchen! 20180829_170934.jpg (3019570 bytes) Quick sampling of some crabapple juice.  20180829_173244.jpg (2912320 bytes) Bunks look sturdy. 20180829_173323.jpg (6756245 bytes) Nice field right out our doors.
Serving our first meal - in the nice kitchen
20180829_180806.jpg (2865208 bytes) Nice big serving area 20180829_180808.jpg (2827114 bytes) 20180829_180812.jpg (2660707 bytes) 20180829_180815.jpg (3190660 bytes) I think he likes the lazagna
20180829_183439.jpg (2681720 bytes) 20180829_190426.jpg (2792106 bytes) Covering basic camp rules 20180829_190431.jpg (2840992 bytes)  and some kitchen rules 20180829_190432.jpg (2674918 bytes) with a group assigned chore list for each meal. 
So what are the lake facilities like?
20180829_200230.jpg (5665344 bytes) Beach rules seem basic enough 20180829_200237.jpg (4691247 bytes) Lots of equipment. Canoes, kayaks, stand up boards, floating carpets, sail boats, life jackets. What more could you want? 20180829_200636.jpg (3238561 bytes) Should have brought my speed boat.  20180829_202327.jpg (3036366 bytes) Getting ready for some fishing. Boys ended up catching them right off the dock.
Evening snacks with games and story telling
20180829_205520.jpg (2591817 bytes) Finishing some car snacks. 20180829_213921.jpg (2747915 bytes) Keep shoes at the door.  20180829_213937.jpg (2745514 bytes) Some evening board games
The Traditional Breakfast - Thursday
20180830_081412.jpg (2706673 bytes) Starts with lots of bacon 20180830_081420.jpg (2969567 bytes) and Pancakes 20180830_081421.jpg (3272013 bytes) Eggs, scrambled of course 20180830_091431.jpg (2753893 bytes) and Juice
20180830_130833.jpg (6584937 bytes) Boys gathering in great anticipation... 20180830_130850.jpg (5047302 bytes) Quick comparison with a Compound Bow.  20180830_134626_001.jpg (4752150 bytes) The safety instructions begin 20180830_135842.jpg (5940067 bytes) Don't go past this line, stand in position at command, pickup bow, fire when ready. 
20180830_141234.jpg (7132616 bytes) Look at those arrows fly 20180830_141243.jpg (5233788 bytes) Where's the knock? 20180830_141252.jpg (7917077 bytes) 20180830_141255.jpg (6340154 bytes)
20180830_141315.jpg (6552674 bytes) 20180830_141317.jpg (6673932 bytes) Jean brought along some balloons to pin on the targets. Attracts more attention when you hit t he target. 20180830_141505.jpg (5935108 bytes) Go retrieve those arrows. 20180830_141659.jpg (7481429 bytes)
20180830_141715.jpg (7425803 bytes) Watch  the video 20180830_142948.jpg (6180788 bytes)
Playing with power equipment
20180830_151713_001.jpg (4469686 bytes) Line up the log... 20180830_151718_001.jpg (3628492 bytes) Push that blade in 20180830_151719.jpg (5242079 bytes) Almost split 20180830_151723.jpg (5925016 bytes) Might have to pull it apart a bit. 
Boys did a round of Man Tracker, but sorry, no pictures. IMG_8132.JPG (3116259 bytes) Hale provided this shot, could the the event.
Snacks Matt and Brody came in looking bored and jumped at the chance to make Cinnamon buns. Other soon joined in. 
20180830_174314.jpg (2796898 bytes) Added the dry ingredients to the wet... 20180830_174318.jpg (2874553 bytes) This is the part where it says the dough should be sticky. Yup, it's sticky 20180831_090834.jpg (4075502 bytes) Added the remaining dry ingredients and kneed into a dough. 20180830_183338.jpg (2983819 bytes) After the 1 hour of "Dough Rising" we spread on the filling. 
20180830_183342.jpg (2895073 bytes) This one is "No Nuts' for Joey. 
Tracking Coyotes 
20180830_204226.jpg (4041474 bytes) Josh sees his first coyote of the camp. 20180830_204226.jpg (4041474 bytes) He's not really running away is he? 20180830_204255.jpg (1563455 bytes) Yea, keeps looking back, to make sure we're following him. 20180830_204300.jpg (1455756 bytes) Most likely an ambush with all his buddies hiding in the bush.
Campfire snacks
20180830_215645.jpg (2235798 bytes) Marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between a double stuff Oreo 20180830_220556.jpg (2004064 bytes) Ephraim trying to coat his strawberry with marshmallow fluff.  20180830_220558.jpg (1650168 bytes) Dang, dropped the strawberry. 20180830_220605.jpg (1640741 bytes) Deep diving now to find the strawberry.
20180830_220609.jpg (2344279 bytes) Got it. Coming up now, slowly.  20180830_221847.jpg (2101054 bytes) Chocolate digestives getting warmed by RJ's hot marshmallow 
Day 2 - Starts with Sausage and Gravy with biscuits and then a round of Service work
IMG_8123.JPG (1666901 bytes) But not before some fishing... 20180901_075100.jpg (1456386 bytes) Get that tasty minnow on the hook,,,  20180901_083051.jpg (273635 bytes) Nice Pike Landon.
20180831_090840.jpg (3937006 bytes) Cut that sausage into nice bite size pieces and fry. 20180831_090924.jpg (3279680 bytes) Lightly kneed the dough, but not too much. 20180831_091518.jpg (3703076 bytes) There, we got just over 100 baseball sized biscuits ready to bake.
We had the assignment to split about 50 stumps, and stack them nicely in the Wood House   20180831_101042.jpg (6748224 bytes) Evan gets bored and comes over to check out the equipment. 20180831_105705.jpg (4727770 bytes) This is so easy even a 12 year old can do it.
We had the painting of the washrooms and showers. Plus trimming the bottom of the door frames 1/2 in above the water line, caulking and sanding. 20180831_120919.jpg (3386445 bytes) Turns out Ashton has experience painting, it showed.  20180831_120926.jpg (4809434 bytes) Evan got bored of Stump Splitting and joint the painting crew.  20180831_120925.jpg (4822983 bytes) So should we sing while we paint? 
20180831_120930.jpg (3569948 bytes) There's no white rain dropping on you guys, right?  Leaders had to leave and supervise Lunch (Game Stew). Caysen was so into painting he just kept going. Then one of the leaders popped by the kitchen to advised us that there was still some boys painting in the bathroom.   20180831_131736.jpg (4445190 bytes) Height matters, or at least the lack thereof.   20180831_131745_001.jpg (2540273 bytes) So much to do and so little time.
20180831_131749.jpg (4315560 bytes) Going to go fast now that I'm using this roller. 
We had to clear a forested area of dead fall. That took most of the boys, and after that it was soccer.  20180831_125700.jpg (6420712 bytes) Lionel Messi is sizing up the field... 20180831_125703.jpg (6081953 bytes) There's the header over to Suarez... 20180831_125716.jpg (8814614 bytes) And Neymar fakes an injury hoping to get a red card up. 
Lunch for the super hungry...
Dan provided a shopping bag full of interesting cuts,  including one labeled "?" as well as a bunch of sausages mixed with a variety of spices. The garden carrots, onions, and potatoes got diced and cooked while the meats were cubed and fried in butter. Then everything got cooked together in a nice gravy. 20180831_152718_001.jpg (1993171 bytes)  20180831_152722.jpg (3618098 bytes) 20180831_152738.jpg (4067684 bytes) Stew went fast and included leftover biscuits from breakfast. 
20180831_154224.jpg (3329451 bytes) This Fast pace at camp is hard to keep up.  20180831_154247.jpg (4574063 bytes) Got to catch those 'zzzzz' whenever you can. 
The Lake
20180831_163436.jpg (9665112 bytes) Style matters even on the lake. Here we have the latest in leg tattoos.

These are great cause you really don't need socks.

20180831_163452.jpg (4867342 bytes) Boys are starting to load up the equipment out on the water. Just a slight tilt noticeable for now. 20180831_163523.jpg (8595443 bytes) Lots of water toys here boys.  20180831_163535.jpg (2243170 bytes) getting a bit more tilt there fellows...
Not sure but something may have happened here, and then there was this picture. 20180831_163559.jpg (3290608 bytes) All fine. 20180831_180731.jpg (5394196 bytes) Water cold? definitely not.  20180831_180806.jpg (4633594 bytes) Stragglers trying to decide whether to slide down the front or the back
Video: Caysen takes his bumps 20180831_171440.jpg (3354842 bytes) But ready for more... Video: The cage match... 20180831_171553.jpg (3486987 bytes) The 'shakeoff' competition
Video: Jaxson's chance to be a YouTube sensation Video: Caysen's last change to bail... 20180831_171846.jpg (2515753 bytes) Caysen's pops out magically. 20180831_172039.jpg (5110467 bytes) Censored X
20180831_172143.jpg (6763187 bytes) Time to take some kayaks out. 20180831_172417.jpg (4568408 bytes) Building up the psychological courage to overcome hypothermia. 20180831_172125.jpg (4569675 bytes) Everyone's getting worn out. A great day at the beach though. 
The big Cook-Off 2 mystery baskets of ingredients, 2 teams ready to take on the challenge. And some hunger judges trying hard to apply discerning tastes
20180831_192212.jpg (3931697 bytes) Soup Bosses are off to an appetizing start 20180831_192226.jpg (4210378 bytes) Looking to bring in some presentation values with these colorful veggies 20180831_192240.jpg (4675876 bytes) There's a lot of chopping to this. 20180831_192252.jpg (3885577 bytes) Team 2, the Platter Boys pull out their secret ingredient. No English subtitles here. 
20180831_192301.jpg (3841156 bytes) Things are speeding up in the kitchen 20180831_192429.jpg (3392005 bytes) Cutting the beef into just the right size for the soup.  20180831_192445.jpg (3645326 bytes) Meanwhile the main dinner crew works around the teams to prepare the Spaghetti and garlic bread for the actual dinner. 20180831_201403.jpg (3762810 bytes) The 5 Judge panel reviews the Soup Bosses effort. They introduce their dish.
20180831_201419.jpg (3944247 bytes) Initial feedback: Very nice presentation.  20180831_201512.jpg (3853262 bytes) Flavorful broth, some complain it needed some heat 20180831_201507.jpg (3785970 bytes) Others thought it just right. 20180831_201618.jpg (3675561 bytes) Final judge in, and the base scores are set. 
20180831_201628.jpg (3577756 bytes) The Platter Boys now show off their dish 20180831_201742.jpg (3996323 bytes) Shortage of bowls here, so down the hatch and we'll reuse these.  20180831_202203.jpg (3779983 bytes) First taste, and this does have some kick.  20180831_202213.jpg (3798439 bytes) RJ comes in to fully describe dish, and the choices they made.
20180831_202255.jpg (3933180 bytes) Judges load up this spicy dish.  20180831_202324.jpg (3752595 bytes) Presentation not as nice as Soup Bosses 20180831_202839.jpg (3455532 bytes) It's definitely Hot, but a good hot.  20180831_202845_001.jpg (1558246 bytes) Teams in anticipation on the verdict...
20180831_202849.jpg (4166053 bytes) Platter Boys take the competition, but it was ever so close. 
Dabbling with crabapple Juice
20180831_203051.jpg (3837789 bytes) Boys are getting thirsty and the can pop is not cutting it.  20180831_203054.jpg (3896311 bytes) Josh and Caysen pour off some of the juice. It's the concentrated one. Whoa, needs some water and a bit of sugar. 20180831_203058.jpg (3793659 bytes) OK, mine's better, how about yours? I think mine's too sweet now.
Spaghetti dinner is ready to server - don't hold back.
20180831_211115.jpg (3844657 bytes) Josh finally wakes up after a trying to sleep off a sprained ankle. He joins his rowdy comrades  for dinner.  20180831_211117.jpg (4183722 bytes) He gets great cheers and then a round of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow" by all his compatriots. He's a bit embarrassed.  20180831_211127_001.jpg (1326397 bytes) Finally finished dinner at 8:30pm. A lot of spaghetti and garlic bread went down. So what to do to not irritate those full bellies?  20180831_211620.jpg (3597261 bytes) Well, we could all cheer Jaxson on as he plays his video game. Ooos and Ahhhs...
20180831_214658.jpg (4012233 bytes) We could also start on dessert. Caysen trains Pat on the finer details of puff pastry. 20180831_214759.jpg (3711662 bytes) First you unroll your sheet and cut it into 4 squares 20180831_215826.jpg (3782745 bytes) Fry up your crabapples in cinnamon and butter. And for a Caysen first, the very first time he's used a manual can opener, and at our camp. So many firsts.  20180831_220327.jpg (3954049 bytes) After dropping a bit of filling on the pastry...
20180831_221735.jpg (3788000 bytes) Caysen now folds then over.  20180831_215845.jpg (3884038 bytes) Pat sprinkles sugar on top. There done. Just need to bake them. 20180831_222642.jpg (3620385 bytes) Leaders tie into individual home made Flans. Limit number to go around.  20180831_222658.jpg (4157153 bytes) Sweet, but good. 
20180831_214807.jpg (4102919 bytes) And of course there's that disaster of a kitchen mess the cleanup crew can take on.  20180831_224427.jpg (3190970 bytes) Matt tries a freshly baked turnover topped with whipped cream. Well, actually he had the whipped cream first and then had some more with a turnover under it.  20180831_230622.jpg (3585992 bytes) So folks decided to use up the remaining apple and cherry filling on top of their turnovers. 20180831_230648.jpg (3568237 bytes) A true flaky experience
20180831_231244.jpg (4311149 bytes) So that was desserts. 
Evening Camp Fires
20180831_233100.jpg (4637988 bytes) Using those logs we split, boys applied their camp fire skills and got a fire going with mostly damp wood.` Watch the sparks video IMG_0357.JPG (1887324 bytes) Some additional audience members looking down at the fire.
Saturday - Breakfast, Traditional, round 2 with leftovers
20180901_101749.jpg (3983181 bytes) Pat adding some leftover cook-off veggies to his eggs. 20180901_101753.jpg (3540484 bytes) Pancakes are better with home made buttermilk syrup. 20180901_101801.jpg (3597494 bytes) Boys cooked up all the remaining bacon, eggs and pancake mix. It all went down. 20180901_105915.jpg (4860582 bytes) And then they cleanup the kitchen. That was a big job.
20180901_105918.jpg (4205073 bytes) Gee, floor even shines.
Tether ball Championship
20180901_110434.jpg (6443660 bytes) Look, they have tetherball equipment 20180901_110501.jpg (5970013 bytes) Boys reminisce about the days on the school fields 20180901_110554.jpg (6248142 bytes) Mostly got the rules figured out now 20180901_111407.jpg (6529840 bytes) Don't hit the string
20180901_111413.jpg (5994725 bytes) Stay on your half. 20180901_111419.jpg (5864808 bytes) Height matters.
Hoodoo Hike
20180901_112203.jpg (8505755 bytes) They have Teepee campsites here.  20180901_112422.jpg (8596599 bytes) Some of the speedy fellows are already climbing up the line. 20180901_112439.jpg (8923597 bytes) Looks safe enough.  20180901_112505.jpg (8680011 bytes) Just wonder how many boys can actually hang off this rope at one time?
20180901_112959.jpg (7222376 bytes) Nice cool forest paths in here 20180901_113011.jpg (7346555 bytes) Really hilly though in here. 20180901_113024.jpg (9127937 bytes) From here we can start to see the hoodoos. 20180901_113331.jpg (6096668 bytes) Nice view of the lake from on top.
20180901_113339.jpg (8538339 bytes) Some Hoodoo scrambling 20180901_113642.jpg (8988488 bytes) More rope supported trails after the Hoodoos 20180901_114121.jpg (9841481 bytes) More campsites along the top ridge with basic amenities. 20180901_114131.jpg (9297170 bytes) Even had a Wood house and an axe handy here. So Joey has to challenge the others to a one hit split.
20180901_114654.jpg (8887848 bytes) Not that easy.  20180901_114818_001.jpg (7151096 bytes) Need a bit more axe safety training. 20180901_115919.jpg (8006934 bytes) Can I slide all the way down on my butt, and not ware through my pants?  20180901_120039.jpg (7378039 bytes) I'm using the rope to go down.
20180901_120041.jpg (7207928 bytes) Going backward is definitely less scary.  20180901_120326.jpg (7876643 bytes) Almost there. 20180901_113044.jpg (591558 bytes) It's a long way down.
Loading up
20180901_122417_001.jpg (3904070 bytes) Finding room for an extra motorcycle for the trip home is not that easy, but they did it.  20180901_131115.jpg (6045999 bytes) Sad to say goodbye to all those good times.
20180901_154503.jpg (4578885 bytes) Pleasant dreams though. 20180901_154517.jpg (2491862 bytes) Most of the way home  20180901_154541.jpg (1641731 bytes) I did not know you could actually sleep with eye open. Maybe he's not sleeping? 
20180831_194854.jpg (192603 bytes) What is this Josh? 20180901_113955.jpg (574904 bytes) Nice scenery 20180829_200602.jpg (256938 bytes) Cool sunrise, compliments of the fisherman.