Summer Camp - Belly River - Cardston

August 19-19, 2017

For the last day we scheduled a visit to the Cardston Temple and did some names for Sis. Kennedy and Bro. Tang. 
The oldest fellow on Bro. Tang's list was a mere 1190 BC. Doing the math 2017 + 1190 = a wait time of 3407 years to get baptized.

Photo Library

James had a friend of his take pictures. Seems everyone know James, no mater where you go.      
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IMG_7202.JPG (3790841 bytes)      
Ming's Garden - ultimate buffet for $11 We were here over two hours. And yes James new many of the patrons.    
IMG_7203.JPG (2200481 bytes) IMG_7204.JPG (2086174 bytes) IMG_7205.JPG (2179423 bytes) Check out Ashton's plate: Watermelon, Cucumbers and Jell-O.  Keeping to a Christmas color theme we guessed. IMG_7206.JPG (2184209 bytes) Lots of high speed chop stick action going on here.
IMG_7207.JPG (1860788 bytes) RJ moves in to show Hale how to manage Jell-O with chop sticks IMG_7208.JPG (1826823 bytes) Dang, harder than it looks.  Slippery little guy. IMG_7209.JPG (1904582 bytes) Ashton finally hones in on what he really came here for...
Ice-cream with chopsticks
IMG_7210.JPG (1935338 bytes) Well, they did say this was an all you can eat buffet.
IMG_7211.JPG (2051648 bytes) The chop sticks were just slowing him down too much.