Summer Activities

June-August 2016

This is a highlight of some of the activities we did during the summer off school.  

Photo Library 

Connoisseur night with Spruce Beer and Vienna Wafers 

IMG_4348.JPG (2331676 bytes) Absolutely a bamboyant  flavor on the angular, leaving a toasty and buttery after taste. The cones used were definitely cassis.  IMG_4349.JPG (2022562 bytes) Quite exquisite after tantalizing the pallet with an imported Hazelnut Vienna Wafer. The five layer variety of course. Bravo team. Well Done!

Nature Hike amid the tall pines of Bebo Grove

Boys hosting an event to help the girls appreciate nature like they do.
DSCN7798.JPG (1732689 bytes) Haul in a few snacks to impress the girls DSCN7799.JPG (1735363 bytes) Down into the dense forest. DSCN7800.JPG (1767207 bytes) Hardly anyone here, Guess we get the pick of the crop on picnic table spots. We'll take the one with a stream side view.  DSCN7801.JPG (1764645 bytes) Show off some of the surroundings. Plus how to cross a rock dam and not get your feet wet, or not.  
DSCN7802.JPG (1790383 bytes) Reaching the halfway point and crossing Fish Creek. DSCN7803.JPG (1799218 bytes) Oh, remind the girls to check out the scenic beauty of this vantage point.  DSCN7804.JPG (1806119 bytes) Ah, fork in the road, should we let the girls choose? OK, we better not. DSCN7805.JPG (1787785 bytes) Ok, this is getting tricky now. 
DSCN7806.JPG (1789487 bytes) Josh wants to find an easier path. DSCN7807.JPG (1815739 bytes) Sam proves 4 legs are better than 2 here.  DSCN7808.JPG (1777518 bytes) Sandra is taking Sam's lead, sporting a sore knee already. DSCN7809.JPG (1816901 bytes) Uwanna struggling a bit to get some traction, but his leader is there for him. 
DSCN7810.JPG (1958064 bytes) Now barefoot is an option if you really want to keep your shoes clean.  DSCN7811.JPG (1848186 bytes) Coming back over Fish Creek on the back side. Almost back to the picnic site.  DSCN7812.JPG (1823407 bytes) Need to wait for some of the folks that kind of took an alternate path, They are not lost though! DSCN7813.JPG (1773659 bytes) Hotdogs and marshmallow are coming out. 
DSCN7814.JPG (1771277 bytes) The base camp team has done a fine job on this camp fire.  DSCN7815.JPG (1828216 bytes) Nothing like sucking back a dog after a strenuous hike. IMG_4361.JPG (2171809 bytes) Challenge of getting that marshmallow golden brown on raging flames. IMG_4362.JPG (2138603 bytes) The true sticky goodness come out.
IMG_4363.JPG (2145400 bytes) But it's really sticky... IMG_4364.JPG (2374813 bytes) I can lick those fingers for you! IMG_4365.JPG (2612678 bytes) Dual charcoal goodness. IMG_4366.JPG (2450256 bytes) James showing how a 6-pack is done.
IMG_4368.JPG (1693109 bytes) Well, that's a wrap, put the fire out and lets go home...

Beach Volleyball at McKenzie Lake

No pictures so far Great facilities, Great participation.

Sandwich Night for the Drop-in Centre

June 16th, NB brought a ton of bread etc. We had a great assembly line going
IMG_4226.JPG (1534472 bytes) 2 camps, Peanut butter guys, and Jelly guys. With for lefties on the east, and those that were right handed on the west IMG_4228.JPG (1683351 bytes) Isaac was quality control. IMG_4229.JPG (2003575 bytes) Bryce sporting this 1st completed bag. complete with plastic clip. IMG_4230.JPG (1882516 bytes) the really serious assembly line workers need to tackle the job sitting down.
IMG_4231.JPG (2122030 bytes) Seth tenaciously applying the peanut butter.  IMG_4232.JPG (1895170 bytes) Tayson ensuring sufficient jam is applied.  IMG_4233.JPG (1966275 bytes) and right to all the edges as well.  IMG_4234.JPG (2012889 bytes) Can get too much jam you know.
IMG_4235.JPG (1891198 bytes) Tops and bottoms nicely aligned. IMG_4236.JPG (2005337 bytes) Ready to seal together another one. 

Equipment Repair night

June 29th, Fixed sling shots and nerf guns, Intense demo game in gym.
DSCN7206.JPG (1891790 bytes) DSCN7207.JPG (1772830 bytes) DSCN7208.JPG (1743758 bytes) DSCN7209.JPG (1844742 bytes)
DSCN7210.JPG (1806804 bytes) DSCN7211.JPG (1799779 bytes) DSCN7212.JPG (1836215 bytes) DSCN7213.JPG (1850916 bytes)
DSCN7214.JPG (1753070 bytes) DSCN7215.JPG (1804480 bytes) DSCN7216.JPG (1842759 bytes) DSCN7217.JPG (1853094 bytes)
DSCN7218.JPG (1861277 bytes) DSCN7219.JPG (1886474 bytes) DSCN7220.JPG (1856585 bytes) DSCN7221.JPG (1838353 bytes)
DSCN7222.JPG (1867244 bytes)

You-Tube Documentary Night

No pictures so far We watched some video from TED on Procrastination, Cool card trick, what can kids learn by doing dangerous things