Environmental Project at Southland Off leash Park - Connor Johnson

September 01,  2011 - ? 2011

Connor's project is based on preserving Wildlife habitat in urban settings. More to come...

Tem Members

Karl Burndorfer, Ben Burndorfer, Jay Burnham, Michael Swan, Arny Vanwerrin - Scout / YM Leaders
Connor Johnson, Felipe Cupido, Daniel Urquijo, William Lloyd - Venturers
Kyle Johnson, Jack Dabels, Aaron Castillo, Sam Lloyd - Scouts
 -  Calgary Adopt-A-Park team

Photo Library - Damage assessment

PluggedHole.JPG (361691 bytes) Fix hole in the fence. Needs rebar pegs to hold down. NoTensionToClose.JPG (411660 bytes)  Tension adjustment needed. SpringAssembly.JPG (299002 bytes) View of the spring mechanism. SmallOpening.JPG (303195 bytes) Small hole. but adjacent gate.  Needs gravel under it, and needs tabs welded back on.  Concrete water access area. 
NeedsStaples.JPG (283558 bytes) Need to staple  fence wire back onto log. BigHole.JPG (354254 bytes) Large wire fence repair. IMG_4021.JPG (410810 bytes) Where the idea for Velcro came from  
Large fence hole Dropped and loose gate. Another dropped gate. Interferes with other gate.  
Burr wars.      
Gate in real bad shape. No tabs, broken springs etc.      
Fence Repair day      
IMG_4053.JPG (348857 bytes) IMG_4054.JPG (448571 bytes) IMG_4055.JPG (431303 bytes) IMG_4056.JPG (357541 bytes)
IMG_4057.JPG (261073 bytes) IMG_4058.JPG (116544 bytes) IMG_4059.JPG (196955 bytes) IMG_4060.JPG (553017 bytes) Nice Hole!
IMG_4061.JPG (533525 bytes) Last chance to get through. IMG_4062.JPG (522927 bytes) Ready to re-fence it. IMG_4063.JPG (486233 bytes) IMG_4064.JPG (403263 bytes)
IMG_4065.JPG (453983 bytes) IMG_4066.JPG (300678 bytes) IMG_4067.JPG (219466 bytes) IMG_4068.JPG (346015 bytes)
IMG_4069.JPG (367854 bytes) IMG_4070.JPG (416478 bytes) Finishing touches along the top edge.