Southland Leisure Center - Volunteering

July & August, 2007

I was looking for a Chief Scout project that would help me with leadership skill, provide a bit of adventure and lots of opportunity to do service. The City of Calgary provided just the right opportunity in their Youth Volunteer program for the Southland Leisure Center. 

I worked with Laura Coughlan  and Albert Iamartino of the City of Calgary. 

Check out their link if you would like to volunteer as well:

There was a training period and then the actual job of taking care of your kids at activities such as Climbing, Swimming, Court Sports and lots of other activities. 

I spent 2 weeks volunteering along with a couple Saturdays for training. 

Willow Park Team Members

Tom Elford, Garett Herget, Darren Stone, Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Nancy Burndorfer - Mom
Benjamin Burndorfer  - Scout

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