Hunter Safety - Skeet Shooting

November 3, 7  2009

Boys wanted to try out some hunting skills, well at least the target practice part. After an interesting evening at Robert Wilde's place the boys got a great education on safety and what hunting is about. 

The following Saturday we headed off to Steve Boyd's new acreage by Millarville. One of his son's was just getting back from a Bow hunting experience and told us all about it. We setup our skeet thrower and targets at the base of a hill to provide a safe backdrop for our practice. Sam seem to be having a great time sniffing and the odd coyote poked out until we started shooting at the skeet. the dog and wild life disappeared after that.  

As we were finishing our day, Steve pulled up with his truck and a large Elk was in the back. He indicated he had a very successful outing. His group had bagged 3 deer and this elk.  They did have a very large freezer. 

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Dan Merrel - Scout / YM Leaders
Benjamin Burndorfer, Nathan Johnson, Zachary Peterson, Connor Johnson, Daniel Urquiho , Tristen Bryenton- Scouts

Photo Library

DSC02728.JPG (2977651 bytes) Nice kick to this guys. DSC02729.JPG (3411541 bytes) If we had mosquitoes, this would get rid of the problem.  DSC02730.JPG (3354993 bytes) Steady, squeeze.. and I think I got it.  DSC02731.JPG (3313330 bytes) Try agai just in case.
DSC02732.JPG (3304475 bytes) Slight problem ejecting the shells. DSC02733.JPG (3042867 bytes) I'm good to go, Right? Pull.... DSC02735.JPG (3121152 bytes) I'm getting this...
Rapid fire... Not so Rapid fire, dang gun. So maybe single shoot mode will work. DSC02739.JPG (3175133 bytes) Yup, still works.
DSC02740.JPG (3240595 bytes) DSC02741.JPG (3273045 bytes) The tagged dog venturing out and the shots have ceased. DSC02742.JPG (3364300 bytes) Elk jerky anyone?