Sheep River Tubing

July 12, 2014

From our great experience last year the boys wanted to do it again this year. Initially Hale and his councilors were working on the food, but they ended up with a conflict with events their parents planned. So we picked up where they left off. We got 4 super big tubes and 2 rafts. The weather was a scorching 30+ with 0 clouds.  Eventually the water was not even cold, especially along the shore. You could even say it was hot.  After the tubing we had a bit of a delay getting our food and vehicle swap thing worked out, but it all worked out in the end. Even got a special delivery of cheese burgers by Hector, Keri's husband. 

We cleared up the directions on how to get the the launch point from the old map. Once you get off hwy 549, the road is numbered as 354, and you make a left turn at the intersection of road #48. They have these basic street sign polls at the intersections. It's the first such sign you come to. If you get to one numbered 64, you missed it and went too far, so come back. 

And remember the park is just after the bridge on then main town road (2A), its called Lions Park. Access is on the south side of the river and you just take your first left and the entrance sign is there on your left. 

This time on the drive down road 48 there was a part washed out, but its 100 yards from the river, so we just had a short hike to get the equipment  down to the river. 

Team Members

Nigel Kennet, Karl Burndorfer, Jason Smith - Scout Leaders
Taysen Saravia, Javon Falconer, Austin Smith, Seth Ek, Devin Ohba, Isaac Gagnon - Scouts
Maki and Tom Ohba, Keri Saravia and kids, and Nigel's 2 sons

Photo Library 

IMG_2884.JPG (3679140 bytes) Anyone want to build a bridge with some Lego blocks?  IMG_2885.JPG (4077002 bytes) How about something with blocks and tubes?  IMG_2887.JPG (4193736 bytes) Cute little pump, I guess, as long as this doesn't drain the car battery....  Half an hour latter and she's sea worthy. Not sure about the battery.
IMG_2888.JPG (3856683 bytes) The flotilla is ready  IMG_2889.JPG (4118976 bytes) 2 rafts and 4 super tubes, one a double Decker.  IMG_2890.JPG (2918459 bytes) And they're off. Nigel takes a commanding lead (on purpose).  IMG_2891.JPG (3164878 bytes) First bit of rougher water!
IMG_2892.JPG (3260346 bytes) This is easy, we can do this... IMG_2893.JPG (2605234 bytes) Bit more action ahead. IMG_2894.JPG (3894933 bytes) Everyone got through that as well. 
IMG_2895.JPG (3856884 bytes) Keri and the kids bracing for this one. IMG_2896.JPG (4011363 bytes) OK, so we went left and got stuck on a large flat rock.  IMG_2899.JPG (3027637 bytes) Up to my waist out here. IMG_2900.JPG (2960331 bytes) Looking for some more action now. 
IMG_2901.JPG (2902162 bytes) Swallow action, birds coming out everywhere.  IMG_2902.JPG (3219482 bytes) OK, this is a big one. 
IMG_2903.JPG (3070463 bytes) Seth and Tayson ace through first drop and sharp turn. Impressive! IMG_2904.JPG (3110000 bytes) Still upright, they blast into the turbulence on the lower half.  IMG_2905.JPG (3203432 bytes) Feet out for stabilization IMG_2906.JPG (2979695 bytes) There's the hand wave, still OK.
IMG_2907.JPG (3085660 bytes) and they're through, what a run!
IMG_2908.JPG (3870206 bytes) The Ohba team braces themselves for the first drop! IMG_2909.JPG (3828734 bytes) And they're down, still hanging on. IMG_2910.JPG (3894146 bytes) Bit too wide to make the sharp turn. IMG_2911.JPG (3654881 bytes) Now heading over to the walk down. 
IMG_2912.JPG (3524252 bytes)Team Austin come up. Hate it when you come into it with your back! IMG_2913.JPG (3747552 bytes) Ohh, that's way too steep! IMG_2914.JPG (3771881 bytes) They're holding together though! IMG_2915.JPG (3947126 bytes) Can they make the sharp right?
IMG_2916.JPG (4053302 bytes) Missed the main channel, so they're going through some of the rocks with less water. 
IMG_2917.JPG (3530711 bytes) The Keri team lines up. Hang on kids! IMG_2918.JPG (3884956 bytes) Nice drop Mom! IMG_2919.JPG (3918169 bytes) Keep that chin above water. IMG_2920.JPG (3924903 bytes) Can they make that turn...
IMG_2921.JPG (4623887 bytes) Bit wide and Tayson's sister gets bumped off the tube. IMG_2922.JPG (4594944 bytes) She's going to float it down on her own. Don't worry about holding onto the paddle.  IMG_2923.JPG (4169196 bytes) The Austin team heads down the same channel, Austins off, Isaacs off, it's just Javon hanging on... IMG_2924.JPG (4326537 bytes) Floating down ain't that bad. Feet first so you can walk over the boulders. 
IMG_2925.JPG (3878332 bytes) The Keri team finishing the last leg.  IMG_2926.JPG (4289955 bytes) Mom, I'm falling out!. IMG_2927.JPG (4416148 bytes) Don't worry son, I got your leg. IMG_2928.JPG (4603274 bytes) OK, how about your arm now. . 
IMG_2929.JPG (4909007 bytes) OK, I'm pulling you up ... IMG_2930.JPG (5100055 bytes) Almost in and you going over that last dip.  IMG_2931.JPG (5151961 bytes) Don't forget the water gun mom.  IMG_2932.JPG (5213816 bytes) Not now, I'll get it later.
IMG_2933.JPG (5057026 bytes) and over they go.... IMG_2934.JPG (4185473 bytes) with the water gun in hot pursuit.  IMG_2935.JPG (4438864 bytes) Hey Seth, you might want to move.  IMG_2936.JPG (3707865 bytes) That was awesome!
 IMG_2937.JPG (2828612 bytes) Not half so scary looking from this end.   IMG_2938.JPG (2712016 bytes) We like calm waters.  IMG_2939.JPG (2869055 bytes) You might have to push us off this calm water gravel. 
IMG_2940.JPG (3257307 bytes) Bring on the next one. Our dad can handle anything.  IMG_2941.JPG (3136621 bytes) They say water walking is good exercise too.  IMG_2942.JPG (3248968 bytes) Too shallow now. This river just can't make up its mind.  IMG_2943.JPG (3313744 bytes) Good. Floating depth again. 
IMG_2944.JPG (4041471 bytes) Team Ohba thinking they should have approached these rapids from over there.  IMG_2945.JPG (4222224 bytes) Too late, hang on... IMG_2946.JPG (3985332 bytes) Still hanging on... IMG_2947.JPG (3785510 bytes) Looks like mom's checking out the underside of the tube. 
IMG_2948.JPG (3538727 bytes) No problem Devin, all looks good under there.  IMG_2949.JPG (3496168 bytes) Go on ahead, need to get some water out of my ears.  IMG_2950.JPG (3510708 bytes) Come on mom, I'll slow the tube down and you can catch up.  IMG_2951.JPG (3474885 bytes) Almost deep enough for a Front Crawl opportunity...
 IMG_2952.JPG (3931091 bytes) Super Dad speeds past the Tayson team.  IMG_2953.JPG (3878148 bytes) Keep kicking, we can catch up... IMG_2954.JPG (3521526 bytes) This is kind of like riding a bronco at the stampede.  IMG_2955.JPG (3373946 bytes) How's that front crawl going mom?
IMG_2956.JPG (3324464 bytes) Just fine Devin, How's your slowing down the tube going?  IMG_2957.JPG (3656554 bytes) More action coming up...
IMG_2959.JPG (3310812 bytes) I don't want to go down backwards again. IMG_2960.JPG (3500369 bytes) Focus Isaac, we're going down a rapid, we can check out birds later.  IMG_2962.JPG (3755893 bytes) OK, This is good. we're all facing the rapids.  IMG_2964.JPG (4052309 bytes) This is intense man. 
IMG_2966.JPG (3948596 bytes) Oh No, stop the turning thing.  IMG_2967.JPG (3617229 bytes) Just hate this going down backwards thing.   IMG_2969.JPG (3554727 bytes) It's OK, we're through that one. 
IMG_2970.JPG (4285573 bytes) We're going to rub over a bunch of rocks mom! IMG_2971.JPG (4295673 bytes) No problem, I'm an expert driver.  IMG_2973.JPG (3890466 bytes) See how easily I got us turned the right way and in the channel without the rocks.  IMG_2975.JPG (3713937 bytes) And everybody makes it through. 
IMG_2978.JPG (2516093 bytes) Bring on the Kicking horse! IMG_2979.JPG (2504323 bytes) Or the Alsek!  IMG_2982.JPG (3046478 bytes) See, I'm good, still got my hat.
IMG_2985.JPG (3219039 bytes) And Devin? Still dry.  How does that happen? IMG_2986.JPG (2971423 bytes) Not so dry here again. We were getting too hot anyways.  IMG_2987.JPG (3086746 bytes) More dive bombing swallows... IMG_2988.JPG (3266315 bytes) We should put a motor on one of these. Steerable one. 
IMG_2989.JPG (2907784 bytes) So much quality time together...  IMG_2990.JPG (2705759 bytes) OK, this falling into the water again is starting to drop my core body temp a bit too low.  IMG_2991.JPG (3045713 bytes) Spread the weight and keep it low, its the key to staying stable.
IMG_2993.JPG (3501694 bytes) and avoiding low trees.  IMG_2994.JPG (3442649 bytes) Seth has this one though. Using the paddle to push back on those branches. IMG_2995.JPG (3096221 bytes) OK, so maybe the paddle isn't the best. Tayson can you hop out and push us please.
Video of Tayson and Seth avoiding the bank. IMG_2999.JPG (3752717 bytes) Pretty shallow stuff here.  IMG_3001.JPG (3464390 bytes) Not too often the fallen tree goes right across the whole river. 
IMG_3003.JPG (3552742 bytes)  Devin swinging at low flying bats with his paddle. IMG_3004.JPG (3446961 bytes) It's just a portage guys, not a siesta? IMG_3005.JPG (3209186 bytes) Were almost there guys... IMG_3006.JPG (2691552 bytes) You bring the diaper bag Dad?
IMG_3007.JPG (2978112 bytes) Just cruising now.  IMG_3008.JPG (3224971 bytes) We could do "Bump-em" cars with tubes! IMG_3009.JPG (3089964 bytes) Push Taysen!
IMG_3010.JPG (3411752 bytes) Sorry Mom, lost those Sun screening sun glasses, I think it was back on the 2nd time we flipped.  IMG_3011.JPG (3270734 bytes) Remember, Bro. B said to avoid tree roots Mom! IMG_3012.JPG (3081615 bytes) You're right, just step out and pull the tube around.  IMG_3013.JPG (3274474 bytes) What a "Safety First" Mom!
IMG_3014.JPG (3205870 bytes) Speeding up again.  IMG_3015.JPG (2710515 bytes) Look. There's the bridge?
IMG_3016.JPG (3415591 bytes) Oh man, these sock just don't cut it when it comes to pointy rocks.  IMG_3017.JPG (3401142 bytes) Still got my paddle! No small feat.  IMG_3018.JPG (3459484 bytes) You splash water on my back? IMG_3019.JPG (3602464 bytes) Want me to help you with that heavy raft?
IMG_3020.JPG (3456063 bytes) Nutrition is good! and don't sit on my watermelon. IMG_3022.JPG (2325909 bytes)  Sitting on watermelons messes your pants. IMG_3023.JPG (3651403 bytes) Hector's here with the car, alright!

We can drive and get cheese burgers for everyone now.

IMG_3024.JPG (3769060 bytes) and they all lived happily ever after, for that day.
Botanist Corner
DSCN3789.JPG (3987614 bytes) Giant Puff ball