Okotoks Sheep River - Rafting

August 1, 2009

This ended up the best day to get out on the river, got to +30 Celsius.  Frying on top and freezing on the bottom.  We floated down the river for just over 3 hours, with 1 good set of waterfalls and lots of minor ones. The trip ended in the community park just on the east side of the bridge in town. 

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Darren Stone - Scout / YM Leaders
Dianne Stone, Carolyn Crane - Young Women Leaders
Zachary Peterson , Nathan Johnson, Connor Johnson, Chris Bodek - Scouts


From Calgary we drove to Okotoks, via hwy 2 and took the Okotoks turnoff, hwy 2a. Headed west till town and got to the bottom of the hill. This was the 1st main street, called Elizabeth St. We turned right onto it. The name changed to hwy 549. We continued to head west and just as the road started to turn North we took a left turn onto a gravel road. It went SW for about 100 yards and turned west. Went about a km and turned south till we hit the river. Some kind of municipal facility of sorts provides the public access there and allows parking.  The other end of the trip is in the community park just SE of hwy 2a as it crosses the river in town. Plenty of parking there. 


OkatoksSheepRiverLaunchMap.jpg (201859 bytes) From Okotoks to Launch Point LaunchPoint.jpg (173495 bytes) Launch Point. This is a zoom in on the Red Circle

Photo Library

DSC02541.JPG (3416775 bytes) Checking out how cold that water is. Hmmm DSC02540.JPG (3277093 bytes) Can we get going here! DSC02539.JPG (3227989 bytes) Sam spots a fish, those chomps are just not fast enough. DSC02538.JPG (3275187 bytes) Looks are deceiving, I can maintain my body temperature, really!
DSC02537.JPG (3218900 bytes) I'm OK with just tanning, warmth is a good thing. DSC02536.JPG (3235584 bytes) Chiseled Chin, Super abs, river women, lookout.