Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant - Tour

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S01SewerOffice.jpg (27955 bytes) 
Checking out the office.
S02WhatsThatSmell.jpg (26249 bytes) 
What's that smell???
S03OhThatsTheSmell.jpg (31419 bytes) 
Oh , that's the smell.
S04OffToPonds.jpg (23239 bytes) 
Off to the settling ponds...
S05SettlingPondsNotFrozen.jpg (17729 bytes) 
So what keeps the ponds from freezing? Hot pee.
S06UptoControlRoom.jpg (33804 bytes) Up to the control room. S07PowerGeneratorRoom.jpg (26712 bytes) Neat power generator room. S08EmergencyDieselGenerator.jpg (32194 bytes) The emergency diesel generators.
S09PutInAddatives.jpg (20231 bytes) This is where we put in the additives. S10UltraVioletRoom.jpg (29480 bytes) Now for the Ultra-Violet room. S11LookCleanDrickingWater.jpg (22246 bytes) Look, clean drinking water.  Thanks Arny!