Senior’s “Señor y Señora” Lunch

October 20, 2018

The boys were wondering what would make a good service project for October and they thought we needed to complete the sequel of Senior meals. We had a dinner, a breakfast, so we just need a lunch. We had their October planning meeting in the Ikea cafeteria and the boys settled on the Mexican theme for menus and games. 

Recipes, thank-you notes and prep materials

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 Piñata Construction night
20181017_192233.jpg (3688768 bytes) Older boys complete the Menu to Grocery  conversion list based on an estimate of 45 participants. Heavy math here.  20181017_192246.jpg (3579523 bytes) A toast with a coveted and shared can of Spruce Beer. 20181017_192253.jpg (3784378 bytes) That hits the spot. 
Do you think the YW will notice our breath?
 Off to SuperStore to get the groceries...
20181017_192843.jpg (3633101 bytes) Groups have been split into 4 teams to apply their creativity to unique and theme applicable piñatas  20181017_192853.jpg (4185458 bytes) It's all about the festive colors. Not an easy choice.  20181017_192906.jpg (3930559 bytes) Things you can also do when you have a lot of tape. He is the lightest guy right?  20181017_193015.jpg (4249754 bytes) Instead of pizzazz, lets go for super indestructible...
20181017_193050.jpg (3661165 bytes) I see you're using some engineering techniques here with some angled supports. 20181017_193234.jpg (3767648 bytes) The creative juices are now flowing.  The hot and spicy Mexican kind. 20181017_193619.jpg (3641137 bytes) And there you have it, Spiderman stuck in his own web.  and here we have Spiderman getting unstuck from his web.
20181017_203538.jpg (3611324 bytes) Piñata to the nose. Ouch! 20181017_203546.jpg (3512055 bytes) Chomper the girl dog, and Sponge Bob provide the easy piñatas 20181017_203954.jpg (3652614 bytes) Jaws is our intermediate candidate MrIndestructible.jpg (28969 bytes) and Mr. Indestructible is our ultimate challenge. Pace Maker warning here.
 Saturday morning starts early We've loaded up all the goods and boys and hit the church by 10:30.
20181020_104009.jpg (3850771 bytes) Fry bread crew starts right away on the dough... 20181020_122427.jpg (3300778 bytes) Got some taco rolling and flouring in the front, with fry guys flipping tacos in the back.  Meat sauce team to the left adjusting the spices. 20181020_122433.jpg (2959024 bytes) Keep that meat sauce simmering now.  Veggie cutting crew is almost done as well. Push to ramp up taco production.  20181020_122436.jpg (3650717 bytes) Nothing like a happy cook.
20181020_122504.jpg (3390963 bytes) Harder, faster... 20181020_122515.jpg (3031561 bytes) Into the rhythm now.  20181020_122523.jpg (2852142 bytes) Just the right shot of oil, don't want them greasy.   20181020_122526.jpg (3462907 bytes) Finally, the last ones... 
 Piñata play off
20181020_122415.jpg (4330640 bytes)  Our group of los Señor y las Señora sipping back a few lemon waters before the big games. 
 We jacked up the thermostat in the gym to provide that out in the Mexican sun feeling and piped in some mariachi music. 
 Had to turn down the volume though.  
 Ladies over 65 category... 20181020_123256.jpg (3886464 bytes) Chomper took a real beating with this Jean gal.  20181020_123301.jpg (1781902 bytes) She finished him off and went to the next challenge with Sponge Bob Unfortunately she was no match for Bob.
 Men's over 65 category... 20181020_123311.jpg (4330796 bytes) Swinging  Syd comes up to see what he can do to Spongy Bob. 20181020_123321.jpg (4113899 bytes) Couple of direct hits, but Bob's still holding up.  
Girls that think they're stronger than guys category... 20181020_123342.jpg (3244435 bytes) Might Martha winds up 20181020_123350.jpg (3518573 bytes) Bob pulls an evasive move and is still intact  20181020_123401.jpg (3701459 bytes) He's taunting her now...
  20181020_123412.jpg (3684113 bytes) She's getting really steamed 20181020_123418.jpg (3887038 bytes) Take that Sponge Bob.  And he's down for count.   Oh, look, it's amazing, Bobs getting back up.
 Guys that thinks they're stronger than girls that think they're stronger than guys category... 20181020_123436.jpg (3537383 bytes) The Scottish slicer McNary  come up and plants a solid hit.  20181020_123521.jpg (3868481 bytes) Dueling Dahl now takes a crack, and Bob's starting to loose it. 20181020_123632.jpg (4545696 bytes) Menacing Mike comes in and finishes him off. Grab the spoils folks.
Semi finals with Jaws 20181020_124351.jpg (2570089 bytes) Jaws has a short life and got taken out early. Crowds are devouring him as we speak.     
Finals are up, all against Mr. Indestructible 20181020_124317.jpg (3470617 bytes) 1st up is Veteran piñata smasher Razor Jerez.  Mr. Indestructible holds up though with barely a dent.  20181020_124604.jpg (2849450 bytes) Kamikaze Obha drives in with the samurai slash. Its unbelievable, but Mr. Indestructible is holding to his name.   Watch the effected of incessant samurai  attacks...
  20181020_124711.jpg (3574959 bytes) Accordion Arms Peterson plows a few more blows into Mr. Indestructible, but still no effect 20181020_124906.jpg (3683556 bytes) Crowds are all routing for McNary now, but even he eventually throws in the towel.   Mr. Indestructible, undefeated!
The Ringer's Round 20181020_124937.jpg (4098115 bytes) Ace Ashton give it everything, still not good enough. 20181020_125040.jpg (3736943 bytes) Black belt Wagner, wails on him, no effect.  20181020_125158.jpg (3869493 bytes) Constable Badesso with guns blazing, still nothing. 
  20181020_125250_025.jpg (2555255 bytes) Big Willie, the creator of Mr. Indestructible, winds up with an all out smash. 20181020_125320.jpg (3366098 bytes) Big Willies final smash and he's done. Mr. Indestructible wins hands down.  Anyone want some really pulverized candy? 
Hora de almorzar      
20181020_124022.jpg (2726560 bytes) We cater here. No need to get up from your chairs.  20181020_132401.jpg (3378438 bytes) Main course is all done. Notice the china plates, steal cutlery, and actual glass glasses. Now we bring on dessert. 20181020_132408.jpg (3515587 bytes) Very authentic flan. Made by a Venezuelan which is close to Mexican. 20181020_132417.jpg (2821342 bytes) We provided the Texas sheet cake, but forgot to bring out the whipped cream.  We then finished the meal with sample shots of Horchata.
Staff chow time and cleanup There was a smoking big pile of dishes to go though, but we did our bit for the environment.
20181020_132422.jpg (2677819 bytes) We estimated right guys, still enough for us. 20181020_140956_001.jpg (1399967 bytes) In case you're interested, this is what a jug full of cell phones all playing different music sounds like. 20181020_141003.jpg (3005826 bytes) Interesting music. 20181020_141014.jpg (3332024 bytes) Almost back to normal.