Seniors Appreciation Dinner - Cooking & Entertaining

November 10, 17, 24, 2009

Being in an older neighborhood we have the benefit of rubbing shoulders with lots of very interesting and wise seniors. They share lots of their skills and stories and really add a lot to our understanding of things.  

Some of our young men have been involved in school plays and have really developed some great singing and acting skills. 

As well with all the cooking shows  on TV these days they seem to spark an interest in trying to pull off a great meal. 

So we decided to put together this evening and apply all the interests, skills and gratitude  we had. 

We had a couple planning session and worked out our invitation list, limited work force, so we got a ward membership list sorted by age and came up with a cutoff of age 66 and older. That provided about 55 guests. We assumed 30% drop out and felt comfortable in our ability to serve the balance. 

Nathan put together an Invitation using a bunch of our Scout activity pictures. Its a 39 MB file!

We invited Aaron Sebastian a Young chef who attends our  congregation to show us his secrets for making great Chicken Breasts. We opted to go with 2 of his recipes, giving a bit of variety to the dinner options.  

Benjamin was heading up the meal for the boys and Zachary was heading up the entertainment.  

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Wayne Johnson, Dan Merrel - Scout / YM Leaders
Benjamin Burndorfer, Nathan Johnson, Zachary Peterson, Brandon Kilgour - Venturers
Tristen Bryenton, Connor Johnson, Daniel Urquiho, Nathan Bruce - Scouts
Chef - Aaron Sebastian

Photo Library

Skills Training night with the Chef

DSC02776.JPG (2873818 bytes) If you don't get boneless, you should remove the bone. Skin helps preserve moisture. DSC02777.JPG (3214778 bytes) Chef assistants need aprons DSC02778.JPG (2960935 bytes) Finished breast - no bones. DSC02779.JPG (3005079 bytes) Cut up onions for breast to cook on.
DSC02780.JPG (2636005 bytes) With onions on tin foil, place breast on top and sprinkle on herbs, salt and pepper. Add a bit of butter. Fold up tin foil and roast 30-40 min at 425 degrees, once done sprinkle on parmesan cheese and reheat to melt, then serve.  The other recipe used a can of chopped tomatoes. About 1/2 cup was applied on top and then folded in tin foil and baked as the other. These were ready to serve after baked.

The Night

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