Senior Camp Breakfast

June 1, 2018

After our great success on the Seniors dinner, Ashton thought it would be great if we could do a breakfast for them. You know, share our camp breakfast style of food. 
So the boys planned out the event with a menus, recipes, invitations, grocery lists, you know, lots of planning.  Bishop was fully supporting, but indicated our Young Men's budget was already getting a bit low. So, he opted to spring the bill for the food from the ward budget, if we kept it reasonable. And as scouts are wise in the use of their resources, this was not problem.

Recipes, and prep materials

Photo Library

Preparation - After the trip to Superstore warehouse ti get the groceries
20180602_090706.jpg (2598908 bytes) Jaxson and Ephraim take on the head waiter roles 20180602_090713.jpg (3189232 bytes) Setup tables and chairs, plates and cutlery 20180602_090754.jpg (2904246 bytes) Centerpieces, salt & pepper...  
20180602_090808.jpg (3028418 bytes) Biscuit and scones crew ready with 1st batch of biscuits 20180602_090813.jpg (2821306 bytes) Conner working the more delicate dough of the scones. 20180602_090910.jpg (2651824 bytes) Bacon and egg crew getting up to speed with the bacon fried camp style. 20180602_090918.jpg (2669424 bytes) 1st batch of scrambles eggs are coming along.
20180602_090931.jpg (2992162 bytes) Hale and Ethan are in-charge of the health stuff. 20180602_090936.jpg (2721377 bytes) Lots of cutting here 20180602_090943.jpg (2972596 bytes) Melons, berries, kiwi's, pineapples...  
20180602_091522.jpg (3065427 bytes) Ephrain's gives a hand working on the granola for the yogurt 20180602_091520.jpg (3542708 bytes) Not coming open...    
20180602_100624.jpg (2873741 bytes) Some satisfied seniors, loving the fruit. 20180602_100628.jpg (2747982 bytes) Mixing the granola into the Greek yogurt. This is going to be good. 20180602_100650.jpg (2723713 bytes) Round one done, ready for more. 20180602_100656.jpg (3575573 bytes) Another round of fruit just to top things off.
20180602_100659.jpg (2849944 bytes) Bring on the Clotted Cream for this scones.  20180602_100745.jpg (2669399 bytes) Forgot to bring out the blue berries, sorry.  20180602_100818.jpg (2451379 bytes) Just make the rounds again, and see if anyone has room for these. Thankyous.jpg (8922685 bytes)Jaxson collected payment in thank-you notes
20180602_101343.jpg (2851397 bytes) Time to eat some of the fruits of their labours. 20180602_101333.jpg (2863090 bytes) Way health stuff man. 20180602_103104.jpg (2488426 bytes) Seniors give a round of thank-yous to the boys 20180602_103111.jpg (3372475 bytes) Eight future top chefs for sure.
20180602_105614.jpg (2525499 bytes) 20180602_105620.jpg (3286706 bytes) 20180602_105621.jpg (2873398 bytes)  
20180602_105538.jpg (2878071 bytes) Hey guys, you up to chugging down 3 gallons of orange drink? 20180602_105630.jpg (3215062 bytes) Ephraim and RJ make a start. 20180602_105632.jpg (3147939 bytes) Glass 6 and counting... 20180602_105635.jpg (3393757 bytes) Michael comes in for the challenge and gives up.